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  1. we were doing ok till @Rfc52 started watching it's also his fault for the shite we've seen this season can't wait till he fucks off to Vegas
  2. thought I saw a mhanky behind the goals on the left earlier but I put it down to eyestrain I'll have to cancel that specsavers appointment now
  3. 17.43 local time about an hour approx
  4. any rum behind the bush? there's a bloke from campbelltown who'd appreciate a p.m
  5. don't know don't care he's gone move on
  6. I could have made a difference replacing toral and I'm 61 with two fucked hips
  7. that's what I heard either that or my speakers are fucked
  8. Bring back hanging
  9. case number 14,001,887
  10. Fixed
  11. Coops free kick in cup final
  12. @gogzy please make this happen
  13. fuck the haters
  14. Bigotry Bigotry and more Bigotry
  15. this was taken during the last game shown in kyoto and as usual the japs have pixelated the dicks
  16. SOS have released a statement saying it was impossible for Houston to be involved in this as he'd already eaten them
  17. at least spell his name properly
  18. they should've done a where's gogzy that would've been better
  19. you can take the boy out the Drum...........