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  1. The English league is grossly over-rated imo.
  2. Class as always mate. Looked like we played well and more direct at getting shots away. Didn't see the game as i was at a christening.
  3. Pure raging about this
  4. Then watch the press slate us for our homophobic outlook
  5. Sectarian triumphalist celebration Looks like Kenny has been back on the sunbeds. *edit* too much green there
  6. Roger Milla. Miller and Milla up front, experience a plenty.
  7. Carlos Ponce De Leon
  8. Totally stuck at 2 x free
  9. Make him captain. Btw Mexico are good at neat football but pretty toothless in front of goal, played my mate and he was France, i was all over him and he scores with first chance late on, got an equalizer though No Surrender.
  10. I went Mexico tonight on Fifa and he wasn't in the squad, Pedro oot.
  11. Too much green.
  12. Spotted at Glasgow airport in a pair of heels and Kyle Lafferty mask on to avoid attention.
  13. Bottle of vodka i'd let him tag team her with me, as long as he keeps that fringe away from me
  14. Can we please have videoes edited to remove images of players blessing themselves?