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  1. Andrew Shinnie looks a player now.

    Would you like it if one of our players didn't celebrate against one of their previous teams? If players love their old club is much they shouldn't have left them, your duties to your new fans , not the old.
  2. The big suit debate

    Have no time for the Lennon comparisons re wearing sportswear when managing. The man makes the clothes, the clothes don't make the man. What Celtic do is no longer any concern of mine. I do value the team travelling in club suits as I believe it makes us look more professional when we arrive at away grounds and has a small psychological advantage. What they wear to play and coach during the game doesn't matter to me. Doesn't make him any less the absolute legend ally Mccoist is to our club, and what he has given in time and effort over the last year. Who else stood up and became the voice of the club when we came close to having no club? The only"tradition" that shouldn't change is winning.
  3. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Request to lie down would be after punks lost his title. Punk chasing whc gives it more prestige than ADR, big show or anyone bar cena rock or undertaker these days.
  4. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    I think Ziggler should win the title Sunday, then align with punk and heyman. Heyman would make make a big deal about him being champ and put him over. Would also provide distraction for Ziggler to get cheap wins. Then after punk loses title at the rumble to the rock, have heyman & punk push Ziggler to lie down and let punk be the world champion, Ziggler says no Nd turns face, then you have them face off at mania.
  5. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    How often have you watched a ppv thinking cena could lose this? Then during the matches his superhuman comebacks and refusal/ inability to sell makes his opponents look weak. Cena has his strengths, making others look strong is not one of them.
  6. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Punks been able to do that better than anyone over last 18 months. The cena steam train has ruined many events by having him show no weakness , so you have no doubts he will win come the Sunday. Punk has the art of showing concern of what his opponent may do, that makes you want to watch and see what happens.
  7. In Ally we trust

    Rangers where never a div 3 team under him though . Unfair comparison.
  8. In Ally we trust

    After everything ally has done over the last year, it's a joke folk wanting him out. Footballs boring as fuck when you as winning every week, 3rd divisions been great in my view as its made our games unpredictable. In 20 years IV seen us win enough games that immnot going to chase the greatest ranger out for a blip that won't be repeated. Sure we ain't perfect, but no one on this earth deserves to see us through the next few seasons than super.
  9. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    My cm punk DVD was posted out today, looking forward to seeing the documentary , and the behind the scenes at the wwe warehouse sections
  10. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Depends how it's been written. Some of those you would expect good stories from have had disappointing books, Goldust, ted dibiase,hogan, hbk in where he claims not Iremember due to drugs where he's been a dick
  11. We Are All Charles Green

    You are a clever one.......
  12. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Books wise bobby hennan, regal, angle, Batista, bret,Jericho x2, bischoff, all of foleys worth a read, goldusts a big disappointment, lesnars very light on wrestling stories,
  13. We Are All Charles Green

    Oasis - Celtic men Blur- guess rangers by default
  14. Alex Mcleish on goals on sunday

    Rangers supports been brought up many times on there this season. Ben shepherd tried to get Eck to answer hypothetical question of if illegal payments where proven, but he wouldn't even entertain the question. Could do a lot worse than have him involved in the club again some day.without namouchi obviously
  15. We Are All Charles Green

    If your mates aren't free, I'll say he's a tim just because I haven't accused anyone of being a tim yet.