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  1. If the majority of fans want this then it's the least the club can do after our steadfast support in these troubled years. I know some groups boycotted (the UBs possibly one) but the board would possibly overlook that as it was to their benefit. I personally never boycotted. I think it would be a fantastic idea.
  2. Oi ya cunt
  3. Surely someone seen the player he was with, wish i hung about to find out. My boy was made up because he got a picture with him.
  4. He was there much before that mate, it was 5ish when i met him.
  5. And a tramp by the sounds of things.
  6. Well he's a fucking fanny for doing that.
  7. I seen him before he met that guy, he got out his car next to me and my boy ran up to get a picture with him.
  8. I tried to keep an eye where he went but i was heading to departure bit to see my brother off, he was there to meet someone but could have been family or anything.
  9. If he is he is travelling light, never had any luggage
  10. My boy got a picture with him
  11. I just added them but had to update my calender settings first, not on iphone though, it's an android device.
  12. To have a player like Sounness now
  13. Seeing them qualify again for the champions league again further proves that 'banter years' patter is horrific. While we got shafted they got a free run, brilliant banter.
  14. If it wasn't more than 50 i will fight you....
  15. Yer a liar. Liar, liar liar.