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  1. I kinda know wee Alex, I seen him at the partick game on the guidelines and wondered what was going on , he is a top physio and a bluenose to boot.
  2. Has the talent but rarely uses it, decision making is also very poor and has yet to realise that you can't run through players......I would take the money and run as we need much better than Barry McKay
  3. After the 5-1 defeat to the beggars at Ibrox I came round to thinking I don't want to see that again and drastic action is required, like ureself and others I have started to come round to accepting naismith back if a deal were to be done.....but reading back on ure last two quotes has reminded me of their treachery......now I'm not so sure.. Cheers m8
  4. Naismith & Whittaker clearly looked after their own interests and at that time we were all buying into green....no they didn't do what they dud because they believed that green was a crook....they did what they did for their own personal gain, I'm merely making the point if we had received money for them then I doubt very much it would of helped the club in its hour of need as the shenanigans that followed made me sick.
  5. I'm not excusing the players not by any means my point stands that even if we did get any money and it did go into the club......it would of made its way back out through the greed of green & co
  6. That's an argument I don't get.....we got money for Davis but the sfa trousered it away, why would a fee for naismith been any different? In our hour of need we had charlatans running the club who would of fucked us over even if we were allowed to keep any transfer money we may have received.
  7. Remember when he turned down his new contract offer and people were up in arms....in hindsight the useless cunt could be on a better wage than he is today
  8. No doubt we will sign him and the injury will happen.....that would please you?
  9. I personally doubt it will happen as I don't believe we actually have any interest
  10. Ffs whit...?
  11. My m8 also mentioned that he is well aware that the fans will be against it but he says he will live with it.....i think he is basing it on if he performs well the fans will come round....much the same as Miller
  12. Their has been so much said in this thread I've lost track of who has said what
  13. I'm not sure whether you are being sarcastic or not with this one
  14. Well I have some info....my m8 who works at Rugby park met naismith yesterday, he told me tonight that he definitely fancies the move back to us and that Norwich will free him to do so. For me this whole deal will depend on whether we actually have a genuine interest, if we do then I reckon it will be a goer so it will divide the support but it will be a case of like it or lump it.
  15. Lads you're all missing the bigger picture here......at the bottom Jamie langfield is having a dig.......how the fuck in the name of hell that a goalie with a middle name of "clangers" can attempt to slag anybody is beyond belief......I personally can't take these cunts serious
  16. I heard that....i must admit I was in the east enclosure on Saturday and from where I was sitting Pedro never stopped barking orders to the players.....fuck knows if some of the players find it off puting but their is definitely something in it coz at times we look devoid of any formation.....for me the players have chucked it under Pedro and hills non show last night could easily of been Pedro showing him he ain't taking any shite.
  17. Yip....we can't be seen to be dragging our heels on this, by the time the Europa qualifiers come round I would be hoping we are only a couple of players shy of where we want our squad to be....look what happened last season when we got players in that weren't fit or missed pre season training.....i just want us organised this summer to give us every chance of succeeding
  18. It would be good to see at least 4 players signed for the end of the month....and I mean decent players who will make a huge difference on what we have just now.....if the board achieve this then season sales will probably stay the same.....that allows for another influx of players to arrive between pre season and the start of the new campaign
  19. I knew what you were getting at....some folk at times
  20. It will never catch on
  21. Good news if true but I will wait until the deal is done b4 rejoicing
  22. It's about time a Cummings rumour started up again....its been at least 2months since the last one
  23. Not at the time of our initial interest but Stubbs basically drove it for the tims to take him as he said he would refuse to sell to us
  24. People said the same about hibs with rat bag Allan
  25. This all day long.....i can't get my head round so called Rangers fans claiming they would happily see us in the gutter before accepting naismith back....im baffled by such suggestions....im not sure the people making such comments realise the severity of another couple of seasons like this one.