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  1. Always gives his all, I would Rather he is doing his bit for Rangers instead of coming back to Ibrox with hivs or killie
  2. Spot on, the guys that do a 5 day week get 28 days, pro rata I feel I'm losing out on a couple of days but you don't here me moaning about it to the press....the reality of it is simple, football has changed gone are the days where you got 4-5 weeks off before coming back for pre season, European football has changed drastically with the break up of the eastern bloc countries, its a pain in the cunt but these countries are entitled to their shot in Europe hence the earlier starts for qualifiers.
  3. That disnae exist in my work, 22days annual leave I get but I only work 4days a week.
  4. You should never let anything come between a good wank......just ask gaz52
  5. Far to much time in your hands bud
  6. Simple....i don't rate them apart from Miller and even his best days are behind him.
  7. Pissing myself at this
  8. Heading to benelmadena on Saturday for our annual 4 day golf bender....16 rubber nuts 3 rounds of golf and copious amounts of refreshments along the way....whats not to like.😁
  9. It actually beggars belief what goes through some posters heads at times
  10. The mighty bears will be along to check you bud
  11. He is only pointing out that the clamour to get him to sign his first pro contract with us is based on him getting 1st team action next season
  12. I agree but it is the double edged sword, over the years a bigger backing leads to more vocal backing which in theory should spur the players on but the thought of lining these clubs pockets pisses me off.
  13. Fucking brutal but I do remember he did have a good game against the tims once.....it was the night we beat them 2-1 in the league cup at Ibrox when shota scored the winner.....it was during Ramadan and the cunt hadn't been eating so that's what I put it down to.......always played in the big games for eck which pissed me off but not as much as when eck claimed he was world class as he was going to play in the world cup
  14. The options aren't great if we are being honest lads.....if the fans don't renew then the board will somehow try to wing it with the squad they have left....pay yer money and it keeps them in control with very little going back into the team...in honesty we are fucked unless we get serious money thrown at us from an overseas investor.
  15. I hope you don't share your chug status when you tweet gaz?