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  1. 4-4-2

    3-5-2 for me also. I think it is the best way to maximize our advantage against poorer quality oppositions, we should be able to mop the floor with them using 3-5-2
  2. Bears down south

    Doesnt exist anymore, myself and a few others set it up about 5 years ago, never got off the ground really. I dont live in brissel any more, there are still plenty if bears down there but nothing official
  3. 5 Signings my backside

    Are you joking or just daft??? Your original comment was: "The £30m was never dependent on a cva, he quite clearly said it would be in our account come July. There was NO stipulations." You have quoted an incomplete sentence to defend your claim, the full sentence is actually: "By the end of July, we will have £30m-plus in the bank from the share issue". So it is quite clear that there is a stipulation and that the 30m was dependant on a share issue. You deliberately missed out the end of the sentence to suit your own argument. The share issue has obviously not taken place yet. Some other quotes from the source you referenced to ridicule your argument that there were no stipulations are: "By the end of the cooling off period we will have then raised another £30m, that's two years season-ticket sales." - the cooling off period Mr Green is referring to, is the 28 days after CVA is accepted (and obviously it was not accepted). "Let's assume CVA goes ahead. Any money that comes in between the approval and the cooling off period (28 days from Thursday) is all ring-fenced." - Here is Mr Green explaining what the cooling off period is. “Some of the people don't want to play ball if it's newco, some are happy either way - Mr green talking about his consortium prior to the CVA decision. So he is saying that some investors are not interested if we do not get a CVA (which obviously means less money invested) I think this proves beyond all doubt, that your original statement was wrong, that you tried to defend your statement by editing and misquoting Mr Green's comments to suit your agenda and that you are clearly....... A DAFTY!
  4. 5 Signings my backside

    Lol, could you provide the actual quote where he said this, think you'll be looking a while, see if any your chums over on ff can help you out finding it.
  5. 5 Signings my backside

    Only a taig would come out with a statement like that!
  6. Rangers songs you,ve heard during your Euro travells

    I remember years ago a guy on the plane home from porto singing john grieg knows my farther, my father knows john grieg, pretty much all the way back
  7. Away strip

    I know ffs, it's not like the new rangers board have been run off their feet or anything trying to get the newco up and running, dealing with the sfa/spl pish, managing season ticket sales, managing new merchandising deal etc... they really need to get their priorities straight
  8. John Brown

    Any reason why you think so badly of Charlie? Can't see what he's done wrong myself, in fact since he's taken over and secured our SFA license he has been a great ambassador for the club.
  9. John Brown

    Not really, the difference is that Green had a genuine credible business plan and raised money to invest in the club when it mattered. Brown had nothing more than a naive vision, there was no substance to Brown's plan at all, he banded about fans owning the club but had no genuine, structured or realistic plan to achieve that. He appeared to think it was as simple as fans giving him their season ticket money instead and then he would have enough to buy it. He was so out of his league and didn't appear to understand anything about high level finance. You would prefere Bomber, who doesn't have a clue about, finance and running a football club to be in charge? The guy can hardly articulate a sentence. He had a personal axe to grind with Green and put Rangers future at risk with his actions, disgusting behaviour for a "rangers legend"...and dont get me started on the fact he tried to buy the club with a bunch of tims...
  10. John Brown

    He was seen asking his millionaire pal McKenna for a loan of his rosary BEADS!
  11. John Brown

    I saw him out furniture shopping the other day, he said "I got ma sofa oot eh REIDS!"
  12. John Brown

    "pertinent questions"...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All he did was throw unfounded allegations around, caused huge divisions in the fans, led a campaign to starve the club risking it's existence and stole some old boys season ticket money
  13. Ally: I Trust Green

  14. Ally: I Trust Green

    Could anyone post link to this, want to send it to someone, cheers