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  1. Davis has been poor since he arrived back but hadn't played a lot of football, recently he's been getting game time and was good for NI during the break, not sure he would have offered much less than McCrorie or Jack did yesterday, both were pretty poor imo.
  2. Even during the Paedophile years they had more class, says it all really.
  3. Just try and stay strong for your mate and your sister in law, hope your nephew pulls through mate, horrible to hear.
  4. Never seen it anywhere in black and white that says it needs to be a red card offence, surely the idea of reporting it is to determine the punishment. If players had been well warned before the game about their conduct and he ignored all advice then he should be punished. I'm neither up nor down about it, I think it just sums the classless cunt up.
  5. He's perfectly suited to they perverts tbh.
  6. Aye it did look like it but I was doubting it because he's not a kafflick, actually genuinely embarrassed for him if he did.
  7. Love us, please love us. Ambulance chasing attention seeking specialists.
  8. The fact they hate him because he didn't applaud a jakey wife beater says it all about them tbh.
  9. What commonality do you perceive there to be?
  10. I wasn't sure if that was what he was doing, is the cunt even a kafflick?
  11. Got a fair idea what you are angling at here but seriously, have a word with yourself mate.
  12. Ian Maxwell “The role of compliance officer is to ensure that all those involved in Association Football in Scotland observe the Disciplinary Rules, which includes reviewing misconduct missed by match officials and to subsequently raise a notice of complaint where appropriate.
  13. Everything about that guy just screams 'beggar' at me
  14. plumbGER


    When did he get banned mate?
  15. Far too slack with our passing all through the game, just not good enough and then we have guys like Morelos who can't keep their cool.
  16. You never specified that, i'd be forgiven to think the name was all you required. Stubborn wee man.
  17. Not a legend but, well according to idiots on here.
  18. Bit disappointed he never gave us a detailed description of what Gary Mac actually does. There's been progress but not enough, must do better.
  19. Great wee video from the club, wee man will be reminded of that for the rest of his life
  20. You're one of the worst made humans I've ever seen so it will suit you mate.
  21. I doubt anyone on here will know mate, won't stop clowns guessing though.
  22. Never seen that mate, any idea who?
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