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  1. There are serious criminal allegations and already a conviction, involving a member club of the Scottish Football Association. What have they done? This is the SFA. The governing body of our national sport, yet they have said nothing whatsoever, about what will be the biggest “open secret “ that has been hanging over our game for over 40 years and has finally had a spotlight shone on it. Some people are saying that the same lawyers are acting on behalf of both parties.....
  2. Keeps01


  3. Keeps01


    Jack on from the start and that table would look a lot better.
  4. Keeps01


    He did his job again tonight. The problem is he has no central holding midfielder to provide cover for the back. They were all over the place and had no clue who to pick up.
  5. Keeps01

    Flanagan cost us that game

    Bamby on ice. This guy needs Velcro on his boots, on the sole to stop him falling over every time he tries to turn.
  6. Keeps01

    George Adam MSP (SNP)

    What colour is the Hibs manager? Is Irish catholic a colour of a race now? Racism = Different colour? He has just stated that racism is between two different colours of ethnicity, which we educated people already knew. But but but, ......the mans a fucking imbecile.
  7. Keeps01

    Candeias Red Card

    Just stop engaging with him folks. I can’t understand why people reply to him still, after all the crap he deflects and denies. He’s either admin creating controversy or a troll on a Rangers forum, that is tolerated to laugh at.
  8. Keeps01

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    One transfer window and quite a lot of improvement so far. Let's not get our nickers twisted just yet. Patience is not a virtue we seem to be in abundance of...
  9. Keeps01

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    I hope he is, but I really don't think this is an issue to have a wee laugh over.
  10. Keeps01

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    I'm not talking about the Albion car park either. I'm more concerned about the perfectly flat, safe and secure area yards away from our stadium, that could be used again, as a fan zone for match days. All without encroaching into normal match day operations. You are condoning them penning us in even more, while the chamber of secrets gets bigger and bigger areas to use on the cheap.
  11. Keeps01

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    Where do people park then? After the "exclusion zone".
  12. If they go through, then it's the same schedule as us. Win. If they go out, then it's absolutely melt down time. Bigger win.
  13. Keeps01

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Only caught the last twenty minutes, and that did nothing for my heart rate! Un-fucking real. We were always on our way back, but that's over now. The shower of dirty bastards that is the rest of Scottish football tried to kill us, and we've overcame them all and proved once again that WATP!
  14. Keeps01

    Hugh Burns on Rangers radio

    I'm actually waiting for a... " YA FUCKING BEAUTY !!!"
  15. Keeps01

    Blue Avenger, no more mystery !!

    Please, on this one occasion break the rules. NO PICS. No one wants to see your "meeting".