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  1. If they have recieved complaints about it then they need to act, its the cunt's that are complaining I would be more worried about.
  2. Fuck them, we pay our respects for Fernando whatever way we decide to do it and dingy them until the whistle blows. They would only show thereselves up to be the scumbags that they are if they started anything.
  3. Gutted, even though its expected it makes it no less of an absolute bodyblow when it does happen. RIP Fernando a true warrior and a true bluenose.
  4. It does sound Warbutonesque looking at it now Your last part isn't in doubt.
  5. I can't take to Ojo but thats bullshit, over the 2 years Candeias was with us you could count on one hand how kany times he beat a man, would never take a man on always looking to pass it off or get an early cross in, you see flashes from Ojo if only he had better pitch awareness.
  6. I'm not questioning why he was allowed to leave quite the opposite actually, I agree that he was pish and we need better if we are to win titles again but as shit as hes at times he hasn't been replaced. If you could mould Candieas graft and passion into Ojo's pace and trickery you would have a player.
  7. So there's one a couple weeks away, I despair.
  8. I probably wouldn't even risk him now until after the next break, would rather he just take's the 6 weeks to get it healed properly rather than potentially rushing him back.
  9. Quite optimistic for Barker even though its only 1 game, just can't take to Ojo but looks like he can't be arsed half the time.
  10. Some of his decisions lately have baffled me but people criticising him for this are having a laugh, said in the presser after the game the plan was always Kent 60 minutes then Barker 30 minutes, you can't take into account a hamstring injury that could happen at anytime.
  11. He was pish but we haven't replaced him and now with a couple of injuries and Ojo looking poor to say the least people will rightly question why he was allowed to leave.
  12. Tbf to Barker a doubt he will be hanging about car wash's like that cunt.
  13. Not a chance, he will probably be started every game up until then especially with us lacking personell in the wide area's
  14. Its all good and well people saying about ugly wins but take Europe out of the equation and its been a dissapointing start performance wise, there's only so long we will get away with it.
  15. He was booed a few months back now not the games just passed
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