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  1. He was the best player in a error strewn 10 goal thriller.....let's be honest he ain't in Gerrards plans so it's a pointless thread
  2. Big Daniels behind the guy in the leather jacket😂😂
  3. This 100%....their will be plenty of games this season where Greg Stewart will make a difference....I don't see him as a 1st team regular but we will need him for certain games as a starter or from the bench.....2 games last season that I remember for the wrong reasons Dundee away 1-1 and St Johnstone at home 0-0...4pts dropped as we had no different cutting edge that day...those games are tailor made for Greg Stewart
  4. Killie were a decent side last season so to say we should of took 12/12 is perhaps a bit optimistic but to only take 2 pts was fucking shambolic....couple that with the the 3 draws with hibs and that realistically was the major difference
  5. We dropped 10 points to killie
  6. No interest in what a Rangers player has to say.....why? Give the guy a chance ffs
  7. Welcome big man, young and built like a brick shithouse....let's hope he can defend all the same
  8. You certainly wouldn't have noticed him in 1 of those games as we only played them 3 times last season 😉
  9. Fair enough, I'm prepared to wait and see b4 I pass judgement....time will tell I suppose 👍
  10. How do you know we haven't brought in anyone better than what we had....wait until you have seen them play under the system Gerrard wishes them to play in....Jordan Jones, hastie, ojo & stewart could all be a revelations for us next season or equally they all could be dung...I will reserve judgement until I see them in action
  11. What's this shite if the tims lose then they go straight into the 3rd qualifying round for the Europa....I thought if you lost in the 1st qualifying round that was you OUT? A Philadelphia lawyer would struggle to understand that fucking set up!!!
  12. What do we class as as a marquee signing these days....you could argue that Barton , Krancjar & Alves were all Marquee signings when in truth they were all just a waste of money....it is more important as a club for us to sign players who do a good job and become mainstays in the team...ie Morelos, Tav & Arfield....as someone says Aribo is pretty unknown to us all but if he comes in and does a good job in a successful season then you would have to class his signing as a success rather than Marquee
  13. I argued this point in the late 80s...boys who regularly went to Scotland games couldn't understand why I didn't go....simple...I couldn't hate yer aitkens, mcstays, millers,malpas etc etc on a weekly basis then stand in ceremony to cheer them for Scotland...it would be hypocritical of myself 👍
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