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  1. Is it anymore of a problem for social distancing than I face at my work....our locker room has around 45/50 people who use it over 3 shifts....we are managing to social distance to the best we can....we soon have to make a decision how great a risk 22 players on a pitch cause to each other....I'm sceptical that you could contract the virus because you were jostling with a player at a corner or you slid in and landed on top of a player for a few seconds
  2. We should have tried something, this will end up being and even bigger catastrophe if they start a new season and as you say...Jeannie the cleaner contracts covid and she has been in and about the club....14 day quarantine for clubs....we could end up with games cancelled left right and centre...the remainder of this campaign should have been used as a guinea pig to iron out what problems we could encounter
  3. If we don't have a vaccine before August then if testing is to be at extreme levels then I fail to see how our game can afford it in August but can't afford it in June to complete a season....we really need to be thinking of changing our tact on quarantine rules, I'm talking from personal experience here with my family and my dad....I more or less had a month of work due to my dad contracting the virus....I have not contracted the virus even though I was in contact with my father as he was falling ill, my isolation period was overkill if truth being told, back then society in a whole wasn't dealing with the pandemic, things need to change or we will be hamstrung with this for years m8
  4. Yip...my point again is why are footballers being treated as so elitist to go back to work....surely if it feels right to do this then every walk of life should be treated the same....why should I be going to my work but have never been tested....obviously tests need to be done but not to the extent that are doing....we eventually will need to dip our toes and test water as I doubt a vaccine is just around the corner
  5. That's kinda the point I'm trying to make, what makes football so elitist that it should require round the clock testing in order for it to resume....we are basically learning to live with this virus while we still await a vaccine....we need to be seen to be moving forward with this situation....it's too easy to say "did I just hear you cough just then....14 days in self isolation " The frontline workers are at the greatest risk and deserve the levels of testing aimed at professional footballers, we could have finished the season off without the rigorous testing that is happening down south...surely trying to finish this season would let us see potential problems for the future...no doubt we will start the new season...cock it up after 6 or 7 games...end result award the vermin 10iar 不
  6. You're missing the point what I'm making.....wee jeannie the cleaner exists in my work also....the risks are the exact same for us and not one single person gets tested.....why are we not testing supermarket staff etc etc everyday if this was a bona fida reason?
  7. I'm throwing this in here and can't believe it was never discussed for the premier league Every game would be played behind closed doors, so for tv companies then all games can ko at the same time for sky or bt to show whatever fixture they choose to beam....all we had to do was set a restart date but allow ourselves & st Johnstone to play our outstanding game 1st Then you play Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday and finally Saturday.....allow 5 subs per game and every team has the exact same time between games for recovery, it was good for us in 2008 to play 5 games in 12 days so why not now where no team seek an advantage On the note of testing, surely a round of testing every 3 games would work, I mean their are still loads of us who are still going to work and have never been tested so why the clamber that testing is the main reason to veto it.....we are learning to live with this pandemic in everyday life, the sheer notion that this could not be achieved would only be to serve the purpose of the beasts.
  8. So the exact same scenario we found ourselves in back in 2012不不不 If we could enter English football at league 3 level it would be a no brainer to go....it won't happen but not for the reasons you give that we wouldn't survive it
  9. No the majority felt null & void was the fairest way.....very few insisted that it would actually happen....big difference
  10. Your post prior to this....the fact i claimed that everyone disagrees with you tonight....what the same people who I TOLD celtic WOULD BE CROWNED CHAMPIONS.....that's taking pleasure in believing you proved the forum wrong
  11. Yes that's what you peddled at the time, it's the delight you take in the fact that they did get handed the title....that's what rips in the craw of most people....regardless how crooked it was you will never openly admit that the ballot should have failed....which at that stage would almost certainly have thrown shite at your claims....deep down behind the scenes you were spot on about them being made champions....it's how it actually transpired that is what is the most galling part of it all.
  12. You are trying to debate with everyone who opposes your beliefs (which is basically everyone ) that's the biggest clue I can give you on this one
  13. 不不不不 The fucking irony!!! Count how many posts you have made in the last couple of hours....that's exactly what you are doing
  14. Aye it would have m8....it would have kept the dude happy....I wish now we had of voted no....the fud wouldn't be in here tonight if we had of done....
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