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  1. Davis has been poor since he arrived back but hadn't played a lot of football, recently he's been getting game time and was good for NI during the break, not sure he would have offered much less than McCrorie or Jack did yesterday, both were pretty poor imo.
  2. Bit disappointed he never gave us a detailed description of what Gary Mac actually does. There's been progress but not enough, must do better.
  3. You're one of the worst made humans I've ever seen so it will suit you mate.
  4. I doubt anyone on here will know mate, won't stop clowns guessing though.
  5. Never seen that mate, any idea who?
  6. Good half an hour or so after FF revealed it, we need to up our game.
  7. I don't think he meant the actual pope, but then again it's Malvern.
  8. Took your advice on board mate, I'm welcome to change and people can learn from me.
  9. Dinny talk shite lad.
  10. The type of thread that is killing the forum imo.
  11. You underestimate yourself slim. I'd agree the thread has ran it's course and people are never going to agree on it, it's divisive pish and it should have been chopped right away or at least the title changed.
  12. So you are being selective then
  13. Beyond that surely, absolutely horrific, it's as if people are trying to out-mongo each other.
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