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  1. Bit disappointed he never gave us a detailed description of what Gary Mac actually does. There's been progress but not enough, must do better.
  2. You underestimate yourself slim. I'd agree the thread has ran it's course and people are never going to agree on it, it's divisive pish and it should have been chopped right away or at least the title changed.
  3. So you are being selective then
  4. Beyond that surely, absolutely horrific, it's as if people are trying to out-mongo each other.
  5. Tell me about it mate, tough crowd in here.
  6. It's actually a good friend of mines @Moobs, you know I'm not as good looking as that. Ok mate, I'll think about it. There's a guy over on FF who is called Minder and has a picture of Arthur Daley, I was his inspiration imo.
  7. I want Whyte dead, I long for the day I get told he has died, I'd hopefully hear before then that he had an incurable flesh eating disease or something though. I agree mate, the thread title is a shambles and it's certainly caused the division intended, the need for that I don't understand.
  8. Don't ever say any post of mines is a lot of shite again, not after that effort.
  9. How? I quite like that picture of my girlfriend.
  10. Exactly what I thought mate, so we are on the same page at last.
  11. You can thank the OP for that and admin for allowing the thread title to remain the same.
  12. Well that's a load of shite, I know exactly the reasons why people are pissed off with Ally, don't know how you come to the conclusion I can't accept that because it pissed me off at the time as well and I made my feelings known at the time. But Copland Bear said he wasn't a boyhood fan, or words to those effect. Irrelevant question.
  13. Ally was talking about Whyte in the OP but the guy who posted it decided to focus more on Ally than the bastard Whyte himself, I find that strange, but each to their own. A riot on his hands Craig Whyte literally walks about smiling and joking with tarriers, we would have done fuck all to Green just like we have done fuck all to Whyte. But we deserve all we get for classing Ally as a legend, mental.
  14. Here was me thinking that was exactly what you were doing.
  15. Aye mate, it's almost like all those goals never happened tbh.
  16. Ok Lenny, whatever you say.
  17. That's all very commendable but it still doesn't change my point about what had been said in this thread up until now. You can kick and scream if you want but Ally will still go down in history as a Rangers legend.
  18. Exactly, so damned if you do and damned if you don't. I know what you are saying mate, I really do, but after the shit he went through at the time I think going to court against clever lawyers would have been the last thing Ally needed.
  19. And look at the ribbing he took on here for that....
  20. Hi pal I dare say the non-disclosure agreement would have been signed when he initially took the job, you break that and you end up in court. Well that's a nonsense reply. Ironic you say that here mate, here's a thread about Ally discussing the man who fucked us over big style and hardly anybody is having a go at Whyte but plenty having a go at Ally. Christ even look at my very first post about the topic heading.
  21. Not sure but I think we can all agree that using Copland Bears logic, well one of his logics, Ally basically saved the club. Here was me thinking it was Craig Houston who did that. Exactly, what price do you put on your health?
  22. No relevance to his post but ok.
  23. It hasn't, what if Bears decide enoughs enough and we sell 200 season tickets and don't have a club icon like Ally to help sell more?
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