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  1. Yeah putting 2 and 2 together its looking likely it was him, knew him when I was younger think he had some mental difficulties but always had time for anyone and was as nice a guy you could meet, another good guy taking far too soon. RIP Johnny I hope your at peace now.
  2. Another boy from Milton been missing since last week at some point, could be him.
  3. Spartak Moscow, Rapid Vienna, Villareal, Maribor, Osijek, Zenit, Fiorentina, Sporting Lisbon, Panathinaikos, Werder Bremen, Stuttgart, Lyon, Barcelona, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Burnley, Valencia, Unirea, Marseille, Bursaspor, Porto, Malmo, Maccabi Haifa, Maritimo, Vitoria Guimares. Probably a few more that I have forgot about.
  4. Got talking to boys over in Vienna who had travelled by bus, left on the Tuesday and got there morning of the game and were leaving about 3 hours after the game and not getting home until Saturday I take my hat off to anyone travelling that far on a bus.
  5. He has come on leaps and bounds defensively but people still love to blame him the moment he has any part to play in an opposition goal, he has the occasional howler (game against those cunts) were he absolutely infuriates you but he is such an integral part of the team we won't be able to replace him when he does go IMO.
  6. Cameron was at it again on his podcast this week, called them all shitebags for not taking up his offer to come on the show 😂
  7. Probably worst of the night his fight wanted him KOd as well, Nunes has effectively cleared out every women in the UFC now and Masvidal's KO was amazing what a night of fights
  8. Never seen the Cousins and Rondo deal's the Lakers have still done well but 1 injury could potentially derail it all like last season. Agreed with Lonzo and Zion, JJ Redick is a really smart pick up from them as well, knock down 3 shooter and there will be a lot of open shots if Zion is collapsing the defence like he should.
  9. Made some smart moves as well, the team im probably most excited to see is the Pelicans, think Zion & Ball could be amazing together, whatever happens it will be fun to watch.
  10. I would class them as favourites but the West is so open just now, Utah Jazz are my outside bet for the West they have built a very good roster and if they click it could be very good. The East looks like a fight between the Bucks and 76ers this year also but it should be a lot more exciting now that GSW is now back to everyone else's level. I hope OKC can now find someone that will take Westbrook and go full rebuild now as it badly needs it.
  11. He just trolled him and the Lakers effectively, the noises coming out now is that the Lakers weren't that appealing to him and if the Clippers hadn't got PG he would have resigned for Toronto.
  12. Looks like Kawhi just turned the whole of the NBA on its head and is signing with the Clippers, along with Paul George who they have traded for.
  13. Pretty sure they covered them right up to the 3rd round last year, the UFA game was a shitshow to try and get I remember that.
  14. He started off brilliant and was a very good option to have up until his injury by the St Mirrens player horror challenge, think his confidence was maybe knocked in the league after that, at times he looked petrified to be on the field after that injury.
  15. The more I think about it the more I worry for the Nets in this trade, you can see the same thing happening to them that happened with Pierce & Garnett.
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