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  1. He was a good talent and I would snap him up if a feal can be done, my only worry about him is the fact he may be too lightweight for this league of hammerthrowers.
  2. He went stiff instantly, it was one of those punches when it connects like it did you see the results, stunning KO.
  3. We most certainly aren't creative enough through the middle and its the biggest weakness we have just now even though our defence seems to be doing a good job crumbling also, he has been marked differently since the scum game but if he made better decision's at times and realeased the ball earlier he would be a lot more effective. It may come with more experience but like every winger he blows hot and cold.
  4. Frustrating as fuck watching him at times, can skin anybody for fun but runs himself into traffic everytime when he has the chance to release the ball earlier or cross it, think it was the St Mirren game were he could have slipped Defoe in about 3 or 4 times but everytime he made the wrong choice, hes a good player but he needs to stop trying so much.
  5. Thought Grezda did ok when he came on at least tried to make stuff happen.
  6. City or Juve for me, think Barca will crumble in the semi finals once they need to go away from home.
  7. Maybe a rat but hes got more passion for us in his finger than half this team.
  8. Im sure he said after the Aberdeen game he came back he still wasn't 100 percent but wasn't wanting to miss the game, doing more harm than good now.
  9. Also he should have been took off instantly when he just chucked running for a ball to appeal for a goal kick when it looked clear it was a corner, would have been better off with 10 men.
  10. Should have been him dropped instead of Worrall, hes been shit for ages now.
  11. 3 seasons in a row now were the wheels have fell off in spectacular fashion at the crunch end of the season, get them to fuck shitbags to a man.
  12. Give me a team of Mcgregors over these shitebags any day of the week.
  13. No wonder, why should the fans bother if the players can't be fucked.
  14. Fuck off, I'm positive the guy works in my work
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