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  1. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    BABN you should just put all your losers in the hard luck storys thread, I thought i was jinxed ma man but fuck me you are on a different planet when it comes to bad luck😉
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    Maybe i worded it wrong but can't disagree with your sentiments👍
  3. Rangers related picture thread

    Me and McCoist the same night as my picture with the Hammer, love him or hate him it was a privilege to of met him back in the day when he was a player
  4. If Carlsberg did rounds

    Sometimes it's fate
  5. Defending corners.

    Yip I have to agree, the flurry of 6 corners on the bounce should have been dealt with after the 2nd corner, they were basically putting deep in swinging corners to the back post everytime
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    Joe mason was a friend of my father, we played spurs to open the broomloan rd and me and my brother were guests of Joe that night and got the whole guided tour of Ibrox, I would be 11yr old but I still remember it like yesterday
  7. Rangers related picture thread

    What was this game against Milan? My mind is at a blank.....I remember playing them in a friendly on a Sunday afternoon but this looks like an evening game
  8. If Carlsberg did rounds

    Two double vodkas for £4.40.....cheapest in the town😉
  9. If Carlsberg did rounds

    She is... and you would
  10. If Carlsberg did rounds

    Fucking quality 😁
  11. Hamilton Accies

    Fuck me I couldnae clap a winner the now as for fucking coupons😤
  12. Hamilton Accies

    Off topic nice wee line up on the bears last night babn🇲🇽👍
  13. Butcher

    That was the one that got me Sutton says if that was a yellow then how was Macleans not, he waffled some shit about because he was driving at our defence.....which was 5 yards inside our half
  14. Graham Dorrans

    I must admit I thought he was quiet in the opening 15-20mins then after that he was at the heart of most things, another great finish, fast becoming a high goalscoring midfielder
  15. Miller perhaps is injured, it was mentioned he had a knock at training on weds so not sure if he is actually injured or not
  16. Rangers related picture thread

    Me too but I love that strip
  17. Rangers related picture thread

    Stan Bowles or Rodney Marsh I'm thinking your QPR player is
  18. Rangers related picture thread

    Looks like giesle buncheon if you forget the spelling😀
  19. Rangers related picture thread

    I'm sure we wore it away to Motherwell in a 2-1 defeat later that season
  20. Messi might miss world cup

    Definitely something wrong with the qualifying system that you get 3 qualifiers and 1 in the playoffs from a 6 team group?
  21. Rangers related picture thread

    Where was the 1st one taken? The 2nd one looks like Munich 89 which was my 1st away european trip😁
  22. Rangers related picture thread

    Was it not the storming Norman combat squad?
  23. Rangers related picture thread

    Unfortunately 20yrs on I'm 5stone heavier😂😂
  24. Football is fucked

    Sitting in the pub the night I saw a sky program about Red star Belgrade, I recognised Darko Pancev straight away and instantly I thought about the time we played them when souness was the manager, for the older bears that remember we got fucked in Belgrade but drew 1-1 at Ibrox end route to exiting the European cup, I think it was the next season that Red star did win the European cup beating Marseille on penalties, Marseille would then go on to win the European cup a couple of years later albeit under a cloud, again we were competing with these teams with a realistic chance of progress Nearly 30yrs on and the chances of Red Star competing in the champions league again are slim let alone win it, the days of walking along to Ibrox on a Wednesday night full of confidence for a European night are a distant memory as money has totally fucked the whole infrastructure of European football, watching that tonight was a stark reminder where football is fucked up nowawdays as great clubs from European football history very rarely get a knife and fork at the big table now.