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  1. Just seen hes been giving a 30 percent increase in wage as well to 388k per year
  2. Its all changing to streaming as the PPV platform is dying on its arse, America are ahead of the game having DAZN plus ESPN+ now the only problem you have is if you like a lot of sports, you could end up with about 5 yearly subscriptions all for different things as american's have it for Boxing, MMA, NBA, NFL and I imagine all there other sports are going the same way.
  3. Hes been giving it for negoatiating a pish deal, still one of the worst tv deals in Europe.
  4. Bringing politics into football should be banned no matter the instance, the fact hes basically championing there views beggars belief, well actually it doesn't since its Michael Stewart.
  5. Helander has happened to Katic unfortunately, his form since coming back in has been outstanding. Barring injury or suspension then out back 4 is set now I would say.
  6. Think any manager would be off there rocker to take charge at Arsenal, doubt Lacazette and Auba will be sticking around for another year of Europa league which looks more and more likely as the games go by.
  7. Can't be sure but think it was around 35-40 minutes, it was on BT sport highlights on youtube i'm sure.
  8. Love how hes about to bring up Alfie's discipline then remembers he's a bit of psycho on the pitch as well
  9. Give it till Tuesday, well all be asking for more like a junkie on smack.
  10. Don't get too used to it yet, another shite international break after this game.
  11. Personally I wouldn't as any title challenge we have goes up in smoke if he goes, I think the board's bottle goes at 35m+ and they go for it. I hope that scenario doesn't happen and we keep him until the summer but it is effectively down to the board if someone makes a move for him with big money.
  12. As much as I agree and hope you are correct every player has there price, Alfredo's starts at £60m in January.
  13. At least double or nothing.
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