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  1. Do they get a free goal for playing away at Ibrox?😯 When did this rule come in?
  2. Sorry to hear this GB. Hope you get yourself better and can still assist this great cause you founded. I’m sure we can all thank you by supporting whoever takes up the reigns, with as much as we can and do. It’s been a pleasure giving money and other donations to you mate. Thank you !
  3. I’d call it more like fighting back, not arguing. ”journalist” acting like a typical shit stirring arse hole, calling people names while trying to promote himself as some sort of voice for football fans. He can try and promote himself all he likes, he’s looking like the tit he is and loosing integrity with every attack.
  4. Here’s one in red for the “ fat cunts” like me. 🥵
  5. Keep them on the roundabout for ever. Fuck the bbc.
  6. You call a lot of people names for disagreeing with you, abusing people for their views and belittling them to try and get one up. You’re nothing more than a mouthpiece and a troll.
  7. Could you put up a list? list all the publications you work for, so I can avoid reading any more of your sanctimonious pish.
  8. Do you take responsibility for the record telling lies?
  9. So you have proof that Rangers acted in any way wrongly, then did not take responsibility and are just as guilty as the club with SIX convicted paedophiles?
  10. Police Scotland spokesman said they are probing a non-recent sexual offence reported on December 12.” Rangers said they were unaware of specific allegations but will “co-operate fully” with Police Scotland. Thats from the bottom of your link, to a different story, that you say, Rangers are just as guilty to.
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