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  1. Playing Walker on Saturday done Hearts no favours at all.....they can stay defiant and say they want 1million for the guy, they then play him against his only suitor and is invisible.....if you are Rangers and are genuinely still interested their is no way you can offer Hearts a million quid for a guy who put in such an inept performance, a move that backfired for them if you ask me.
  2. Ok your not a scout but you have written off May? You can't name 1 player within our budget that can make us a better team....do you think some cunt is gonnae wave a magic wand and sprinkle some stardust over Ibrox....get your head out the clouds we are skint and are currently 5pts behind 3 teams after 3 games but in your world we don't need to worry about the sheep!!!!
  3. Born in 1970....so let me off with fuck all
  4. Runners....being tarriers ....fucking kindle
  5. Surely we have to go beyond the sheep b4 we can compete with the runners? Who would you sign then to bridge the gap....with our budget?
  6. Indigo....Aberdeen are already 5pts above us after 3 games....if we are talking Rangers teams in years gone by then yes you have a point but unfortunately our need is now....Stevie may enhances Rangers as I know them at this present day
  7. Stevie May is a proven spl striker with Hamilton and st Johnstone....the sooner people realise where we are the sooner we will get a grasp of reality....if you believe that may is not a step up then we are fucked
  8. Don't get me wrong...with the wrong manager they will all be shite
  9. KAI....i want ure honest opinion, I think morelos has a good bit of quality but Miller is shot and I just can't see Herrera making the grade...we have missed the boat with Stevie May, I believe him and the buffalo would of been a good pairing for us?
  10. I'm gonnae surprise and say le guen...this guy came with a reputation but never understood the scottish game...yes recent managers have been a let down but le guen brought inferior players to our club when we were still competing with the tims......walter came back and transformed the squad, Pedro is a dud the same as Warburton and mccoist but le guen totally didn't get Rangers
  11. Walker didn't do anything to justify paying any money for him
  12. A very sensible post on night where frustrations are boiling over...my take on krancjar is simple....he is by far the most talented player at the club...first touch and ability to play a defence splitting pass is all there.....unfortunatley that is as good as it gets as he believes he still has the ability to hold the ball up and skin players.....nae gid for us as he constantly gets caught in possession
  13. That was the same line that kept getting spouted last season....."our next 5 games are winnable " in reality they weren't , I'm at a loss how we can't trust our team to beat a woeful hearts team at home.
  14. Clearly out his depth......if a fucking doughball like mick McCarthy can get waghorn and garner in the same team and make them a goal scoring partnership then that tells me everything
  15. I got the game on my box through the iptv app (cheers hamie)