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  1. has Berwick Rangers came in with an offer
  2. not Rangers but this was best laugh I'd had for ages
  3. this one? or this one not RTV though
  4. pot shots at McCoist's arse in training
  5. he has his good points like 3 a.m phone calls just to make sure you're ok send your number he'll do the same for you
  6. that's him fucked if he wants a sleep
  7. a boaby
  8. jammy bastard too quick with that edit
  9. 40 a side
  10. frank a wee bit more bait and you'll get more bites
  11. been that long since I've watched it bud
  12. boaby
  13. no iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ddddddddddddddddddoesn't
  14. don't mind him either but it's all I could think of
  15. kill all inigo's
  16. fuck this I'm going back to bed
  17. boozer?
  18. brilliant movie
  19. jihadi john
  20. what's he offering?
  21. anymore of your pish doris says you'll be using it