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  1. I hope you die

    The bobby sands shout came after one of our own behind me in the main stand shouted fenien bastards. A Rangers fan broke the silence first, disgusting behaviour.
  2. Taig U20's exposed

    Irresponsible putting a kid in a against men. What adult is going to put in 100% in a tackle against a wee boy. That club should be slated for this, not applauded.
  3. Finishing

    we overplay things, don't shoot anywhere near often enough when we have an opportunity around the edge of the box, prefer to let their whole team get behind the ball and try and walk it through. Too many touches far too often and too slow is what pisses me off.
  4. League is gone already

    I was of the belief we could win it this year, but that's not going to happen on performances so far. Too many players not showing up, in fact, why give 100% when you're guaranteed a start no matter how bad you've played.
  5. expectations

    Expect nothing less than 1st, not going to happen, don't see them dropping many points and we cant beat teams like Ross County. Something has to change, now
  6. Barrie McKay

    Had opportunities to take someone on and didn't, passing was awful, went backwards most of the time and shat out a challenge he would have won. What must the guys who cant get a start be thinking.
  7. Clown That Ran On Pitch

    I dont disagree that our fans are persecuted while they get away with things like that, but why give them reason to do it even more. Guy behind me is a policeman and a season ticket holder, could have been him on duty and getting pelted because of that attitude.
  8. Armed Forces Day

    So why aren't the visiting troops allowed on the pitch. Who's decision to halt it the cllub or military. Either way the haters win again.
  9. Clown That Ran On Pitch

    There was a surge forward which pushed a gate open and 2 young boys were pushed out. I think others are talking about a different 2 who seemed to offer to help. Also a guy from bf after the final whistle ran to the edge of the pitch to have a go at someone, no idea who.
  10. McKay does not deserve that starting place never mind staying on for 90 mins, cant believe he wasn't subbed, he offered nothing, hasn't done for weeks, same with Wallace.
  11. Clown That Ran On Pitch

    He was an embarrassment, the idiots that pelted the police with drink cups were an embarrassment. Moan about getting filmed and getting picked on by police then give them a reason to do so, aye very clever indeed.
  12. Rangers v smellies confirmed

    All A&E leave suspended probably, busy time for them in any case. Taking my son to his first Rangers v them, the atmosphere is going to be electric I just hope no trouble at the game. If there is from them let them get on with it, don't get dragged in, let them show themselves up to the world.
  13. ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    I've got NowTv on the boys Xbox, you can buy a Sky Sports day pass through that.
  14. ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    Like that team. Into them from the off Rangers, let's do this. Nerves are shot!