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  1. plumbGER

    Jordan Rossiter

    Nah, it's really not similar at all.
  2. plumbGER

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They are, someone literally tweeted them.
  3. plumbGER

    Matt O’Reilly

    Sounds like an Irish gypsy, his name more or less confirms it.
  4. plumbGER

    Jordan Rossiter

    The only thing their fans were there for was to stick the boot in, it's a totally different argument altogether and not remotely comparable.
  5. plumbGER

    Jordan Rossiter

    Not even remotely comparable, Thompson may be gone but their stinking fans fair got the boot in when we were down.
  6. plumbGER

    Jordan Rossiter

  7. plumbGER

    Jordan Rossiter

    Time to let bygones be bygones, let them have him and put the past behind us.
  8. plumbGER

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Elbuffalo brains.
  9. plumbGER

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

    He was on an aeroplane obv.
  10. plumbGER

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Mon to fuck mate.
  11. plumbGER


    Debatable. No. He's not a pensioner. Be better ran than the current shop though tbh.
  12. plumbGER

    Joe worrall

    So you would be arsed then?
  13. plumbGER

    Daddy Candeias

    Many weans?
  14. plumbGER

    Joe worrall

    Send him back, he's shite and doesn't want to be here anyway.