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  1. hammer93

    The Boxing News Thread

    Is this a different fight? Vlad was a joke that night....against Joshua he had something to prove but he was bye his best and ultimately got stopped. Tyson Fury is a total myth of a boxer....Joshua beats him hands down
  2. hammer93

    Rangersmedia Golf Society

    I've always fancied the millennium course....is that the one you can play with the floodlights?
  3. Let him get on with it....Miller is destined to be a manager/coach...I wish him well, let him cut his teeth and see what he has.
  4. This is the kinda stuff we need to stay away from....it's almost like we are hoping these rumours are true...the reality is they have sold a bit part player for 6-7million....we need to focus on us and forget what they are doing for now.
  5. hammer93

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    A winner every day at ascot so a good meeting for me
  6. hammer93

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Not sure if you are serious....you are only stating the obvious bud😂😂👍
  7. hammer93

    VAR - Poll

    The sad thing is VAR would look at it and still award the goal😂😂
  8. hammer93

    VAR - Poll

    This doing the rounds😂😂
  9. hammer93

    VAR - Poll

    The problem with VAR for me is I'm not 100% sure how it works? The say if it is glaring and a obvious mistake from the ref that is when they interfere? Well as foreverandever rightly says why wasn't the ref told to look at the penalty incidents in the Argentina & England games? These nuggets have the benefit of every angle but are refusing to get involved. Also referees are arrogant bastards....if they are told to look at VAR it normally means they have made a cunt of it...they will not like that idea so you might get the picture that they are protecting the image of the ref...fair play to the ref who overturned his penalty decision in the Brazil game.
  10. hammer93

    Of all the signings !

    I hoping I'm going to be surprised this season....last summers window I met with trepidation as it was Pedro doing the signings....in saying that I was happy with Dorrans & Alves and the 2 of them were a bit of a let down. I'm trusting SG to know a better level of player than Pedro....the key here is last seasons shrapnel.....I know we can all shout that they shouldn't be anywhere near Ibrox but like I've said b4 we won't overhaul the full squad...last season was poor but we did get a lot of decent performances out some of the players at times.....unfortunately the last 3 OF games especially the last 2 is where we as a fan base will judge them. The long and short of it is I expect SG to get more out the players who have ability to give us something, coupled with the idea that he basically is rebuilding the defence gives me hope.....that leaves 3 signings for me...these need to be more talented....a ball winner, CAM and a striker. I genuinely don't think we will be far away with that.
  11. hammer93

    Umar Sadiq

    M8 it's a two and half minute clip......you seriously can't be telling us what kind of player he is based on that clip?
  12. hammer93

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    Let's get on the attack with this one.....a statement from the board condemning the BBC actions on defending women's welfare.....something along the lines of them clearly trying to right the wrongs from the historic sex abuse charges that were made against many of there former employees.....where were there open debates when this scandal broke....obviously there duty of care to womens welfare is not extended when they are the guilty party.
  13. hammer93

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    Did stein come back to us for a 2nd spell then? When cutty lifts the league cup Colin stein is next in line.
  14. hammer93

    Rangers related picture thread

    Could we not get that other wee Egyptian magician that goes by name of Mohamed Salah in for a game or 2👍
  15. hammer93

    Johnny Hubbard

    Sad news indeed RIP Johnny