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  1. Yip....is the goalie the only money they have spent so far? I genuinely don't see them spending much more unless Eduard gets sold....even then they might try and wing it with this Ajeti lad & Klimala.....I'm sure they will bring in another CB but midfield I don't see them doing anything there
  2. Mingwall, Deadgear & swallow swallow...fuck me patter overload 😡
  3. He isn't on 11k a week m8....Rangers pulled out the deal last summer as it was reported he wanted 10k a week....I would imagine 5k a week max....still a lot for a guy who has shown nothing
  4. Sorry Tef but that is howling m8🤣🤣
  5. I'm maybe putting 2&2 together when I heard her praising us so highly....she probably already knew she had the gig on RTV before Saturday's airing....it was very refreshing to hear positives spoke about us on sportscene....even Gordon was impressed with us.
  6. He does stupid wee things that infuriate me, like on Saturday when he was on the deck and he attempted to shove the sheep player away and also the wee kick out....do I think they are bad NO but he is a marked man and is highly more likely to be sent off for those wee silly things than Joe cunt is We can't afford Morelos suspended at this early point of the season...as for the article itself it just sums up the loathing and shit he has to endure in Scotland....it's fucking astonishing that a foreign lad at the age of 24, has managed to set up his own charity foundation for the poor families of his hometown cerete gets vilified so much because of the colour of shirt he wears
  7. I watched our highlights last night on sportscene and she was on....the after match analysis left me thinking that she was a bear.....she praised us to fuck in all honesty....now she has a gig on RTV...it all adds up
  8. At 4-1 Hamilton went 2 up top today.....aye the game was done but fuck me that philosophy is min boggling We will continue to struggle against 10 men behind the ball more than they will from what I witnessed last week against Coventry and yesterday against the sheep...tempo is everything in this scenario
  9. Top bloke big Moore.. I've met him a couple of times👍
  10. GF....if you are not moaning then that's surely a positive
  11. Funnily enough I thought Arsenal after Wenger left🤣
  12. I actually think he was player manager at 26 but had to quit through injury....he went to Burnley and was given no time whatsoever....pretty satisfying he ended up back at Bournemouth to complete the job he started, the guy likes to play football and hopefully gets another gig when he is up for it👍
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