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  1. Need to see what the summer brings. One thing for sure, i won't be surrendering fuck all the now.
  2. Not on a Friday though obv.
  3. Up to now how many bheast fc ex-staff members have been charged and how many have been implicated?
  4. I get what you are saying, getting them off the wage bill would be ideal and if we make any money from sales then even better. Freezing them out on long contracts could end up worse for us though, it doesn't send the right signals to people we would be trying to sign to replace the duds. It's a cunt of a situation we find ourselves in.
  5. I think you should down tools and take a holiday.
  6. Vile.
  7. I have that when seeing to the good lady. Award myself a beer if i last longer.
  8. Mate i was close to doing something like that, to be fair to the big lad he seemed to not give a fuck what anybody thought. Seen him in a few times and he is always smiling.
  9. A rich mans Ian Black.
  10. tbf he showed more fight in that clip to win a corner than i seen in our whole team last Sunday. Bring back Jig aswell why not.
  11. We didn't dodge the bullet. The bullet hit us and injured us financially.
  12. Can see Kenny knocking this offer back.
  13. Plenty of booing can be done at Ibrox on any given matchday.
  14. Wouldn't welcome him back but he is better than the current crop of shite we currently have. That doesn't say much for them.
  15. Or should that not be, knows what the script should be? The board have stated that second is a success but don't worry because 3rd is the same and we still get european football. Not fit for purpose our board. But well done Kenny.
  16. Absolutely sickening this isn't on every news outlet possible, TV, radio, newspapers etc Hope the lad makes a full recovery.
  17. Mate, i was 14.5 stone of fat when i joined the gym to cut down before my boy was born. Didn't want to be a fat dad. He's 12 this year and i'm still enjoying it, it's a great social tool to meet new folk, made loads of good mates through the years.
  18. That's a great idea. Getting up and getting active is a daunting task for someone who is heavy and self conscious. There was a lad in the gym tonight getting a few sniggers as he ran on the treadmill because he was massive, i say fair play to him for getting in there and doing something about it.
  19. You sound like you are ready to jump the dyke mate.
  20. Total identity crisis of a man
  21. Still but, pyoor best inra wurld but. Did that mhutant Rod even attend a domestic game when we were away?
  22. What?
  23. Not even as if it's that expensive, was it last season that they let season ticket holders take an extra person along with them free? Funny how they did that with 45k season ticket holders.
  24. Matt Crooks is the least of our worries @LaudrupsPatrickBoots