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  1. I had a season since 1987 mainly because after the 1st season under souness A season ticket was a guaranteed way to get into the games....pre souness I went to as many games as I could and it was pay at the gate in those days apart from games against the mhanks, I gave up my season in 2009 after a fallout out with the ticket office and vowed never to buy another one, I take my hat of to all the hoardes that have paid their money relentlessly thorough such difficult times, I wouldn't dare claim to be as big a fan as these guys nowadays, I still go to games here and there but just buy tickets as I need them, I have the use of a season book this season so I will hopefully get to a lot more games this year.....back in the day I hardly missed a game for 25yrs now I don't get to many, I'm a classic example of someone has been in both sides of the argument.
  2. I tried reading it but gave up halfway
  3. Yip....lets see how the Kiernan and forresters react to been shown the door
  4. We're obviously back in the game then
  5. I thought his previous club were holding his registration until the 1st of July?
  6. My m8 has been based in Azerbaijan for a few years now and he loves it, it's not the backward place most people on here believe that it is, I wish Andy all the best in his new venture, not good enough for us as we try to get back to the top.
  7. I see Brenda is taking his son on the pre season tour.....was he not the one involved with the alleged gang rape a couple of years ago?
  8. A wee heads up lads....i have just driven home from work when I passed a sports direct wagon on the m8....my gut feeling it could be coming off at Ibrox so I would imagine the store will be fully stocked again this morning.....either that I will have made a right cunt of it
  9. I watched the highlights of that game on Friday night. I was also in the east enclosure that day not far from where mccoist ran to celebrate when he slapped his boot the fist pumped
  10. A superbly written piece....maybe our very own club should meet up with the writer of such a piece and hire him to write such letters when our club is getting demonized with blatant lies.
  11. I have heard it all now, I've just see the back of yesterdays rebel.....mutton claiming that kings remarks are "inflammatory and childish" he has disrespected the whole of Scottish football!!!! This coming from the guy who accused a football club of basically cheating back in 2003!!! This cunt needs booted out the media...he clearly never engages his brain when he speaks, a first class retard but that's unfair on retards tbh
  12. No qualms from me if he wants to go....very overrated player who in truth wouldn't of go near Ibrox b4 we hit troubled times
  13. Who the poster or the player?
  14. Why we linked to him?
  15. The amount of shite that has been spouted in here of late I honestly wouldn't know who are trying to be serious and who are at the bam up
  16. Not a hope in hell
  17. Their is no way ST Johnstone will have a spare 200k fuck me they are slashing wages left right and centre, unfortunately their are only a couple of clubs in Scotland who may have that kind of money, I'd still be offering him as a make way for walker.
  18. Periscope
  19. This is for older bears, I was watching games on YouTube last night and I came across games against Dundee in the early 80s the lad Ferguson scored a few goals against us and we eventually paid good money to sign him, again he looked decent in some of the highlights, what I want to know as my memory is a bit sketchy on this.....what happened to him.....did he flop, have a fallout with big Jock or was it the emergence of McCoist that eventually made him surplus to requirements.....I genuinely don't remember why he never made it at us during that period when we had players like Davie Mitchell, Bobby Williamson and wee fleck getting games?
  20. I think Alfredo has been signed to be our main goalscorer, I reckon if we get Dorrans he will offer us at least 10 goals from the middle of the park......I know everyone carped on about how shite the defence was last season but the stark reality was our lack of goals was the major reason for our struggles, I lost count of the amount of games that we only scored 2 goals at most.
  21. Hence the reason we have already signed 8, I stated in another thread that we needed 10 New players.....I never actually believed we would get 10 but fair play as we look like we will end up with a minimum of 10 maybe even 11......throw in rossiter and that will be a dozen new faces for Pedro to work with, offload the dead wood and we will have a very decent squad which will have a blend of home based and foreign talent
  22. Finished yesterday with £10 win tin man 5-1 and £5ew on out do at 25s all in all I was up a couple of hundred, also had 2/3 in trebles twice or it would of been about £400 up for the week
  23. Kenny McLean, Jason Holt and whose the chap on the left?
  24. Their team in the Scottish cup semi final was much the same as the previous year in which they were dung.....their players reacted better under a different manager where ours didn't......either the manager is also dud or the players are just shite!!
  25. I believe he has definitely identified the weaknesses.....time will tell if he has brought in the right personnel? From Warburtons tenure everyman on here realised we needed 2 cb and a holding midfielder......it wasn't rocket science but pedros first 3 signings were those positions....at least he has identified the problem and signed who he believes will take us forward