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  1. Basically it's a sales package
  2. I'm sure after the winter break they had 5 or 6 home games out of 7(Scottish cup also) against pish opposition....they racked up maximum points with the minimum of fuss while we dropped 7 pts to Killie, St Johnstone and Hibs I think....the league was done and dusted in that spell of games from what I remember
  3. Cheers bud, I thought the game was tonight when I saw the bump with the next round drawπŸ‘
  4. What age group are the colts? I'm just wondering if the lads that played last night will be involved
  5. I'm not on Twitter m8 but that is just the kinda shite they actually spout....the operation stop 9inr should have flagged it cause they call it operation stop 10iar as they believe they have already won 9πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Clearly alex has forgot about the 1st round of fixtures when we had to do the exact same....honest to fuck these cunts are the biggest warped, deluded mongos on planet earth
  7. Anyone that says that the league cup doesn't matter is strange.....they cunts have rammed a treble treble down our throats.....I have been fortunate enough to have been born to witness 5/7 trebles....I hope to fuck I'm here to witness another 5
  8. Correct, the gulf in class is a myth...we got everything wrong against them the last game but they did change their tactics also....we are seeing a different picture now as we are winning convincingly now....that's what has closed the gap
  9. Anything he did have he done very well...as I said earlier play him at tynecastle where it should be a better test
  10. Knowing our luck if we hadn't signed Helander and went with 3 cb's one would be crocked and out for 6mnths as it happens we have 4 fit cb's who we will struggle to keep happy
  11. We are miles away from that prediction....feet on the ground I would say
  12. I saw Stewart having a pop yesterday in one of the papers....I genuinely didn't read the article but the headline was enough......I'm sure he looks like a cunt tonight as his headline was a cheap shot at ojo
  13. Hearts are rotten and our record against them in the last 2 seasons is probably the best we have against any team....obviously going to tynecastle should prove a challenge but one we are now better served to deal with
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