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  1. True...but they never looked capable of beating us that day....this season is an open goal missed as they are bang average
  2. Khan is finished...I expect a knockout for this one if I'm being honest
  3. hammer93


    Kamara is everything we have needed in a long time....he wins possession back at the drop of a hat...50k..the lad is a steal and will be at the forefront of our midfield going forward
  4. hammer93


    M8....you are clearly looking for bites...I have witnessed cunts that weren't even fit enough to wear the jersey who also captained the team....whilst he is no Gough....putting him below Gavin Rae isn't even funny
  5. A boy I know well, his son is in the team...the boy McCallion...I think he scored 4 in one of the games
  6. hammer93


    Davis is very tidy on the ball....is that what is required next season to win a league? I totally get Kamara in there as he is a athlete....get a couple of attack minded midfielders and we're onto something
  7. I reckon we will pump the 3 aforementioned teams in the coming fixtures....it will only compound why this season is a lost opportunity
  8. 4th of August 1980, myself and my brother got the whole guided tour before the match from Joe Mason....I'm sure it was spurs
  9. We all know Candieas has it in his game he just is to inconsistent for me
  10. Spot on....the opening 5 minutes he got in front of his man 5 times to win the header....Gough did it all the time also....it's time we settled with Katic in defence
  11. Can't possibly be a player bud...we only paid 50k to Dundee....spl dross
  12. Work seems to be starting on the side panels
  13. Christ I saw a picture of him last week....he is a lot fucking scarier looking now😂😂😂
  14. You want to start betting the tims bud😂😂
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