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  1. Pity the couldn't have talked Robert Duvall along to share a ulster scarf with him!!!..... Just to get that good ole frothy feeling going again.... C'mon to fuck dhims... Like you'd have a shirt to fit liewell........
  2. Orange day!!!! My wife still fucking complains about the amount of sports shops she phoned to get a Dutch top for that cup final!!!!!
  3. It really is a good podcast... I've been listening to it since season 2, it's a pity that it's a bit irregular at times,once you get over the weird accents it's a good listen... It was through WATP that I heard about Rangers media when darchevinny was plugging it when him and Ross Dunbar first appeared on it.....A bit more serious than Heart and Hand,which is good....Chris graham was good on it aswell this week... The only thing I will say negative about it is after last night they are shite at score predictions.... Keep up the good work...
  4. "seenrangersdestroyparma" was my favourite poster,but haven't seen any thing from ages.
  5. Adolf old chum,of course I'd be happy to do a foreword for Mein kampf!!!
  6. Fucking glasgows answer to Burke and Hare!!! One robs pensioners,the other kills them!!! That would make some book!!!
  7. I'm being satirical,but did the relatives of the dead miners every get the money??? Thought not!!!!!! Lessons of morality from a con man!!!!
  8. I took the then to be wife to see this at hamilton when it came out, honestly sold it to her as a love film starring Robert Duvall,Michael Keaton and Brian cox(I'm embarrassed even writing this) how shite it was!!! One other couple sniggered their way through it as I deflected daggers. Made me wanton of the old days when they filmed the "Big man" at Coalburn. A true Jedi drinking in the miners,and a patrick thistle comedian keeping the weans amused outside. Good days.
  9. Sad,but true. That's probably why his wife left him and he can't remember his daughters age,always wondered how a dead pensioner could still cash a pension,one of life's mysterys.
  10. How do we know it's not the North Koreans who made the "threat" they looked pretty pissed last week.
  11. Ah fuck it! Always said I wouldn't take sides on RM,but I hope we get him,they cunts hate him, I like him, makes me a bigot though.
  12. I never cancelled sky sports to hurt sky, I cancelled because I'm not giving any more money to sfa and rather support my local pub for any big English games,& I still get SSN for the titty.
  13. This seems to be doing the rumour mill,smacks of desperation with no thought to the future so it's probably correct.businessmen my arse, a short term plan,makes you wonder for the future cos that's a long fucking deal
  14. When this broke yesterday I said on here that before the media and the mhanks got all hot and sweaty that there is more to bigotry than religion.Fucking knew that it would get twisted.