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  1. plumbGER


    I was in Lidl earlier and this big thing I seen gave me a rager, absolute cracker so she was. I think you just take it and it doesn't kick in until sexual contact is made then boom yer a mad shagging machine and it doesn't go down again.....so I'm told anyway
  2. plumbGER


    Well my recommendation would be that you should only take this magical blue pill if you are onto a promise.
  3. plumbGER


    Same thing really, nothing a wee blue pill won't sort mate.
  4. plumbGER


    Are you impotent?
  5. plumbGER

    Scottish Cup

    Be truthful, how good would it be if she lost her memory and forgot who you were, leaving you to just walk out and leave your troubles behind? Be honest. Ps hope she makes a full recovery.
  6. plumbGER

    Charlie Adam

    Bring him home.
  7. He said definately not defiantly and it should be definitely and not definetely.
  8. plumbGER


    Any port in a storm mate.
  9. plumbGER


  10. plumbGER


    That matters not a fuck mate.
  11. plumbGER


    I'd pump his maw tbf.
  12. plumbGER

    Dominic Solanke

    I've seen him do it at Ibrox as well.
  13. plumbGER

    McAuley Starting For Northern Ireland Tonight

    Bronzy ahead on points here, got BABN against the ropes.