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  1. 'Fucks that shite?
  2. So we might be then? Changed it anyways just for you
  3. This debate is as repetitive as Penny arcade tbh.
  4. Norwich City's, aye.
  5. Same mate, he could be the driving force we need when the chips are down i reckon. The foreigners, on a wet and windy weds night in Dingwall need to turn round and see what it means to guys like Dorrans to get the result, get that extra mile out players.
  6. Official welcome thread now open in Bears den
  7. Nae bor Joe.
  8. Hopefully Norwich once Dorrans slaps in a transfer request.
  9. If you wank with condoms on you can't get rid of the latex smell for days. Boggin things.
  10. Unlike condoms, you are allowed to use them twice.
  11. I'm hearing otherwise.
  12. Don't try reason with a guy who would rather play Waghorn at centre half over David Bates.
  13. Sinclairesque He is the man who coined the above name. Not McCannesque or Laudrupesque, but Sinclairesque is what we need.
  14. Not been the best of weather for the gardening Ally, but stick at it.
  15. Many a memories building sandcastles on Port Bannatyne beach Granda pulling in 6 mackerel at a time on feathers at Rothesay pier, good times mate. It's full of mad bastards that have been re-housed from Glasgow now for their own safety. There used to be like 30 pubs in Rothesay, so i got told when i done my school work experience in a boat yard out by Port Bannatyne.
  16. I remember my granny and granda took my on holiday to Rossy when i was a child.
  17. Pointed that out to them many a time. Your 'like' total but
  18. I heard he is signing.
  19. Can see the strips being the new John Eustace/Jordan Rossiter.
  20. Graham Speirs 5088.
  21. Going to have a rare old toast when this poisonous peice of dug shit dies.
  22. Apparantely so.
  23. I love the way Pedro speaks.