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  1. Millers Agent

    We've been doing fine since he's been dropped thank you Mr Agent
  2. Ticket office queue now

    Queue just now. Brilliant way to spend my lunch hour ?
  3. Who Are We ?

    I went to the bother of filling the survey in, and there wasn't even a wee voucher offered when I completed it. Cheated, East Kilbride
  4. Our best 11

    That's pretty much how I'd line up, although I'd possibly plump for Alnwick in goal
  5. Are celtic really that good?

    I think it's a case of celtic being the least shite team in the country. However they have a quality up front that we are sadly lacking (Morelos apart).
  6. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    And that's why Barry is writing columns in papers. I'd have Herrera instead, and Beardy in goals.....and that's why I'm just going to the game. All the best to all who get picked, and just give us a result.
  7. Firhill Roll Call

    Ive been the last twice and it's been great.
  8. Firhill Roll Call

    Booked Hospitality for tonight. Steamin Loyal
  9. Tarriers Allocation

    I voted "their usual" however I'd like allocations to both clubs to be equal in terms of stadium percentage, which would get us more tickets
  10. Pedro going mental at the ref

    I wondered that myself. Looked on the line
  11. Broxi reconciliation with family

    Must have been just before half time. I sit in row J in CD3 and the guy was in row in front of me...
  12. Broxi reconciliation with family

    It was a wee old man. A steward took him away, however it made for an unpleasant 2nd half
  13. Broxi reconciliation with family

    The only thing worse than that Cringefest, was the guy who pished himself in the row in front of me in the Club Deck......fuckin reeking.
  14. We Need the Fear Back at Ibrox

    They certainly gie me the fear at Ibrox