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  1. That's what i am saying though, it's how you view the peices and there are plenty knicker sniffers on here who get all upset by the VB stuff and would like to see them banned from here. If we banned the RO stuff then it's a dangerous road as the handwringers would demand the VB stuff be banned too. There's no point in the article anyway because we have resident Clarke fanboys like Copland Bear in here who are banging the drum for him.
  2. Not so sure we should stop sharing them, personally if i don't like something i don't read it or don't comment on it. I quite like the bloggers who use the Vanguard Bears site to share their peices yet people on here would like to see them banned too and criticise most of the blogs. It's pretty much the same thing depending how you view the peices. I think the RO is shit aswell btw (which contradicts my original point)
  3. Stevie Clarke

    Would you consider moving seat for safe standing if the club brought in Clarke as manager as part of the deal?
  4. Cheating refs helping the filth

    I don't really watch any football that isn't us mate.
  5. Cheating refs helping the filth

    Don't know why people do it to themselves, watching the arrogant scummy cheating bastards while listening to the iraoake just doesn't appeal to me.
  6. Mulumbu

    Absolutely strolled the second half yesterday and made our midfield looked daft on a few occasions, just knows how to find that extra wee yard to make a pass. Jones also had a good game.
  7. Cheating refs helping the filth

    Was it Thompson who gave us a penalty against the beggars then changed his mind?
  8. Roberto Martinez

    He did know what he was doing but everybody else knew too and knew how to counter it.
  9. Roberto Martinez

    Who did?
  10. Roberto Martinez

    We tried that with our last bald manager and it never worked then, teams suss it out quickly.
  11. Board Out

    I am by no means a fan of the current custodians of our club, they are a piss weak board as far as i am concerned, but the same people on here who were shouting about how good we looked when we had a decent wee run are now blaming the board when we inevitably slip up again. Top to bottom we are not good enough.
  12. Board Out

    Proof that when the team wins the players get the credit but when we lose it's the boards fault.
  13. Board Out

    The whole team looked like strangers today.
  14. Cummings is not good enough

    Pick the chin you would like me to knock you out on.
  15. Cummings is not good enough

    Fuck up Harold
  16. Cummings is not good enough

    That's not the answer either.
  17. Cummings is not good enough

    How many goals per minute does he have for us?
  18. Clarke v Murty

    Aye so we might aswell stick with Murty, never mind his stats he might come good and the players like him.
  19. Clarke v Murty

    Even you are a better man than that rodent.
  20. Clarke v Murty

    Ally McCoist is our record scorer and has beat the beggars twice as manager and he isn't viewed as a hero.
  21. Clarke v Murty

    He didn't bring them up on pennies in comparison with his rivals.
  22. Jimmy Nicholl

    Not get pelters off me, i was thinking the same earlier.
  23. Leadership on the park

    How many good games has he had for us to make him a great player in your opinion? So because i am critical about his performance today i am ignoring any impact he has had? How did you come to that conclusion?
  24. Murty times up mate

    Every man back defending at set-peices is like back to the Ally days, last week we done it and invited pressure from the beggars, today we did it again and i had just said it to my mate when Cummings (in right back position) boots the ball up the park to no cunt, the ball gets knocked back in and it's a goal. Fucking terrible.
  25. Leadership on the park

    He's had as many bad games as good games imo. Granted he was coming on to a game when he got injured and i think he still is injured tbh, so many times today he chose the wrong option.