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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    It just shows you how the game has changed 235 formation......I suppose the bread man was effectively trying that formation also😂😂
  2. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    If he is out of work I would ask the question, we can surely afford 15-20k for a manager, I doubt when hull plucked him from obscurity that he automatically went onto 40k a week, we have plenty of dead wood who will move on three players alone would pay for his wages.
  3. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Marco Silva.....is he still out the game? He is a strange one tbh....for all the good work he seemed to be doing at hull they ultimately still got relegated....possibly they were too far gone at the time but if memory serves me right I'm sure he got them out the relegation zone at some point only to sink back into it? As for Watford he was flying with them when he clearly wanted the Everton gig...the players obviously chucked playing for him and he ended up sacked. Like every manager their is an element of risk but I think he would be worth a punt but won't come cheap but not many good managers do.
  4. Michel Preud'homme

    So Walter Smith has a worst win Ratio at a bigger club in England than Clarke had with his 2 stints?
  5. It just shows you what actually goes on behind the scenes at times....the big centre half was not amused😂😂
  6. If you thought BT sports was shite

  7. Jean Meneses

    I thought sott brown had changed his name after reading that😂😂
  8. English Player of the Year

    Salah for me but if man city win the treble it seems almost impossible to ignore kdb!!
  9. International break: Opportunity

    We should be playing morelos and cummings together....fuck me its scottish football we play in....lets stop showing to much respect to the shite round about them and get back to good old fashioned 442....if teams come to ibrox and play 1 up top then fine all you do is push 1 full back into the middle of the park....if this is the norm then we have to start thinking about 352 for future home games
  10. Must of if you believe everyone on here
  11. I thought it was the st mirren board that scuppered the move?
  12. The problem i have with all this clarke buisness is this, everyone is entitled to their opinion on clarke whether they want him in the dug out or not for whatever reason...the silence is deafening regarding the managerial slot....even posters on here are struggling to come up with genuine candidates to this point....i saw Nigel Pearson mentioned yesterday which could be a shout but did he achieve any more at leicester than clarke did at west brom? If the options are murty or clarke would posters genuinely want murty over clarke if we are seriously trying to stop the tims? I want to see us back winning trophies and letting every cunt get slapped about from us once again.....the last 2 weekends have made us a laughing stock once more as we were starting to believe we could mount a serious challenge.
  13. Stevie Clarke

    You know fine well their isnt even a resemblence of a comparison between the 2....yip we have all seen the lurgan bigot in full flight of his hatred of everything Rangers....where are all these images and videos of clarke hating Rangers....people are making all this shite up because it suits there agenda, with our budget he is the best candidate for the job....he might knock us back for whatever reason but i doubt it will because he is of the same ilk as lennon
  14. Stevie Clarke

    Thats what happens in football, take sean goss...no cunt had heard of him so people wrote him off....4 or 5 good performances on the bounce and comparisons to baxter are being made....get him signed was the shout from plenty on here....his form dips and he plays a stinker against the tims....yip we now want him sent back to qpr asap
  15. Craig Thompson

    He should be asked to explain both decisions from his bosses......I won't hold my breath mind you.
  16. Type Of Past Players Back

    Firstly we didn't sign bougherra from Notts Forest and he still cost roughly £2.5million.....Jelavic also cost us again roughly £4.5million.....those players cost £7million about 8 yrs ago, that type of player would probably cost us in the region of 10-12 million nowadays
  17. Mulumbu

    He bossed the tims midfield also....something we didnt have the other week when push came to shove
  18. Stevie Clarke

    Aye ive noticed it, im sure the same system is used in top tier...it was that system that aided MPH title victory with Brugges
  19. Stevie Clarke

    Fair play with pearson as i wasnt aware he was working
  20. Stevie Clarke

    Ive never seen those quotes.....are those 2 managers not also on the scrapheap as you would put it?
  21. Stevie Clarke

    Im not disagreeing that he was on the scrap heap because he thanked killie for giving him a chance....it ultimately dosent mean he is a dud....Brenda was unemployed for a year was he not.....mulumbu was without a club also...id take him in a heartbeat also. I have also not heard any other realistic names from the posters who dont want him?
  22. Stevie Clarke

    Are you saying that the transformation he has had at killie isnt impressive as it has been achieved in 6months? That makes it all the more astonishing, yesterday i witnessed a solid robust defence made up of an 2 ex Rangers players (1 a youth the other a whipping boy in years past) an ex celtic youth and an ex partick player. On paper our defence has internationals and the supposed best right back in scotland in it....which of the 2 defenses looked the better? Clarke has them organised and hard to beat.....yes hard to beat after our 9th reverse in the league i would of thought hard to beat should be a top priority, we are only going to keep failing they way we are heading. This is not a dig but who realistcally would you like in the job taking into account our finances?
  23. Stevie Clarke

    Well your well versed in tripe as you spout it non-stop.....who in your opinion is the right man for the job?
  24. Stevie Clarke

    This place is comical at times.....I'm sure I read the other day messi was bigging up the tims, probably a lot of shite but I'm sure it was along the lines of his admiration for them!!! So by the same logic people on here wouldn't want messi anywhere near Ibrox as he is a rabid tarrier (different as he is Argentinean) but the connotations are the same, we are going nowhere fast and are in grave danger of slipping backwards to the rest of the top 6 as referred to closing the gap on the tims, for all the posters who say fuck him he is a rabid tim then I trust all of these guys have never stepped through the gates of Ibrox after we ditched our non-catholic signing policy, times have changed and nobody on here are going to convince me that Clarke is a bigger celtic man than mo Johnston, mo didn't exactly down tools because he signed for the club of his rivals did he? At this current time Clarke is the best man for the job based on what he is currently achieving at killie, he is tactically astute and is getting the best out of under performing players, for the sake of moving in the right direction then we should be approaching killie after the final game of the season.
  25. Cummings Over Morelos

    Imagine having the balls to play 2 up front at home to killie? It actually pains me that we wont do this....i honestly hate how crestfallen we have become