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  1. Mixed bag then, wouldn't class as a success or a failure tbh.
  2. Won the diddy cup but did he not get them relegated?
  3. We can't keep using him as the bogeyman. No doubting the damage his involvement caused us but the board has rid us of his influence that they claimed were hindering them, no excuses now.
  4. If you are talking about lies regarding Rangers then that wouldn't be difficult, has Ashley ever spoken publically about his involvement with Rangers? He has sold his shares now anyway so no point discussing him imo
  5. That does not fill me with confidence. Unless we strengthen down the left hand side with both a defender and attacking player, then we are fucked. Going to be a long season again.
  6. Nae danger
  7. But aye, what a magnificent talent De Boer was, can only dream of getting a player of his pedigree to play for us now. McCann was class aswell for a local lad.
  8. Think you might be getting mixed up mate, unless it's another time it happened, that was when Lafferty won the corner and McCulloch scored the header.
  9. Good post Modern Scottish nationalism has a lot to answer for.
  10. I showed my dad it and asked if he had ever seen it done in all his years following bands all round the country, but his memory is hazy from drinking. Best about it, he can't follow the parades far now because his legs are knackered but i do and never really drink at them. My culture and heritage goes hand in hand with supporting my club for me, my boy will follow in my footsteps too and our culture will never die and even in these times of adversity our club will always have a strong and loyal fanbase.
  11. That's ok, i would agree with you on Fod, i don't rate him very highly at all, sick of seeing him beaten from range.
  12. Superb band mate, i think i have shown everyone i know (who is our way inclined) that video i took of them marching backwards in Alloa. What is that all about? Trying to remember another band doing that but can't.
  13. Few good bands from your area mate, the County F.B were tremendous at Alloa, got a video of them marching backwards
  14. No he's not.
  15. The most cringey song of all aswell. I don't mind Holt, he is very limited but can do a job as a squad player. In his first season he timed his ghosting runs into the box to perfection, but last season he was very poor. Would rather have him in midfield, any day of the week, before Miller.