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  1. g4 stewards

    i am a season ticket holder in the govan rear have been since stand opened many long years ago their was a young family sat behind us looked like it was their first time at the stadium as a family very nice people the sort you would like to come to the game at all the fixtures and become rangers supporters and support our team for many future years they must have spent a lot of money on strips for the two kids and the father and mother had rangers gear on also it was great to see this family were excited about being at ibrox and supporting rangers the point i would like to make is one of the kids had small cam corder she was recording the game then this g4 steward came up to the kid and told her to stop and tried to take camera from her the parents said no then he came back with this fat ugly looking supervisor who demanded she delete what she recorded this guys attitude towards the family stunk i said to him why are you doing this to kids what would you do if i took my phone out and did what the girl was doing with her camera he went away i said to the parents ihope this does not stop you from coming back as you and your are the future support of our great team