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  1. Betting against Rangers?

    I've lost more betting Rangers than I would betting against us if that makes sense?
  2. Costa to Athletico

    He was and still is a horrible cunt....i fucking hated all his antics a bit like garner used to do....granted Costa could play a bit but his petty fouling and niggling put me right off him.
  3. Alves

    Cheers that rings a bell
  4. Alves

    Just googled it....he was 19 so we produced fuck all😂😂
  5. Alves

    Going with that I would say he would of been 16 roughly
  6. Alves

    Yeah but was he not only 14 or something when we brought him across, if memory serves me right did he not choose us over Arsenal?
  7. Alves

    I'm sure his brother is still with us, it would be good to actually produce a young centre half who could make the grade, big Moore is probably the last one we produced
  8. Alves

    I remember talking to Durrant a few years back and he was raving about the lad Mcrorrie but it was the goalie brother, it seems Ross has kinda went up the pecking order👍
  9. Alves

    I never saw any of the game last night bar the goals...how did he play? I tend to take a lot of pedros words with a pinch of salt so not sure if it was just bluster the way he bigged him up.
  10. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    Did we get drawn oot first?
  11. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    So you are sold on him or fucking nowhere near convinced?
  12. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    I came on to post something similar, I don't get the wankfest from sections of this forum, Christ we all know that we will never really be sold on Pedro but the posters who believe Mcinnes would do a lot better are kidding themselves on.
  13. Jardel against us

    I've just checked Wikipedia and apparently Jardel only scored 25 champions league goals....my mind is playing tricks on me as I remember seeing him on the charts with 49 goals, I always thought it was between him and Raul in those days
  14. Jardel against us

    What about the 200 odd league goals in 7 seasons not to mention the 50 champions league goals? In honesty tho keyser I'm not sure what happened at his trial for the plug to get pulled citing work permit reasons.
  15. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    I haven't seen it so I will refrain from making a judgement on it, if the crime is it is embarrassing that a Rangers CH celebrates winning a tackle then I don't have an issue, when souness was manager the players openly high fived each other before, during and at the final whistle.