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  1. Same age as me then....you must just post like an old Codger at times 😂😂
  2. Funny you mention Bett....I know there was a thread on him the other day....now watching him in these games he looked average at best and gets caught in possession too many times, by the time Bett came back to play for the sheep he looked a far better player than the one we parted company with
  3. Tbh that was my kinda recollection but I was only 16 by the time he had moved on, like I said, watching highlight reels he actually looks pretty decent, we beat the filth 3-0 November 80 and Redford looked like he was having a great game in the highlights
  4. Lads looking for some info here, I've been watching old you tube highlights of games in the early 80s, anyway I started going to games with my mates around 81/82....my recollection of Ian Redford was one that he was a disappointing signing who failed to live up to his price tag at the time....point is in some of these highlight reels I have been watching he actually looked pretty decent with a cracking left leg on him, not sure if I was just too young to remember or appreciate him at the time but he certainly didn't have the successful career we may have expected....I'm tagging in who I believe to be older bears here so I apologise the now if I get some of you wrong 😂😂 @KeyserSoze @siddiqi_drinker @Blue Avenger @Bobby Hume @Johnny Dangerously @johanhentze @Kai_Johansen @Courtyard Bear
  5. I always thought mbappe was heir to the throne in all honesty.....think he needs to get out of PSG....they threw all their eggs 3yr ago and sadly they have come up short....he needs a move to whoever can afford him....not sure who can these days with ffp hanging over clubs heads
  6. Yip.....4-1 it finished, had it remained 4-0 Scotland would have qualified
  7. Phil Gartside said years ago that we would never receive enough votes as I would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.....the premier league is the holy grail down there....outwith say 8/10 clubs who are more or less guaranteed a place there are another 30 odd teams who want a place at the table....realistically it ain't going to happen
  8. 😂😂😂 So was Nathan Odouwa....he aged well did he not Looking decent in the championship against dross is not and will never be the pedigree required to win the premier league....Rangers fans have a habit of over egging players abilities after a few good games, he had 1 standout game against hearts at Ibrox when hearts had already won the league....not exactly the consistently brilliant player you are claiming he was
  9. Sorry m8 but if haris vuckic was a standout for you in that truly woeful season then you are easily pleased
  10. He wasn't fast enough for us, remember who he was playing against, never good enough for us in the bigger picture
  11. Some mental suggestions at underrated players here Robertson.....eh naw Russell....eh naw Doddie....eh naw Wallace....eh naw Tugay....eh naw Reyna....eh naw Prso....eh naw But last but not least Haris fucking vuckic.....fuck me overrated by TMB.....eh aye 😂😂😂
  12. Here's a wee pipe dream scenario....say this rumbles on and they insist in finishing the season in order to appease the vermin....in the coming months the sheep & hearts go to the wall due to running out of cash....surely all matches against these clubs would be null & void making us 9pts better off....we would then test their resolve in finishing the season
  13. Trust me bud you did, I was there also and was telling the story the other week, there was a dearthly silence as he strode up to take the kick, i clearly heared the crack of the net, a split second delayed reaction then you see half the away end erupting
  14. My original hero growing up, hard to believe he was only 39yrs old at his passing, absolutely tragic
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