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  1. This is not a “confrontation” it’s assault.
  2. Not just the child’s career mate. Priests sent along with club members to firefight the problems, allegedly. Why? Ex-communication or just expertise ?
  3. Confrontation. That’s all that was...........
  4. Lloris is “keeping” them in this. Should be two or more.
  5. Lacks composure and not a clean striker of the ball.......... He can’t header it either I believe. 🧐
  6. I often wonder how his “managerial geography” is nowadays. Lying waster.
  7. Probably the east end of Glasgow. https://www.tangers.com.sg/
  8. Yea, he’s just play acting.....
  9. I'm getting to the stage of hatred with mccoist and his constant negativity. I never thought I'd get to this stage with him, but I've had enough! sound OFF!
  10. He’s as much as a liability as Alfredo. Didn’t want him back after his only showing up when he needed a new contract last time. The only thing he did was score at killie. Other than that, he’s a mediocre squad player.
  11. We need a midfielder that can pass a fucking ball first. Then a striker that is actually an adult that can play men’s football, and not still living in the fucking school playground.
  12. There are serious criminal allegations and already a conviction, involving a member club of the Scottish Football Association. What have they done? This is the SFA. The governing body of our national sport, yet they have said nothing whatsoever, about what will be the biggest “open secret “ that has been hanging over our game for over 40 years and has finally had a spotlight shone on it. Some people are saying that the same lawyers are acting on behalf of both parties.....
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