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  1. If aberdeen get the last spot but go out in Q1 do we get there spot or does the team that beat them take it, assuming Astra go through.
  2. Am not blaming her at all, I am saying it doesn't help but.
  3. Scumbags that did this, the wife's aren't helping them either by posting pictures of were they are, yes this shouldn't be a problem but in todays climate it sadly could be used against them.
  4. Seriously ?? Fucking scumbags.
  5. Video doing the rounds on social media of him looking absolutely pished at ocean beach in Ibiza
  6. No need for 2 of the same sponsor to be on it, apart from that its a screamer.
  7. Would take Spartak again, should have beat them both ties this season.
  8. Keevins actually entertaining the suggestion is just as bad, should have been laughed off air the mad delusional bastard.
  9. Seen it and it was pretty damning for them, hopefully the pressure is kept on these bastards and they cant slip away from this.
  10. Your joking never even noticed that yesterday but how can he control people coming on to the pitch ?
  11. Splash Brothers bringing it home, madness that Steph can go a full half without a point and still end up with 33 2 games 7s tomorrow night shame I will no doubt be in no fit state to watch any of them. Lakers are an absolute car crash right now and only seem to be moving backwards at the moment.
  12. Used to like seeing Arsenal do well but there fans are a bunch of absolute fucktards so just hoping its a decent game.
  13. He had to go really the results and performances were getting ridiculously bad but with hindsight I agree with you, even leaving Murty in charge until the end of that season whilst finding a replacement would have been better than hiring that cunt Pedro.
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