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  1. The Express: Combined Rangers/celtic 11

    Current form eh? But picks Brown before Docherty and MacGregor before Candeias . Ok so it's really about appeasement.
  2. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    Good news, although did think that Murphy deal was already set. If it's an either/or situation with Goss and MacArthur I'd like to see us push the boat out for Goss given their relative ages.
  3. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Cause it's Craig Thomson.
  4. Windass on Rangers Mind

    By the sounds of it Bates wasn't much help to him either.
  5. Windass on Rangers Mind

    Must be glad he made it as a footballer ffs.
  6. Goss

    Arrogant as it sounds, it was only Ayr we were playing. Performances in the league so far have been ok but nothing outstanding. Having said that he has certainly improved an area of the team that was crying out for it. His set-piece delivery looks excellent and should be exploited as often as possible. Wouldn't be averse to signing him permanently.
  7. Taigs player calling one of us a “h**”

    As a premise I don't find the use of the word H** to be offensive. Nor do I think use of the word Fenian should be regarded as such. What I do find offensive is the disparity in reactions to the use of these words by both legal and footballing authorities.
  8. Youths win at Villarreal

    Good to hear.
  9. IF it's true that the piggery isn't in a fit state of repair then surely us, the Sfa, gcc et al should be insisting that it is brought up to standard by the scum before any leasing proposal could be considered? Why would anyone consider leasing a substandard venue , doing it up at your own expense when the main beneficiary will be the owner and principal user, especially when alternative venues are available? Makes no sense to me.
  10. Rangers Vs Aberdeen - Video

    Like it
  11. Classy from the club...

    Deserving of a mention in every fellow bears' prayers. Will certainly be getting one in mine.
  12. Potential New Top

    Rendered sightless by it's beauty!
  13. Rossiter

    If we want to keep him fit, the only training he should do is standing in the wall when we practice free kicks. Probably get an eye injury after being smacked in the kisser though.
  14. Cyrille Regis

    Yup, along with Bud Johnston. Southampton were the other English representatives that year if memory serves with Channon and Mick Mills.
  15. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Vialli and Del Piero.