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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    I don't think it is either, I'm trying to think of centre backs from back then....I have a feeling he is a centre back
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    Tom Cowan?
  3. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Got sent this today, sorry I didn't share it lads but it won like a good thing at 7s
  4. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Went into my account today and found this from Sunday....I genuinely didn't know this had won
  5. Mark Allen

    I think BA has serious man crush on DK.....all this having a go is just a front IMHO
  6. The problem with those games were we didn't take our chances, more so the Hamilton game, we should of been up early doors against them which would normally see a comfortable win for us....it was alarming in the sense the minute we went down a goal most fans could sense we would lose the game. More alarming for me is that in 5 of those games we have lost the first goal but it's been pleasing to have came back to win 3 of them. In all its a bit of a mixed bag for murty but if we had found a way to beating the bottom teams we would be sitting here in amazement at the turnaround.
  7. Who best for captain now

    Calm doon lads.....we have a team full of captains.....well according to Pedro we have I wouldn't be against Dorrans getting it when he is back playing, played in the right position he has the potential to influence games as player as well as a captain
  8. Is it too early.

    In all seriousness tho only the taigs, sheep and the junkies have managed to win 4 games on the bounce, our next 2 games whilst tricky enough....they are more than winnable, if we can do that then we would be putting together the most consistent form out the rest.
  9. "Just now"

    Good luck bud
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Thank fuck
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    It's been worse reading it😅😅
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Fuck me is it as brutal as it sounds?
  13. Rangers related picture thread

    97/98.....walters last season first time round
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    I said to my m8 at work we were getting a doing....he went to the toilet, when he came back we were up 2-1...."take it back del we are humping them"🤣🤣
  15. Junkies vs Rangers

    What a place this Is, I'm at work and reading through the match thread.....reading all the moans in here....ye have little faith lads 😂😂😂
  16. Ross McCrorie

    I hope murty ditches the diamond formation tonight, we need to have more width in the midfield to nullify the threat the lad barker has on the left
  17. Rangers related picture thread

    Is that big kuznetsov in the picture with John Brown?
  18. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    I dread to think if McInnes was the best they could come up with as 1st choice
  19. Derek McInnes

    Not to worry, a wee PR lesson from the beasts from the East wouldn't go amiss "Roy would you like the job?" "Nah, it's not for me Peter" "Here is our new manager and 1st choice all along Ronnie Deila " That's how it's done👍😂
  20. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I watched the champions league highlights last night and Keane actually slaughtered them and actually said as much as yourself, Rogers hailed it an achievement to which Keane retorted that it's a sad day when you lose at home to Anderlecht but hail it as success because Rogers has such low expectations 😂😂
  21. Derek McInnes

    Did SAF not start off at East Stirling then St Mirren? It's to easy to slag young managers off but they have to start somewhere
  22. Rangers related picture thread

    Jorge Claros ?
  23. Ferguson and McLean knocked us back before we brought big Jock back home, it was just a shame the squad was befret of quality at that time as in truth the big mans 2nd spell was a struggle
  24. Big jig talks Walter smith with Simon ferry

    I stand corrected, they beat inter 2-0 at home but lost the away leg 3-0