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  1. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Don I'm going for a stab in the dark here but how many players do you reckon you can name in the picture? I'm going for McCloy, Dawson, McClelland, Paterson and maybe Russell?
  2. hammer93

    Our crowds early 80's

    Spot on, in those days we came up on the local bus from Killie and get the tube from bridge street, it was generally a £1 to get into the govan or Copland in those days, I was still at school and remember being in Ibrox with the crowds around 12/13k....the lowest crowd I remember was 7,500 last game of the season against Dundee Utd we drew 2-2 and the sheep won the league that night also.
  3. hammer93

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news but the big man will sleep easy from now on. RIP ED
  4. hammer93

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Also if they use racism as an excuse then the hypocrisy is unbelievable if they continue to allow the thumb be picked for Scotland squads????
  5. hammer93

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Just watching skys report on this....the said reasons are of domestic abuse, racism and sectarianism......they claim he made a sectarian gesture by playing the flute when celebrating a goal against celtic.....this was well documented it was claimed!!! What a load of shite these cunts can't even report on actual facts....everyone on this forum know damn fine that steau at home in a friendly was his celebration and the one with the tims was at the piggery when he was a sub.
  6. hammer93


    It was Reyna who scored bud👍
  7. hammer93

    Edmiston Drive

    Shite news, all you can do is fight on ED ....thoughts to your family
  8. hammer93

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    Nah m8 that's wee Jose Mourinho that's getting the derry on that issue
  9. hammer93

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    God knows what Gerrard was thinking when he signed these guys who were shit at Bristol city & Sunderland.....
  10. hammer93

    6 wins out of 6 required during October

    It was the next 5 games 3 weeks ago....I genuinely hate these threads as I feel they are just a disaster waiting to happen
  11. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Where is Johnny? I've not seen him about for a couple of weeks now.
  12. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    It was a testimonial game for someone from whitburn juniors
  13. hammer93

    Go home you boys in green

    Peter Pacult scored the winner....if memory serves me right he got attacked at the final whistle going up the tunnel
  14. hammer93

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    I actually gave up reading the match thread when all the managers in the thread started questioning Gerrards lack of substitutions, we were starting to build a bit of momentum at the time so it was probably right to keep going with what we had, Middleton was called on the 79th minute to get stripped for action but Gerrard held off and we all got our rewards.