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  1. I'm about to jump in there to find out the latest info on Dorrans
  2. I was lucky enough to meet the hammer at Durrants testimonial dinner, we had just beat the tims 2-0 at Ibrox and the big man scored another belted against them.....a photo and chat I will never forget
  3. He runs a fans channel.....does anyone know this cjnovo992 character? He runs a channel from his house, pretty cringeworthy at times with some of the stuff he talks about.
  4. We already have a king kenny
  5. This could be a sign that we are giving up on Dorrans, the club maybe feel if we are to spend 1.5million then get a younger player in who may represent better value.
  6. I'm sure the lad will be delighted and so proud of his old man for a tweet like that the day he signed fir Rangers!!! His father obviously has no concern for his sons career, he thinks he is being clever making a tweet like that......he clearly knows what he is doing, if I was the young lad I would go round and kick his cunt in
  7. What you on here bud?
  8. Appeared for me in the last
  9. Strange tactics on the horse tbh
  10. I'm in love with big Francesca.......the posh sorts are normally right dirty
  11. I've done time to study
  12. Well in BABN......if you hadn't listen to some nugget last night you could of had Permian also
  13. I won't touch it m8 I don't want to jinx you
  14. It should be straightforward enough