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  1. Was fine at the end until I clocked Andy Halliday.....then I got just as emotional as him.
  2. When he said that I took it that he meant Morelos was producing whereas others were not, including Lafferty. He's convinced his system is best and I don't think he sees a viable alternative in Lafferty playing up top with Morelos in most games. Not saying I agree only offering my interpretation of his decisions.
  3. McGregor and Morelos are the only two players to have consistently turned up this month, others have maybe had the odd good performance but haven't attained the necessary levels consistently. We could have been well on our way to the league this month but sadly, and unfortunately predictably, we are clinging on by our fingernails to second. Squad seems shattered just when we needed them to step up and play. As the gaffer himself said post match we are relying too heavily on Morelos to win games and McGregor, imo, at the other end to save games.
  4. Lest We Forget. Bless 'em all.........
  5. Well constructed statement, hopefully the "intent" will be there with it. If Club 1872 pursues this matter with the vigour implied by the statement then we can all be quietly encouraged.
  6. Hard to fathom when you consider how SG and Gary Mac made their living. You'd have to wonder what they see that we don't in terms of what's lacking in personel and setup. I hoped that they could have schooled our midfield in ways of overcoming whatever deficiencies they may encounter, not every teammate they had was a world beater after all. Certainly our present players aren't facing any world beaters.
  7. Laudrup took a fair few whacks, to his credit he seemed to bounce back up from them and was able to avoid others.
  8. Still nervous as fook. Need to keep them quiet for first 15 of 2nd half.
  9. Wasn't suggesting it justified the abuse but merely that it helped create an atmosphere were those critical of him were enabled in voicing such opinions to a sympathetic audience. Can see how it may have read that way though.
  10. Fair fucks to him he makes good points IF he has been subjected to the abuse alleged BUT his cause hasn't been helped by his recent performance which has greatly contributed to his scapegoating.
  11. That's plenty. I'm away to pour bleach in my eyes.
  12. Aye, but seeing him in our jersey you'd never have known. Hoped that his performance for Newcastle was a blip and we were getting someone to set the league alight but he just never seemed bothered. Hence the reason he infuriated me.
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