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  1. McKay does not deserve that starting place never mind staying on for 90 mins, cant believe he wasn't subbed, he offered nothing, hasn't done for weeks, same with Wallace.
  2. I've got NowTv on the boys Xbox, you can buy a Sky Sports day pass through that.
  3. Like that team. Into them from the off Rangers, let's do this. Nerves are shot!
  4. Superb! It's time we, The Rangers Family, united and fought back against our haters. Great to see the club back the fans.
  5. Why are they talking about them and their new manager, this day isn't about them.
  6. A win for us. They'll come out all guns blazing and tire quickly. Just hope we don't leak a few early on.. Have a cracking day all Bears lucky enough to be going tomorrow
  7. Not long in from the game and I have to say, what an amazing day it was........emotionally drained, and so happy to be a bear. WATP!!
  8. Love this song, cant wait to hear it getting belted out today
  9. So excited, don't think I'll sleep tonight. We're going to win this
  10. Brown is going to go nipping at Andy Halliday's heels to get a reaction, hope he gets himself sent off first half.
  11. This will be my wee ones first final and 'away' game, so excited for him, will be a day to remember.
  12. A lot of division between the support is caused by fan groups and will never be mended. The red and black gear was always going to cause division and those putting it out there knew that fine well, but that helps the end game doesn't it?!
  13. Going to be a physical game and we need to match it without being dirty. Kick off cant come quick enough. 2-0 us
  14. Sack MW, we're shite, this players shite, that players shite, yes total over reaction. We proved early on we aren't shite but we do have to adapt to teams adapting to us and players have to up their game again, big time.
  15. Yeah it a monumental disaster that we'll never recover from. A total over reaction from some Imo.
  16. This thread is so predictable, some people need to get a grip, they'll be calling for MW to be sacked next.
  17. Have a friend that supports St Mirren and they reckon 5-0 to the Gers, as the referee after last week is going to give us everything going and they wont finish with 11. 3-0 and a great performance and I'll be happy.
  18. Fantastic to watch today, this team is just brilliant
  19. Was wondering myself what the ref had to say to him. If it was to do with the showboating then that is bang out of order and someone should be having a word with the ref.
  20. Not our best game by far but 3 points at the end of the day. Cummings should have been booked for intent for trying to cut Waghorn in 2. Waghorn done him superbly!!
  21. Post above from SB1 is very heartwarming. A great night had by all by the sound of it ?
  22. Gutted to be missing this. Will watch it in the wee small hours when I get home so hoping for loads of excitement and goals.
  23. Obviously have no idea who is taking over in the meantime and bluepeter you say all money is accounted for but i have a question that i hope can be answered. I gave my seat details over as i cant make the first home game and wanted them to be used by Erskine, Will this still be possible? If not possible i would like to pass them on to someone else rather than they sit empty.
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