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  1. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Utter disgrace, WTF is going on?
  2. “Perverts of society”

    Thought it was a Graham Rix thread !
  3. Sheffield United v Wednesday

    The amount of English games finishing nil nil live on sky/bt must be worrying the broadcasters. That was truly awful.
  4. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Hearts have got one and my best mate has a memorial for his old man there - a good staunch bloke. Took me to see it when we were on the peeve in Edinburgh. Thing I liked about it was the memorial plaques were all mixed together with players, officials and fans all mixed together. They had full time security on when we were there and big spiked gates when they locked it up to keep the Hivs out.
  5. Hearts away

    Police also allowed Celtic to play there and take 30k plus to the Warsaw game
  6. Hearts away

    Just been done up and children now allowed in. Not a good idea with the bheast bus leaving from there.
  7. Caixinha's First Training Session

    Beat you to it.
  8. Semi final ticket prices

    They have to keep the prices low as the other semi needs the same price structure. If they hiked the prices for the Sheep v Vermin game then no one would turn up. Both gates are pooled and split 4 ways after expenses.
  9. Ann Budge

    Budge isn't loved nearly as much by Hearts fan I know as the media spin around her claims. She constantly patronises the traditions of the club and has turned Tynecastle into a library where all you can hear are the rustle of sweetie papers or tenna pads. She has milked them of their direct debits and they have nothing to show for the money they have put up, which is much more than she contributed. She's now doing a massive vanity project with the old stand where she refused to listen to pleas for safe standing (the old enclosure terrace is still there) and instead is building an escalator to get her and her guests up to the posh seats. She didn't want to see the pitch from the corporate area, only wanted a view of the Castle. The woman has serious power issues and is using the normal jambos for her ego trip. Wouldn't want her anywhere near Ibrox.
  10. We were lied to.

    He didn't say #wewillwin55 he said going for, ok we are likely to fail (plane crash?) but I bought a ST cause I love the team not the hash tag.
  11. Warburton I'm Pleased with it

    He's a dead man walking, now's the time to get rid with the SC game coming up.
  12. Jambos Kickback

    Tynecastle and Inverness spring to mind - sorry over my head, vodka to blame
  13. Jambos Kickback

    too late they have pasted it
  14. Rangers FC statement

    Superb statement, stand firm and don't let them away with yesterday.
  15. ***** The Official Motherwell V Rangers Thread*****

    We have surrendered to Motherwell, disgusting performance.