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  1. This made me laugh, regardless of who is in it, it's funny video editing. Rest of the thread went off to a mysterious place. https://twitter.com/yoda1690/status/1130925295714918400 Anyway, whoever spent ages on it, you got a chuckle here.
  2. Great article, thanks for sharing. We need players like Katic to pay off.
  3. Love it. The ideal set up for next season.
  4. Legend. The best ever. Although this makes me feel old now, so that's shit.
  5. If it is over a kiss on a cheek, then Hogmanay down south must be a riot! Under s3(b) it would have to be 'sexual' and I'm sure it's arguable that the context was consoling. It's a key hurdle because any touch between people whatsoever is covered by s3(a). (I believe in Scotland the same test is "intentionally or recklessly touches B sexually") It's all based on a few tweets though, presumably there's another side to the story we've yet to hear. If for example you were on a train trying to chat someone up, telling them they're lovely, and then kissed them on the cheek, the context is very different. It sounds like the very lowest end of the spectrum, but we'll see.
  6. Innocent until proven guilty. A touch on a train, exactly how fucking exciting is that for a man really? (As in why bother) Or is it kind of bumpy on trains, and easy to get in the papers? We don't know the accusation I guess, for all I know it could be something awful, but that's not how it works at this point.
  7. I've watched international football in the Devils Forest Pub near Rialto. One challenge is that Lazio is playing Marseille at the same time. Pubs have wifi, so you could always sit with a pint on an app too.
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