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  1. His teams are just direct and physical, scrap for any 2nd balls they can get and usually get a break here or there remind me of Stoke under Tony Pulis, absolutely hoaching football but seems to be effective especially up here. They will come up next season and I don't expect them to go back down, theyll pick up enough points to get by purely playing the way neilson gets them to.
  2. Hopefully goes in and slaps that cunt Maclean about.
  3. If it turns into a replay when can we realistically play it ? Already struggling to fit in our game in hand a replay makes it an absolute nightmare especially if we progress in Europe.
  4. Gerrard due to be cited for having the nerve to stay and shake every players hand after the game, abuse of power a think there calling it.
  5. It has litreally never stopped them before, usually we don't hear a peep and now all of a sudden were getting a pre-statement to a statement ?
  6. If the statement comes on Monday then fair enough but I will never get making a statement for the sake of making one should have just held off and made one big blistering attack on the SFA.
  7. They knew exactly what they were doing, if the scottish cup game wasn't last night then it would have been held until next week against St Mirren, the timing absolutely stinks why wait 3 weeks to charge and band it in with a game that was 5 weeks ago ?
  8. The statement will need to come on monday if thats the case then because there is a round of midweek games were it will be lost again
  9. 3 fucking paragraphs, took them a whole day to conjur up 3 paragraphs. I hope there is a statement next week but I won't hold my breath for anything amazing.
  10. They tried for Xavi but his team is playing a final on Friday plus one of the presedential candidates for 2021 he is very close with, the thinking is that xavi will come in if he is elected. Supposedly tried for Koeman as well but he says no because of the euros in the summer.
  11. Itll be lost on like page 20 in most newspapers, little corner down the bottom dedicated to it.
  12. Easy targets, Pedro knew a wee bit of english but would get ridiculed for everything he said, even using cups to explain his tactics absolutely bewildered the media and they decided to have another go at him. Morelos either doesn't speak English or has very limited knowledge of the language so they know they can write anything and he won't say anything about it, the club need to be the ones that defend him but i'm sure in Club 1872 statement last night that there wasn't much they could do about Leckie because it is an opinion piece no matter how wrong or shambolic it is.
  13. The club have to act on it, first thing should be a ban to the Sun newspaper and send out a clear warning that anybody else writes utter shit like this will be getting banned. If he does get banned you can bet the house his next article will be worse.
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