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  1. James Collins (West Ham)

    Fuck knows.....every comment is negative and genuinely looking for a reaction
  2. New video :) Daniel Candeias - Daniel Son.

    I still can't decide on him...I've always said we will need better than players like candieas if we are to overtake the tims.....oh and I've still not forgiven him for his petulant strop in the hampden horror show
  3. Well if he is to be an ambassador for Rangers and sits on R.C on a Monday night and lets the usual get said then he ain't doing his job and should get sacked but he may have a different approach and get stuck back in as he should have a duty to defend our club.....I won't hold my breath but can only hope.
  4. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Nah m8 that musonda was some signing.....he beat 26 clubs to get him on loan ye know 😉
  5. Murphy deal permanent

    Murphy will improve with better players around him to many critisice his crossing which rightly is poor but if he is used properly then crossing the ball is the last thing he should be doing, I would like to see him shooting more often, like I said better players around him will create more space and give better options for him when he is on the ball.
  6. Youssouf Mulumbu (Kilmarnock)

    You missed out then young man
  7. Youssouf Mulumbu (Kilmarnock)

    M8 this guy thought Durrant was a winger....he is the last person in here that you should listen to when talking about players positions 👍
  8. Youssouf Mulumbu (Kilmarnock)

    Take out of this what you want but mulumbu missed both games against the sheep and hibs but played against Rangers, I said to my m8 who works over at Rugby park what's the score with him? The big man basically confirms what you say....he came off holding his hamstring and indicated he would be out for 2 weeks.....his opinion is how the fuck does he know that he would be fit in 2 weeks which coincidently took him to the Rangers game.
  9. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    Spot on I saw someone pointing out we are linked with 5 players over 30....I wouldn't mind a team with 3/4 over 30s, we need experience in the team as well as a good bit of youth with running power, combine that with the mid 20s group and you have a good balanced squad. 👍
  10. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Once we see the calibre of player signing then we will know how serious the cash is👍
  11. Claudia Reyna....I was a wee bit miffed when we signed an American player for 1.2million....it turned out to be a fucking steal, he was majestic for us👍
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    Took the words out my mouth👍
  13. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Yip spot on how can anyoney say this without actually watching him play consecutively, Ive been hearing this all to often with players who will easily be the best in the league in that position, there are no guarantees as kranjcar, Barton, Alves & Dorrans have proved in the last 2 seasons.
  14. Andy Carroll (West Ham Utd)

    Yip....not exactly the quality that is endearing to a 6ft 5inch striker
  15. Andy Carroll (West Ham Utd)

    That piece is the very reason we can't be looking to sign guys of this ilk... with the limited funds Gerrard will have at his disposal it would be an ill advised move to sign guys with a horrendous amount of injuries to his name.
  16. Andy Carroll (West Ham Utd)

    Not really as candieas tends to hit the 1st man....yes I know he has the most assists in the league but he is very wasteful most of the time.
  17. Cummings

    Again you somehow have seemingly missed my point where I am in agreement with you about Morelos, its just I'm mature enough to just say it instead of using Stevie G as the reason that you give for Cummings being a better player because you seemingly know what Gerrard thinks of Morelos!!! Also to turn round and spout that we shouldn't have an opinion on players compared to people in the game is utter nonesense, Walter Smith, Fergie,Rodgers,Wenger & Beneitez have all signed there fair share of duds, are you telling me that if you aren't able to spot a dud after a few games....I reckon you could so how is our opinion any less because we haven't played at the top level? I apologise for my mongo comment as there was no need👍
  18. John McGinn (Hibs)

    I would give up if I were you bud, in his wee deluded world Stevie G probably got the low down on the full squad from the resident uber fan(admin will confirm his credentials) unlike many on here!!! Obviously Stevie G has been in contact today to BA to let him know that he agrees that Morelos is indeed the donkey that he was led to believe 😂😂😂
  19. Jamie Murphy

    Spot on bud, after the taigs game in the cup Dorrans rightly got dogs abuse but a good performance against Hearts and he was receiving praise as you say in here it's a game by game judgement 👍
  20. Cummings

    Bravo.....what a speech (credentials aswell)If you weren't so up your own arse about trying to be a smart arse using Stevie G as the yard stick then you will have noticed not once did I ever say I wasn't a fan of Cummings and I have also slated Morelos of late as not good enough.....I just don't happen to use an untested manager as the guideline as who is the better player...I've seen enough football in my 47yrs to be able to make my own judgement 👍
  21. Cummings

    Not sure what question I didn't answer but it's good to see you lapping up all the rebel exclusives!!!!! Just one question BA where were the rebel with there news that Gerrard was our man....that's right they told us the day after the sun....funny how Gerrard bypassed them with that scoop? You keep believing what you want bud but reading your posts at times is tough because you just regurgitate the same pish time and time again
  22. Return of the McKay?

    Not in a million years.....I'm glad we got shot....funny how all the posters were frothing at the mouth with his early season form.....I am once bitten with McKay.....he faded into the obscurity I expected
  23. Cummings

    Stop being a total bellend , there is not one quote from our manager to suggest he is signing Cummings and as you said will punt Morelos, I will back the manager no problem but one things for sure, you sir will look the biggest mongo on here if Gerrard decides against Cummings
  24. Wisdom of the Crowd

    I backed him also 😂😂seriously tho just keep an eye on him some of his winners are ridiculous prices
  25. Cummings

    Ok....let's say by chance it's just paper talk and Gerrard has no interest whatsoever in signing Cummings? Are you going to come on here and apologise for the constant drivel that you have been posting?