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  1. Take a telling mate.
  2. My guess is he doesn't have good reasoning skills.
  3. There is indeed, fever pitch with them the now. Looking for anything negative to take the heat off their rancid club.
  4. Uch yer joking aye
  5. Ah, only when it concerns the beggars?
  6. Yes mate, i would love it aswell, but the man deserves his retirement and we need to move on. Convinced he masterminded our point we got at the piggery in unlikely circumstances last season, he was the man who advised Murty imo.
  7. Warburton liked to tell us about Philipe Senderos' CV......
  8. At first i actually read that as "time to bring back the manager" Opening it thinking it would be about Walter Smith
  9. I actually thought Waghorn would have made the step up easily, remember his curling finish earlier in the season in the first game or 2, vs Motherwell. He got injured and totally lost form/confidence. I'll be honest i preferred him to Garner as i thought even when not scoring he contributed to the team.
  10. Reporter "Bruno would you still have signed if there was no European football" Bruno's look says it all "who's this wee dick talking to" Bruno "when i was with Feberbache i played against THEM"
  11. Hardly 5 a side, i take the point that we need to make up numbers but i would have Barjonas/Burt/Thompson in for Windass (i know tgey are all slightly different players) and Hardie to be given a shot in place of Waghorn.
  12. There's no thinking involved mate, it's obvious
  13. Well i couldn't possibly answer that but there are plenty rumours about that would suggest so.
  14. Yes, glimpses of something now and then. McKay showed plenty more glimpses of skill and was deemed not good enough. I think it was away to Ross County he was fouled a few times and was looking to the bench for support, that to me had alarm bells ringing about his mentality, get up and get on with it and the first chance you get make sure that person who fouled you knows you are there.
  15. Yeah fair points regarding bids being rejected. He still said that the players are his first picks though so i'm assuming he is happy, it's now a waiting game to see if they come good but early signs are worrying and we have been through enough shite to ignore them.