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  1. Im sure you get more points for putting your ticket on seatsub than you do gone to the arse end of Europe, obviously the cost of getting out there is not the clubs problem and they don't see the money from it but again its a massive slap in the face to the bears who travel everywhere with the team, I done Vienna last season and Feyenoord this season, both of them absolutely skint me for a couple of months so I can only imagine the finances needed to go to most euro away games.
  2. I would be shocked if we went near him but wouldn't surprise me if Gerrard thinks he can get a tune out of him since he is English and had a somewhat troubled career.
  3. I agree it doesn't sit well with me and certain teams wouldn't see as much as a penny from me but we do need to use the loan market a lot better than we currently are.
  4. As much as we hate the other clubs we need to loan players out in this league, most of the time once we play them we instantly weaken them as we take a first team player out of there side, he could also play a blinder against the tims and have them drop points. They've done it for years time we took advantage of it as well.
  5. Has a point about what? The club have said or done nothing regarding Hagi recently but a rumour gets Stewart pumped up enough to write an article the likes of which Phil Mcgobblegiver would be proud of.
  6. I know a couple of people who aren't renewing purely because they have 2 or 3 to get so I should be fine, should get a move this year mate just depends what they offer but, my mate sits front row and then got offered a new ticket up the very back row.
  7. My mate says he got an email today saying his first payment will be taken next friday but he has to log on to do it as direct debit isnt working or some pish. I havent got a season book just now but will snap one up if it becomes available as my circumstances haven't been effected by this pandemic unlike many others, probably get MyGers eventually for the 50 pound but I will wait and see what else is on offer on that front before I dive in.
  8. Of course they aren't going to refund the tickets like you said from a business sense its madness, but even if it is just 15 pound for current ST holders that is still a potentially needless bit of expenditure for some after already paying £500+ for a ST you might not even get to use. I personally think they could have held off this season with the MyGers memberships ths year and rolled it out next season but totally understandable why they have went this route.
  9. We all know he was offside in the LC final but if VAR was in play you can bet they would have had every line out trying to make it look debatable that someones big toe has played him on.
  10. The problem wis VAR is it will still be one of the muppets like Gollum who are managing it, they've managed to make an arse of it down south can you imagine the complete cunt of it we would make up here.
  11. I was mostly meaning away to the tims and the sheep, agreed on our record against the likes of Hearts and Killie seem's even though they are both poor teams we shit the bed and have done throughout Gerrards tenure, even the 1st game of this season we were absolutely hoaching and got out of jail with the last minute winner.
  12. Tbf in europe and most of the big games in the league we have been fine, its the small teams were the problems lie. Again Candeias does not solve that problem.
  13. When does that happen against teams that sit 10 men behind the ball? I liked Candeias but he was only really effective in the bigger games IMO.
  14. Candeias was average at best, also the game's he would be most effective in we have done well. He isn't going to make the difference at home to the likes of Hamilton.
  15. All should have been gone before now, happy they are gone now the squad badly needs trimmed down before we add anyone.
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