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  1. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Semi final allocation

    Total and absolute fruitcakes
  2. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Definitely would have they needed that little bit extra once Curry and KD decided they would turn it on for the 4th, last 2 minutes I think Schroder turned it over 3 times or made the sloppy play were as Westbrook would have just went full attack mode. Should be good viewing tonight gutted I'm nightshift need to just catch the highlights in the morning.
  3. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    They will hopefully improve this year as they picked Mo Bamba in the draft who was considered the best player in the draft class by some of the journos over there. Watch the NFL now and again but I imagine the pro bowl will be a brilliant event they will pull all the stops out for that one.
  4. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Westbrook out for tonight and decision will be made before the game on Steven Adams, not the greatest news after sticking them on
  5. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    20/1 on skybet I think it was, I'm sure the Thunder are 7/1 just for win. That's my thinking as well, seen an interview with Steve Kerr as well were he basically says the same thing as you and that theyll be more reliant on there younger guys for the first few games until the starters are up to speed.
  6. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Stewart Robertson - Fair Play

    I severely doubt it hence why the letter has been made public, theyve made an absolute shambles of this from start to finish and will probably release a statement saying Robertson was being secterian with his statement Robertson saying his e-mail and phone number was publically displayed must surely see someone sacked as well because as he said it is a data breach.
  7. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    That should be good mate, need to try get to an NBA game whenever I go over to the states. Don't want to put a downer on it for you but the Magic have been terrible for years so don't be shocked if its not a massive event especially if its in Orlando, Pacers are a good team but and will have another solid season I exepect them to improve on last seasons playoff run and at least get to the semi finals.
  8. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    That's the big thing for the 76ers, they have lost quite a bit of thr shooting that made them dangerous last season, be interesting to see if Fultz has developed a shot as well as the talk is he will have a lot more minutes this year. I think the Lakers can make the conference finals if they avoid the Warriors before it, Houston as well would more than likely win in 7 games but they have also lost 2 of there standout defenders last season but improved offensively with Melo depending on what Melo you get of course. What's the predictions for tonight ? I might go for a 76ers and Thunder double, the 76ers game could go either way and i'm hoping the Thunder catch the Warriors cold like they were 1st game of last season.
  9. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Only seen bits & bobs of pre season but the Lakers look decent without mich defence but that could easily change as for all of Lonzo's negative points I think he is a superb defender, Ingram obviously has the talent and the reach on his lanky ass limbs make him a difficult prospect for whoever he guards, Lebron we know won't play much defense until the playoffs at the earliest but I don't see him using as much of the ball and playing without it a lot more so maybe he will be a lot fresher during the regular season unlike the last 2 were he played virtually every minute. I'm really interested as well to see what happens in the east, Boston, Toronto and Philadelphia are the obvious stand outs but after that there's a few interesting storys and for some reason I think Brooklyn will have a decent season and sneak a playoff spot, don't really know why I think this but just got a feeling about them 😂 Sky Sports picked up the rights for the NBA for the next 4 years as well so at least they have done something correct for once and we have somewhere to watch the season, really looking forward to it now.
  10. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Wanker put firmly in his place, well played to that man.
  11. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    UFC live.

    Bisping made the point on the post fight show that him and his team might struggle to get a visa now especially if it spills out into the streets with the fans after the fight, Dana White was interviewed as well said 3 of Khabibs team had been arrested, probably still see the 2nd fight in 6 months.
  12. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Im sure that article said they actually had quite a decent record after being beating in Europe, think maybe undefeated under Rodgers so hopefully that changes.
  13. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Proud as Fuck

    The very top of the pyramid my man, the atmosphere in the last 10 minutes tonight was something else also just the sheer joy from everyone leaving the stadium afterwards. What a fucking night I have missed the european nights.
  14. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Joe Worrall.

    Motm for me outside Alfredo, absolute rock tonight personal favourite for me was when he fooled about 5 rapid vienna players without even touching the ball just dropping the shoulder
  15. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Dundee United

    Fuck that well probably keep them afloat for a few more years if we play them. If they die they die.