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  1. Rev McQuarrie was a comfort to my Gran when she was in her last days of life. He was a gentleman of the highest order, unlike Spiers who only spreads poison.
  2. I realised McCoist was a money grabber back in 1995 at Anorthisis Famagusta, when he couldn't be subbed on late in the game, owing to an injury to one of the defenders, and he was going mental. Not because he wasn't getting to play for the late part of the game, but because he wouldn't have been eligible for the 25k bonus, which the players were promised for getting into the Champions League.
  3. I hope this maintenance plan includes the main stand getting a jet wash and the white beams on top of the club deck getting tidied up
  4. I'm CD3 Row J and laid 640 quid
  5. This is the gentleman who depicts opinion thusly
  6. I paid my ST in Tuesday at Ticket Office. I registered me and my mate's interest for a move to the Govan Rear. The employee told me that the move was dependant on folk not renewing/or requesting moves themselves. I guess I just need to wait on something becoming available
  7. I take offence at the American spelling of "offense".
  8. Hospitality for me. I'll enjoy the drink and the grub at least
  9. Fuck any racist bastards amongst our support. We are all descended from the same stock
  10. Save Miller, Hill and Wes, I'd get them all to fuck
  11. I seen Bobby Tait, John Brown and Walter Smith the other week. Very entertaining night all round
  12. That still pisses me off no end; he should have put the team before himself in that situation.
  13. Caution! No matter where this account has sprung from, it's purpose is clear and should be ignored, lest this shyster walk free.