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  1. Sorry to hear that mate.
  2. Our left hand side is abysmal, Wallace and Windass are absolutely out their depth and will never be good enough to be part of a championship winning team as a partnership. Windass has a decent performance In a friendly and a half decent 45 vs Motherwell and people are creaming over him, the boy just does not have the mindset nor the heart to play for us. Wallace is just far too predictable but he played a bit better when Windass went off. Miller is clearly finished, everything breaks down at him and he doesn't have the speed of thought nor the quickness in the feet to shift the ball quick enough if he drops off which he does far too much. Tav has improved slightly but still has the same old lapses that exposes the centre halves when teams counter quickly down his side.
  3. Your point was perfectly valid mate, it just irritates me when people blame just that slip for them fucking their league hopes that season. Rodgers does seem to be a good coach and a good man-manager, there is no doubt about that.
  4. No it's not, the point TaysideBear made was that the Gerrard slip alone cost Liverpool the title, it didn't. Not disputing he has made a massive difference to the beggars despite inheriting an underperforming team from Delia.
  5. As is Windass. To think cunts on here were creaming over him for having a half decent half of football against Motherwell and playing ok in a friendly. Our left hand side is weak as fuck.
  6. That's total bullshit. Did Gerrard slip when they blew a 3 goal lead away to Crystal Palace after he infamously slipped against Chelsea?
  7. I thought Windass was the worst player on the pitch, closely followed by Miller. I get why Pedro put Niko on, to try unlock a well drilled Hearts team but it wasn't to be.
  8. He was rubbish but the guy who he replaced was worse.
  9. If Wallace is out could Jordan Thompson be worth a try at left back? Sure he has played there before. He can actually tackle aswell which would be a bonus. Might be a big ask all the same.
  10. Maybe they thought nobody would ask the question, a bit out of touch with the fan base is our board. I'm only guessing btw, i have no inside knowledge whatsoever. They are horrendous when you see them up close, hopefully we get them removed in due course.
  11. The fuck you giving it man?
  12. Obviously not cheaper than a tube of silicone. Putting plastic round it would stop the wind driving the rain into the stair case and would be a quicker fix than putting staging up or hiring access machinery and identifiying places of water ingress and repairing.
  13. Probably not wanting to give the beggars anything to talk about.
  14. No idea mate but it's the only logical reason i can think for the hideous things.
  15. The glass is leaking at the side i go in, runs onto the stairs causing a slip hazard, cheap way to stop it. That's my guess.
  16. Sorry mate, but you get more points for a try than you do for kicking into touch.
  17. @cushynumber & @LegendofCoop both of you guys try too hard.
  18. If the majority of fans want this then it's the least the club can do after our steadfast support in these troubled years. I know some groups boycotted (the UBs possibly one) but the board would possibly overlook that as it was to their benefit. I personally never boycotted. I think it would be a fantastic idea.
  19. Oi ya cunt
  20. Surely someone seen the player he was with, wish i hung about to find out. My boy was made up because he got a picture with him.
  21. He was there much before that mate, it was 5ish when i met him.
  22. And a tramp by the sounds of things.
  23. Well he's a fucking fanny for doing that.
  24. I seen him before he met that guy, he got out his car next to me and my boy ran up to get a picture with him.
  25. I tried to keep an eye where he went but i was heading to departure bit to see my brother off, he was there to meet someone but could have been family or anything.