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  1. Nice to see you being your usual positive selfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. I've been saying for ages now that home games against the bottom half teams who are there to stifle we should be playing a 352, St Mirren on the odd occasion at the most got 4 men ahead of the ball, if we can't cope with that with that system then the games a bogey
  3. TLB claims the thumb received unwarranted abuse tonight!!! I can only assume that he is saying Alfredo deserved to be called "a dirty orange black bastard " whilst leaving the field at the piggery....just like his former team mates absolutely no CONDEMNATION against their own club but when it's one of their own you hear them from the rooftops 🀬
  4. Not sure my nerves could take it every game thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Spot on, no way will we play brilliant every game, if we had dropped points tonight the rightly so the performance should draw criticism but we didn't , 3pts more in the bag and we move on
  6. St Mirren offered the exact same as stranraer going forward....absolutely fuck all, Patterson would have offered us a lot more going forward than Flanagan, like I said we are playing bottom of the league teams so I expect us to be good enough to cope with it
  7. The inside role Kent plays isn't worth a fuck against teams who park the bus like that tonight, it must be frustrating as fuck for him, fucking messi would struggle to make space out there tonight
  8. Because of our earlier draw we seem to be showing hearts too much respect, they are bottom of the league 4pts adrift from fucking Hamilton, we should have stuck with the Patterson for tonight & Sunday
  9. Tav takes some abuse about his defending but tonight is the perfect example in what we miss without Tav going forward, St Mirren obviously knew Flanagan wasn't a danger so they were able to channel their thoughts on looking after borna which the goal apart they achieved
  10. Not yet, I'm sure now you have brought it up it will get spoken about
  11. On a side note, they should make hartson do a tour of the schools where he has two clips of footage to show Clip 1 a footballer making a cut throat gesture and clip 2 a footballer kicking another player on the head while sitting on the ground!! After airing the footage he should ask the kids which clip out the 2 carries a genuine threat to human life.....over to you fat man to explain your moral crusade on that one
  12. Witch hunt of course their is Exhibit 1....Alfredo receives sectarian & Racial abuse whilst leaving the field of play before any gestures were made. The following day Rangers issue a statement about the said incidents, this is collaborated by stv journalist Peter Smith who was sent the footage but refused to give it a platform as it was so abusive (any other set of fans or player being abused and it would have been given a platform alright) the following day celtic issue a statement but in the statement they mention the gestures as being inflammatory!!! Exhibit 2. Sutton calls for a 5 match ban for gestures but nothing mentioned about the sectarian or racial abuse Exhibit 3. A constant reminder in the daily rhags that Alfredo could be called up for retrospective action from the compliance officer(clearly not for letting it go) Exhibit 4. We now have news of a 3rd yellow card issued to Alfie for said gesture Exhibit 5. A whole 22 days after the game we now have hartson sticking his ore in....condemns Alfredo for the gesture, condemns SG and the Rangers board for their support of Alfie. Exhibit 6. After 2 days of statements regarding the sectarian & racial abuse Alfie received the media and pundits have totally fell silent, no arrests made, no football banning orders and last but not least NO CONDEMNATION of the people and of celtic by hartson & sutton on their former employers by not doing more to kick such abuse out. In theory 22 now 23 days after a game which featured sectarian & racial abuse to a player is still talked about because the same player made a gesture, good to see we have our priorities sorted in Scotland!!!
  13. The 3rd goal came from a corner if my memory serves me right....anyway Albertz was on the post and failed to react.....my big mate was fucking raging at his attempt at defending and claimed "I don't believe it we have signed a fucking dud German" thankfully the big man came goodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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