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  1. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Aye ure right....I'm sure it's kerkar....I always got those 2 mixed up....gangly wingers who weren't much good😂😂😂
  2. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    I'm now doubting myself...it's kerkar
  3. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    This is Marvin celik bud
  4. I read that yesterday and thought to myself surely that should be back page headlines.....I then realised we were not the offending club so it makes it's way to an inside column
  5. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Top one Berjam Fetai...not sure of the other one
  6. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Ortiz the other picture was celik
  7. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Marvin celik
  8. hammer93

    Press Conference

    Stoned even
  9. hammer93

    ***Rumours thread***

    Why would we even consider Terry? Goldson &Katic are fine, we need decent cover not an ego who is past it and who would not doubt think he should play in front of Katic
  10. hammer93

    Drawing Comparisons

    Since the arrival of SG there have been many comparisons about eras in our club, the most notable being his appointment being compared to the Appointment of Souness, whilst it's hard to deny the most obvious of comparisons in the 2 appointments our football worlds from 1986 to 2018 were night and day. It got me thinking to another season, the 2000/2001 season, this is where i see genuine comparisons, the previous 2 seasons we witnessed 2 easy league wins which involved a treble 5 trophies won and significant progress in Europe, The wee General had transformed us but did spend a helluva a lot of money doing so, the tims were in absolute turmoil, as we were still buying players that summer our squad was so big at one point we could genuinely of fielded 3 different starting 11s that we felt would hold it's own in the scottish game, we had just won the league by 18pts and were miles in front. That season the tims brought in MO and to be fair they gave him money to assemble a team, what followed was probably not what any of us expected as we lost the league by 21pts, The wee Generals invincibility was gone, he lost the dressing room and we were a shadow of the team from the previous season. I guess what i'm alluding to here is we were so far in front it was inconceivable that such a gap could be closed never mind it to have a 39pt swing Tonight and the previous weeks have seen the mask of brenda slip also, the squad is huge, the wage bill is even bigger but most importantly brenda is no longer seen as the mesiah who can do no wrong, we on the other hand are starting to look more settled on and more importantly off the park, we are building a decent without being over spectacular squad which has a decent blend of youth, power and pace. Like i have said the comparisons are all very evident to me, for the 1st time in ages i honestly believe they will do a lot of the job for us as much as we did for them in 2000/2001
  11. hammer93

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hopefully the start of an almighty collapse, with the wages they are paying then they must have about a 25million shortfall this season, lets see how much money they really have in the bank?? This is our chance to go out and win the league and that would really strangle them for the coming season.
  12. hammer93

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    aye, but i think they need to play a seville or along those lines of level of quality
  13. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Alec Cleland, he was or still is coaching at St Johnstone
  14. hammer93

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Bud I've got that IPTV to my amazement I had coverage through a sky sports channel....it was full of American adverts but seen the majority of the play
  15. hammer93

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Another wee turn the day