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  1. Premier league darts

    A good 2 nights for him....3 absolute humping he has dished out with some top finishing 👍
  2. I've just sent you a tenner into the Erskine fund GB, thank KAI....I've just got a new whippet pup and he is right get the pictures up and the cash will roll👍
  3. Barton as a manager

    I can't wait for the 1st player to tell him his tactics were shite
  4. Hummel

    Some of the replies on here are brilliant....you would honestly believe that we need to run out wearing Adidas or Nike to consider ourselves a big club nowadays, we are a shite club just now because we have shite running the club right down to the playing staff, if the deal with Hummel is genuine and is the most lucrative for us then why are people criticising it....would they rather the club got less money but can brag about the new Nike template that we are wearing? As for not being a big club for being tied in with Hummel....the biggest club in the world Real Madrid had a deal with Hummel a few years back.....we need the deal that pays us the most money right now to allow us to improve the squad with better players....if that is achieved by wearing Hummel then I won't loose any sleep over it.
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    I got that book from Joe Mason after a tour of Ibrox the night the broomloan rd got opened against spurs 👍
  6. Hummel

    Not bigger than Nike who the tims were with....but obviously New Balance are giving them more money than Nike
  7. Hummel

    In reference to Juventus or Real Madrid
  8. Hummel

    I don't get your logic on this....Barcelona won plenty wearing kappa.....the tims are now with New Balance.....by your logic throw us into a Nike or Adidas kit next season and we can win the league.....if Hummel are paying us the most money then surely that is more beneficial than tying into a deal which is solely dependant on sales?
  9. Rumours at this stage

    I always liked the Denmark kit
  10. Hummel

    Maker or actual sponsor?
  11. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    No worries, you can let me know how you get on👍
  12. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    There was a time the 5 day membership was easily dealt with, if you want send me a pm of your personal details ie relating to your form, I can ask for you, I have the director of golf number so I could ask him about your application and see if I can move it on for you.
  13. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Yeah, I got a 7 day membership when they 1st came out....I think this is my 7th year now, i saw a big crowd in the bar we were having our lunch about 12pm, the 7day membership seems to be a bit of a closed door at the moment, the 5 day was always available but I'm not sure if that has changed this year, the 5day isn't the worst if you don't golf on a Saturday as you can still play on a Sunday after midday
  14. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    What time was you out m8....that's where I play, i was out at 8am on Saturday
  15. what to do, what to do

    These cunts will stop at nothing.....even when they are dominating us there 1st thought the next day is to troll a Rangers forum.....they are fucking demented!!