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  1. plumbGER

    David Roxburgh

    Tbf a lot of credit is dished out on FF for our press releases and how we are taking the fight to our detractors, JT plays his part in that but strangely we aren't allowed to praise him here.
  2. plumbGER

    David Roxburgh

    For grasses, aye.
  3. plumbGER

    David Roxburgh

    Well, yes.
  4. plumbGER

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    Can't believe this thread is still a thing when threads are getting chopped for no reason.
  5. plumbGER

    David Roxburgh

    @johanhentze Why are we not allowed to discuss Rangers employees in the BD?
  6. plumbGER

    David Roxburgh

  7. plumbGER

    Jimmy Bell

    Or you could just bin it like you did mines. Shocking.
  8. plumbGER

    Jon Flanagan

    Pedigree isn't everything though mate, we need players who still have the hunger and desire to do well and not players who think they have done it all. Dorrans has been a shockingly poor signing imo albeit injuries haven't helped his cause.
  9. plumbGER

    Jon Flanagan

    I'd say Murphy as we have already seen. The others i have no idea if they will be good or not, don't get the fan-fare that goes with signing players from England and assuming they will romp this league, been fooled a few times with that.
  10. plumbGER

    Mark Allen

  11. plumbGER

    Gary McAllister interview

    Except he did.
  12. plumbGER

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Yes he has.
  13. plumbGER

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Good to see him get involved.
  14. plumbGER

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Good to see Mark Allen out on the grass taking an active interest in the team.
  15. plumbGER

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Yes there are people who claim his defending has much improved, it did slightly but he still let us down on occasion.