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  1. Pretty much sums it up mate.
  2. Aye, it's more wishful thinking rather than real expectation. They can go fuck themselves.
  3. The fuck you reading that bheggar loving rag for? Bin it.
  4. Hopefully the 3 board members, who resigned, are in attendance to listen to what shite they come out with and defend themselves if need be. If not, then accurate details minutes of the meeting should be taken and made available to members.
  5. Fantastic stuff GB. Looking forward to seeing the wee fella on the pitch . Hope we get the right result and they enjoy their trip.
  6. That is how an international match should be won, kill the game early and keep the door locked at the back. Well done the Ulstermen. Up 2-0 before i even checked the Scotland score
  7. Boyd scored 25 in the SPL, for a poor Killie team, the season before he played for us in the championship and scored 5 in our team with resources much higher than the rest. He has 11 goals in a worse Killie team this season so far.
  8. From what i got told , from people who know coaches at Rangers youth, Chelsea have offered to re-locate Billy and his parents. They are apparantely going to set up a business for his dad? Not sure what line of work he is in. Could be bullshit but if not then how can we compete with that and the money on offer.
  9. It's pretty impressive........ If you're Jordan Rossiter.
  10. That is a cracking looking flag.
  11. Jesus suffering fuck. The fuck you giving it?
  12. Mon tae fuck you. Be serious.
  13. Aye. Decent, granted. Being a Bear and playing ANY game for Rangers would be the pinnacle of my career. Ferguson played, and done well, against some of the best players in world football when wearing our strip. For what it's worth, i don't think he meant it that way.
  14. Well done @blueretro proud of you mate.
  15. You said a few decent things the last few days. Shame your meds are wearing off and you are slipping back into your mongoloid state.
  16. Neither he is, games a bogey then.
  17. McKay young player of the year. Hill player of the year. Hyndman could get either though for the impact the lad has made.
  18. It wasn't the FA cup though. It was the Carling cup aka League cup.
  19. Yip, that's exactly what i am talking about. I have heard his comments were taken out of context but doesn't look good.
  20. Wont come close to his best achievement in football though.
  21. I want 2 tickets for this but not on cccs scheme so i'm fucked, bastard.
  22. Sounds like Rae would be a perfect tea boy for Pedro.
  23. Hi Kev, good luck with the interview.
  24. Hope so mate. Doubt it right enough.