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  1. you can take the boy out the Drum...........
  2. Juan guy
  3. this was posted in OT
  4. can't believe I've actually liked one of your posts must be the Bushmills kicking in
  5. aye vaguely scotsmac/pomagne/EL D/DMs yellow laces/Arthur Blacks
  6. I just look on it as one big GIRFUY to all the pricks who wrote us off with 8-0 shite and basically every rancid fenian bastard that's ever crossed my path
  7. Blythswood Square then go back later and take your cut
  8. have a drink you'll get over it
  9. absolutely hated him as a ref in our games against that shower of shite but that's just my opinion my brother if he was alive today would tell he worked for a company owned by wharton and he was a prick so what this means is my thoughts + my late brothers thoughts = Wharton was an absolute prick
  10. I'll laugh like fuck watching you trying to count your baws after Rfc52 boots them
  11. whatever pub bogtrotters is in
  12. fuck it joey barton for manager
  13. put the bottle down you've had too many shots