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  1. Obviously there is more important things in the world just now, doesn't mean people wont talk about this to maybe take there minds off current events ?
  2. Hardly cringe, hes been woeful this season and as a captain nowhere near what he should be.
  3. He will probably do well at a bottom 6 side were there is no real pressure, Newcastle would probably be the perfect place for him just good enough to stay up but no real pressure to win anything and able to carve out a semi decent career down there. Its best for all parties involved if he moves on now, been involved with our worst results and there is definitely scar tissue from those games.
  4. Your living in dream land if you think anyone in Scotland is spending 35million.
  5. Especially with the millionaire bankrolling them passing away recently
  6. And bogroll, would make an absolute killing.
  7. He was pish against st johnstone but taking him off to protect a 1 goal lead never worked, if we are clinging on to a game then by all means throw an extra defender on but when we are under virtually no pressure and then you make that sub it just invites it back on to you.
  8. Puts us deeper usually and invites pressure, if were in the asendency with 2 up top then leave it be.
  9. If its not working then I agree play it short but its finding a balance, we don't want to go back to every corner being short. Making it a 50/50 is also a good thing causes uncertainty for them.
  10. We did it, got the goal and then 10 minutes later he subs Morelos for Katic and trys to see it out again even though its bitten us on the arse multiple times already this season.
  11. The system we play doesn't help, you basically have the centre mids covering the full backs while they whip in cross after aimless cross, Hagi came in more centrally at the start of the 2nd half and done more in 10 minutes than he did full 1st half. Gerrards obsession with 2 or more sitting midfielders in the spl will eventually get him sacked.
  12. Corners should never be played short, our problem is we always hit the 1st man and the 1 out of 10 that is a decent ball usually hits Goldsons 50p dome.
  13. There was at least one he fizzed across today that was begging to be tapped in but no one was near it until foster intercepted. He has went off the boil recently but we need a new way of playing, must have had at least 40 crosses and corners into the box and done absolutely nothing from them.
  14. Need to aim for 94 points, means winning all of our remaining which I severely doubt we can manage but it has to be the aim.
  15. I expect him to take us to a title, fuck even a trophy would do ! we need to work out a way of beating every team in the SPL consistently except the tims who will probably come to Ibrox and skelp us on current form, after the winter break I expected us to at least be in the mix still not sitting at the start of March with our season in tatters yet again, If Gerrard stays I see us being in this exact same position next year.
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