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  1. The bank balance

    We were in a near fatal coach crash. Do we really want to give the keys back to the folk that nearly drove us off a cliff in the first place ? What makes us think the drivers have learned anything from the first time around ?
  2. The bank balance

    This is my fear also. These Rangers men have never really had to balance the books and show no desire to do so. We have the second highest wage bill in Scotland despite playing in the third division. I'd see the point if we were playing SPL standard football but that's not the case and there's nothing to suggest Ally or Walter have any intention of changing strategy (if there is one) in a footballing sense. I'm just as fearful now as last year. There appears every sign that those running the club will spend every penny that's been raised with very little progress to show for it.
  3. Below is an extract from my latest letter to the BBC complaints director. I think he has one more right of reply then I get to take the complaint to the BBC Trust. What I need are examples of factually incorrect reports, whether online, radio or TV. Can you post any examples in thus thread. It has to be BBC reports where the report can be shown to be untrue. "Having fully considered the points made, I feel that the removal of a single sentence from one of a series of offending articles and broadcasts is not sufficient to address the issue raised. Fundamentally, the BBC has knowingly and repeatedly broadcast as fact matters it knows to have been untrue. Further there have been repeated failures at Editorial level to address this matter, when it has been brought to your attention. Indeed my experience of this process suggests a general lack of accountability and little or no evidence that the BBC has any appetite to address genuine concerns raised by its customers. Notwithstanding, I feel it would be appropriate that the BBC prominently broadcast a correction and publish the revised editorial guidance through all media used to carry the original erroneous reports. The BBC is uniquely placed as the Nation's broadcaster. I believe that with this position comes an overriding responsibility to report fairly and most of all accurately. Whether fast developing or not, whether generalist or not, I believe it is entirely reasonable to expect professional journalists and editors to ensure that all content for which they are responsible is factually accurate, appropriately worded and fair. In aspects of its reporting of the RFC plc story, I regret to say that the BBC and BBC Scotland in particular, has not met the basic standards it should have, and which licence fee payers have every right to expect. "
  4. Second reply from my MP re: HMRC

    Letter off to my MP tonight re HMRC appeal. Will try and post reply on here too.
  5. The BBC Exposed!

    I am part way through the BBC complaints process and got much the same initial response as QJ. The BBC appears to be in breach of its own charter by continuing to report as fact; "new club" ; assertions that are not consistent with the evidence. This could be interpreted as bias, unfairness or factual inaccuracy all of which are included within the BBC charter. In addition I would have thought that there will be a point at which continuing to report as fact things you know to be untrue becomes actionable ?
  6. To be fair to CW statement.

    IMO. The big tax case made the oldco unsellable. No bank would lend with a potential £50M liability hanging over us. However, the fact remains that until CW arrived, Rangers had been paying down the bank debt year on year over a number of years. Which leads me to conclude, CW is and was a spiv who stole millions from the club, then sought to cover it up by the appointment of his "prearranged" administrators Duff and Phelps. Apologies for spelling and \ or grammar. I meant IMO CW is a lying cunt.
  7. Malcolm Murray Statement

    The only thing that concerns me about MM statement is the use of the word "revenue" to describe capital raising via an IPO. I think every potential investor and fan is entitled to ask, no should ask, what the funds raised through the IPO are to be used for. The answer should be in the offer documents, so we shouldn't have too long to wait.
  8. The key to Rangers turning this season around...

    Tactically we are getting it wrong, especially away from home. None of our current coaches or players know what it takes to be successful in this league. IMO we should be looking for a coach who's been through the leagues and can help Ally set up the team to win in SFL3. There's no doubt we have the players, even with injuries we should be winning games like today.
  9. Cup rounds invalid ?

    [quote name='nelsonRFC82' timestamp='1349181767' post='1060499082' What is quite clear is they have fucked up in interpreting their own rules (not for the first time!) and now don't want to say anymore for fear of causing even more bother! This..... The SFA , SPL may have thrown Rangers out of the SPL and transferred their membership, all of which seems to go against what Nimmo Smith said. Whatever happened to the SFA statement within 48 hours due more than a week ago. It beggars belief that the SFA can't provide clarification of its own actions and application of its own rules. What a complete farce.
  10. Did I miss the SFA statement?

    The inabilty of the SFA to issue this statement is a joke. They're fuxxed and trying to work out how they're going to somehow make it someone elses fault. Cue Ogilvie......?
  11. Doncaster rhegan no comment.

    Wouldn't it be just terrible luck for the SFA / SPL if at this point a "source" were to confirm the infamous "we'll strip your titles" comment made by the SPL lawyer. And this were to appear in tomorrows papers.
  12. SPL clubs breaking rank as we speak

    If one it two clubs break rank, the others will follow. And that will be the end of the SPL, Stewart Reagan, and quite likely the chairmen of the conspirator clubs. Hope this happens soon.
  13. The commission is an SPL commission. It has no authority to examine any potential breaches of SFA rules, unless the SFA has asked it to do so. In which case it would be hard to see how the SFA could also act as appeal body. The SPL can't apply sanctions to an SFA competition, nor can the SFA apply sanctions for breaches of SPL rules. We all know its a stitch up.
  14. For the more legal minded bears out there : 1) the alleged breach relates to SPL rules. The Scottish Cup is an SFA competition. How can the SPL apply sanctions to the Scottish Cup ? How can the SFA apply sanctions for alleged breaches of SPL (not SFA) rules ? 2). does the SFAs participation in this agreement bar them from acting as appellate body ? They have already shown themselves ready to apply sanctions (1 above). 3) The SPL are responsible for running the league only. I am not sure how they would have any jurisdiction over footballing payments made to players in respect of any other competition, (eg Europe, Cups) let alone non football discretionary loans. If correct, could this mean that the dual contracts rule is outside of the authority of the SPL in the first place ? 4) can we tell them all to f**k off and get back to the fooball ?
  15. Traynor/EBT article.

    Anytime anyone starts this shit with me, I can usually point them towards their own club badge and ask them to explain why the date on their badge does not match the date of incorporation. This for most of them seems to be enough put them back in their obsessed little boxes. I should think exactly the same approach could be applied to lazy journos. Tbh the SFA could put an end to this shit easily if they were to issue a definitive statement....