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  1. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Greg Docherty

    Fitness had a part to play in the way we collapsed last season as well, fuck even at the begining of last season you could see half the team blowing out there arse from 70 minutes onwards, we did get late goals but they were mostly out of sheer desperation.
  2. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    The Boxing News Thread

    After watching the shitshow Fury put on the other week he won't even beat Bellew, he got caught a few times maybe because he was seeing it as a pisstake fight but on the evidence shown he would be out in the 1st against AJ.
  3. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Its looking more likely now supposedly he met with Popovich yesterday even though they had a "good" conversation he still wants out and will tell any team that trys to trade for him he won't be re-signing in 2019 when he becomes a free agent and can go to LA.
  4. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Level Playing Field

    Remember being there and going absolutely ballistic at the fact he booked Tav for taking a clothesline and the fact he can square up to any of our players and still not see a 2nd yellow, we should have came out after that game asking questions instead we had Pedro mumbling on a load of pish. The refereeing standards up here are a joke across the board but not just us.
  5. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Players not going to Spain

    was wondering what you were on about
  6. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Saifeddine Khaou

    Might be a load of shit but I will be watching out for him now on Monday along with Khazri who played for Sunderland (think hes still contracted to them) under big sam and was quite highly rated before there troubles.
  7. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Players not going to Spain

    Herrera cb great option.
  8. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Players not going to Spain

    Wit ?
  9. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Gerrard’s advice for Windass

    It certainly doesn't.
  10. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Players not going to Spain

    Feel for Cardoso if true , granted he wasn't great for us but he hardly got a sniff of the first team after he got his nose broke (no pun intended). Hes never going to be a starter next season but would be adequate cover IMO.
  11. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Gerrard’s advice for Windass

    Everyday's a school day for our Josh
  12. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Jack wilkshire

  13. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    Gerrard undaunted by tough start

    We are going to be away to those teams at some point in the season so give us the lot of them, we will only have 2 away games after the split as well as the papes have to come to us during the split.
  14. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Kawhi Leonard wants out of the Spurs supposedly wants traded to the Lakers, would be superb for the Lakers if hes still the same player he was a season ago.
  15. SuperLeeMcCulloch

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Nice and boring with Morroco getting a last minute goal would do my bet nicely.