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  1. Your our star of the East Gogzy
  2. me too Gogzy and quite a few others i went yeees go get him Ian
  3. forgive never ,forget never ,humble never I'm afraid all bridges have been burned as far as I'm concerned
  4. you seemed to be really enjoying yourself on Monday night pre match phone in D'art and more power to your quill
  5. well I liked it and it seems the lobby liked it too
  6. great show last night good laugh near the end . was everyone on the conversation lozengers
  7. was away for a week could not get the show .moaned at my wife every night. must be addicted felt I was withdrawing. glad to be home to listen in to-night
  8. still down for me too. hope i'ts up and running this evening
  9. if this standard keeps up it will be compulsive listening to all rangers fans (i'm already addicted)
  10. The show goes from strength to strength thanks to everyone involved
  11. is it true all refs are all illegitimate (it's all I hear from the stands ) explain the offside rule it used to be simple now get confused by different phases I can't even explain it to my wife anymore
  12. Thought this was happening?, guaranteed plenty of callers and listeners .they w'ont need to tune into other crap shows
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