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  1. http://www.vipleague.is/football/275505/1/alloa-athletic-vs-rangers-fc-live-stream-online.html
  2. TLOU in playstation store on offer at 17.99
  3. probably bud but I don't have a smart tv so can't help thereI only stick to what I know which isn't a lot but I manage
  4. you can do it through the browser on your ps4
  5. quite right budif the burd looks like a dragon there's nae need for rohypnol
  6. wear a jacket it's going to piss down https://www.google.co.uk/#q=uk+weather+derby
  7. seat 15a I'll save you a can of stella
  8. 8.20 coach Dstella vodka and cultural singing
  9. so you'll not be wanting any stella then?
  10. 8.20 from Sheffield coach D for a sash bash
  11. I always thought Boyd was lazy well before it's too hot to play football final maybe it was hot but I don't think anyone else complained http://youtu.be/10GH1QrAHtE
  12. had a look at that ustream thing on ps4 about 15 min ago russian guy pumping his bird anal bj cum shot username g12051992`s what a way to start the day
  13. I preferred his other quote may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead
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