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  1. NICE!!! That's a goal of dreams for any player.
  2. Gutted to hear this. A legend, and a fighter all the way. A cruel as fuck illness, and leaving behind a young kid as well is tragic.
  3. Cool find. Full HD and stream reliability would be big wishes for me (in Australia).
  4. It should be obvious by now that the best plan is for us all to fly over to Brazil and shag some Brazilian lassies and hope that in 20 years some of the kids are half decent at free kicks.
  5. This made me laugh, regardless of who is in it, it's funny video editing. Rest of the thread went off to a mysterious place. https://twitter.com/yoda1690/status/1130925295714918400 Anyway, whoever spent ages on it, you got a chuckle here.
  6. Great article, thanks for sharing. We need players like Katic to pay off.
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