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  1. Won't blame the wee man once he leaves as this is the kind of shit he has had to put up with ever since they realised he was a threat, you could go through a full list of incidents involving Aberdeen players in that game yet that wouldn't fit the narrative as most of them are Scottish players and are just "commited" but if your a young black man from Columbia it seems to be a different story.
  3. Will need to rewatch as had Kent to score first and 2,3 and 4-0 on but not 1-0 so I have a feeling this clouded my judgement 😂 3 points is all that matters I suppose. EDIT : Gerrard's inability to make subs showed again, the starting 11 may be our strongest but weare going to need to use the bench wisely.
  4. If its not on my doorstep by 9am tomorrow morning then im writing a strongly worded letter to Castore.
  5. hopefully true, I can start adding those mygers points up.
  6. Kind of sums the state of this league up, 3 days to go and the most basic of rules still aren't out there.
  7. Thank fuck! Next season they will probably try and sneak it in.
  8. Your wish could come true, now have 'tomket tires' on the sleeves 😭
  9. Fuck that's grim, 18 I was the last time we won the league thank fuck I can't remember much since then.
  10. I will hold fire just now because any business we have done seems to come out of the blue, if we end up replacing Morelos with Dykes/Kamberi then it really will be panic stations.
  11. It was Govou on the playing was it not? Probably still circling Glasgow airport.
  12. Theyll no doubt still find a way to fuck it up, I mean Copenhagen fucked them out of the Europa last season and I wouldn't class them as a tough side.
  13. He lashed out a couple of times but your blowing it way out of proportion, all players get suspended throughout a season, the worrying part is how bad we looked without him. How many games has he cost us in? I can think of about 4 were he has been sent off and cost us.
  14. Aye his goals last season really let us down, the problem last season is when Morelos started having problems our form fell off a cliff, you can't win anything when relying on 1 guy so much unless it's Ronaldo or Messi.
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