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  1. Great touch guys..
  2. Blue.order union.bears give it laldy tomorrow and the rest of us will join in.and always remember. W.a.t.p.
  3. dude..just keep taking your tablets.and in 2 or 3 years u could be normal again. Syanara.
  4. Degummy. Real rangers fans dont slag our own.....never.
  5. Degummy. Debear. Grow up and act like real rangers fans.
  6. Cant believe people on here slagging amy. At least she.s got guts to say she.s a bluenose other celebs just dont admit it. You dont hear scum slag off their celeb fans.
  7. Bomber legend as a player. But its time to zip it.and join us in our journey thro the leagues
  8. Any truth in game been brought forward to 6. Tomorrow ?
  9. 500. From me and i hope the people who can afford it dig deep.
  10. Great comeback tonite after poor 1st half hutton naismith gallagher and the canadian at the back played well.
  11. Green spoke in telephone numbers tonite. I just hope everything he says comes true.regarding the football side of it there could be good times hopeing..
  12. Mr neven. He speaks with fork tungue.
  13. I.d say 30.000 but sounded like 50.000 brilliant atmosphere.
  14. Everyone played their part..players superb fans fantastic...atmosphere was on par with european night. Keep it going until we once again play our enemies in the s.p.l..w.a.t.p
  15. Professer chang...why dont you go home....