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  1. So many with different ramifications some that affected the outcome and others that didn't but to thus day and I still can't get my head round it.....with a clear view....ref Louie Thow deemed that bastard simpsons tackle on Durrant just to be a yellow card.....if you did that in the street you would be sent down for 18month, to this day I don't think I will ever see a more baffling decision in football
  2. He is shambolic with shots from outside the box and the ones that Never leave the deck are always a threat for a goal
  3. I always found him decent at the major tournaments
  4. Fucking garbage, don't know if u saw it but nearly got brought down at the 2nd and ended up 30l aff the pace...its been one of those weekends for me....waiting on 5 goals for a goals galore coupon or I'm doon about 70 this weekend
  5. If it loses you will want to kick ma cunt in I'm gonna send you a pm the now
  6. Same here, it could be anything, me and my mates have a whatsapp group chat "right shite betting tips" anyway one of the lads pays for information, he has gave us some cracking winners and info in the past but also a lot of shite, the thing I would say is the majority of them are triers cos if the don't win they are narrowly beaten, I've only posted a couple of bits on here before and it came good so here's hoping
  7. Horrendous day yesterday with the coupons, I'm hoping pats Oscar in the 4.55 at Downpatrick pulls me out a hole, I've had a word for it, Davy Russell on board and confident of a win, currently 9-2.....it was 15-2 this morning, good luck anyone backing it.
  8. Far to many good Rangers men have been taken from us since I joined up here RIP big man and to all the other bears that we have lost over the years
  9. It doesn't make it legal though!!
  10. The pleasing thing for me is 2 games on the bounce an early goal has been scored, too many times last season we laboured and soon found ourselves a goal down, get out the traps early and blow teams away, break their resistance early and the games in theory should become easier to win. It's also pleasing that the 8 goals scored from Sunday have been shared from the front to the back, the ability to score goals from all over the park was severely lacking last season, I'm not getting carried away as I have witnessed to many false dawns over the years but we certainly look to be heading in the right direction.
  11. Fuck me KAI done his list in here about 3yr ago....he would of saved time noting down the countries he never seen Rangers play
  12. Score and win treble up yesterday Ayr 5-1 Hivs 3-1 St Johnstone 2-1 £270 for £3 It's the 1st good thing that cunt MOH done for me as a bear
  13. What's with Crocker calling this cunt cham!!! Where has the nt went from his name?
  14. From the 2 games we played them at fir park they hardly sat back.....fuck me I remember the league cup game when we could easily of been 3 down in the opening 15mins....more down to the way we were set up under Warburton, I don't expect us to leave as much space in the wide areas this season so we won't be so susceptible to the counter attack.
  15. I hate Glorious Goodwood.......for all the winners I pull out at Royal Ascot I just can't get to grips with Goodwood, not one fucking winner in 4 days racing, I need to go back to the days of Rock of Gibraltar, Paco boy and Ouija board to have backed winners
  16. Not getting into a debate about the best right back in the league but for the many that believe tav to be the best then that just shows how rank rotten the Scottish game has become, I'm sorry but if we are relying on tav at right back then we ain't winning fuck all again this season
  17. I knew this shite would happen....every 2 months or so someone will start a Barrie McKay thread if he assits or scores.....what next a thread on big Kiernan every time Southend keep a clean sheet
  18. When is this game? Are they so far behind with the building work that they have no option on this....they are a fucking joke of a club
  19. The drongan loyal I believe, I would of been on that bus if I had got sorted with a ticket, as it were I made the call not to go Don without one, my m8 text me this morning to tell me all about it and how fortunate I was
  20. Whose that with bud, I'm for some of that
  21. I was talking about the metro on Friday night and that's along the lines of the conversation
  22. Exactly, surely we will stop it, what a fanny he would of looked if he'd got it done right and they failed
  23. Anyone got a spare ticket for the game?
  24. A cracking tip an m8 of mine used to do was most putts in the gimme or just outside it he would tell them to take it away, later in the back 9 at a crucial stage of the match when they are looking for the gimme you just ignore their pleas, firstly it fucks with their head and 2ndly they haven't putted from that distance all game making them worried over the putt which they can then easily miss. Good luck on Friday and make sure you fuck the wee dickhead
  25. If you go back to the early pages of this thread a certain poster did for fact say he would Rather feel they way he felt after the Aberdeen defeat for every game as resign naismith