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  1. Much of the debate in this one centres around a couple of things, McCoist the person and McCoist the manager. Lets take McCoist the person. Legend at Rangers and always will be, that’s never in question and I berate anyone who thinks it is. But take McCoist away from the legend status and have a look at what the man has and has not done for the club. He stuck by us and was a rock as everything around him was crumbling, again that has never been in doubt and I do think a lesser person would have capitulated and said fuck it im off. So big plus for that one and it is probably the main reason people stick by him. On the flip side, he was the first ‘spiv’ to buy bucket loads of penny shares, well everyone else who bought them was branded the same, so there should be no differentiation there. Ally has stabbed more people in the back the past three years than you care to shake a stick at, sometimes not by what he said …but mostly by what he didn’t and by his actions. He has never stood up once and asked the fans to get behind the board or to buy season tickets, seems a bit strange considering the powerful influence he has with some elements of the fan base. No support/Season Tickets/Merchandise….no fukin team, so the logic behind this one is a bit of a mystery….perhaps when he leaves it will all become clearer. So McCoist the person is a bit of a fucked up icon as far as his actions and what he actually does to benefit the club and its finances…..people have their own ideas but I think Ally has made a packet and will be very comfortable for the rest of his life….whether we survive or not. Lets now look at Ally the manager: He has had a torrid time and has had to work under things none of his predecessors ever had to and that is never easy, being compared with Smith or Advocaat for example, a bit unfair. Managers have to work with what they have and in the past 10yrs Rangers managers have not been exactly cash rich to strengthen and improve again a tough one to criticise. There are some things that he can certainly be criticised for though, and there is no hiding from them. His ability to ‘spot a player’ is astonishingly bad for someone who played at the highest level and worked under one of the greatest. By this I don’t mean talent spotting, by this I mean looking at a player and seeing what they do well, like finding space, and what they do badly, like closing space. If you can read these signs and see where they fail or do well, you can piece together a team that doesn’t have to be full of expensive signings, especially playing in the lower leagues of Scotland, but you can see and play people who play well together and play to their strengths. This is what managers do when they do not have the funds to buy and improve that way, instead of this Ally tries to make them play a game and a role they are not comfortable with and for the most part why they look slow, lethargic and out of sorts, yes I know they are not the best standard of player, but playing them correctly would make an improvement. What I meant by him not being able to spot a player shows through in some of the stupid signings he has made, he has very very very rarely bought a player to play a role….he just buys players and lets them struggle, lose confidence and regress as far as their Rangers careers goes. But again that doesn’t explain why he plays certain people all the time…Hutton for one….my god the lad looks as if he is running in treacle most of the time…..he of the one square, two back then lump up the park passing rota!!! Lots of guys have given many good reasons and fair judgements as to why Ally is a pish manager but my one is that he cannot motivate or get his team up for a game, irrespective of the occasion, as seen in our disgraceful cup exits etc last season. For someone who was always ‘the life and souls of the party & a Jack the lad’ he gets nothing out of his players to show that. Even average and poor players would bust a gut for a great motivator and would put in a shift fort the cause if motivated properly. There should be very little motivation required playing for a team like Rangers, yes on a cold December day in Elgin its tough, but it happens every week come rain shine hail or anything….there is never any oomph in the team…..could it be they are disillusioned and flat because of the lack of respect they have? No idea….but they better get their mojo going pretty quick, we don’t have time to fuck about this year and we certainly don’t have time for people in blue not getting motivated and up for the fight…..and that includes the manager and his cronies. My opinions only....as seen by the debate ...others have different ideas, isn't that the great thing about it though :-) GSTQ
  2. Must say though, while Ally has a crap record in cups, I think his productivity on buying cheap and selling on for profit has to be the worst in any division pmsl .....and I think that shrewd bit of business capturing Daly last year just shows he can spot a sinking ship a mile away!!!!!! GSTQ
  3. While I would never call a legendary Rangers player a buffoon, the Legend status is now wearing pretty thin. I was at Derby yesterday and I can say in some 40yrs watching my team play, home & away, at home or abroad, I don't think I can ever remember such a gutless, clueless and rudderless display by them. It was absolutely woeful and no plaster can cover over the huge gaping cracks there was on show yesterday....but do you know what the worst thing of the whole thing is that the headlines in some media outlets today have our manager saying he "wasn't too unhappy with the loss at Derby" Over 10,000 fans paid good money to go and see how our team is looking before the start of the new season, and for any manger of Ranger to be pleased with that performance shows a complete disregard to the fans and a complete misunderstanding of the basics of the game. Any manager, let alone the manager of Rangers would not go online and say he wasn’t unhappy with that shambles…..yes its pre season and its play time, but 10,000 reasons to put on a performance and show the fans what they have been practicing the past couple of months…..ummmm looks like they forgot to practice. If the team that started against Derby is the ‘backbone’ of what we will deem as our best 11 for this season…..it’s going to be one hellova long hard season. We should have got rid last season, we have again waited too long to do anything. When will people realise that a football legend does not make you a great manager. We have been dire for years under McCoist and will continue to be dire until he has gone…..can we get rid of him at present? Can we afford not to get rid of him at present? Lots of arguments and logic for both I would suggest but let’s put it this way, what will it cost us not getting out of this division this year? Will that cost be bearable, and we still have a crap management team after failing to win promotion? It is a double edged sword….and the decision will have to be made. If this board is serious about taking us back to the top? ….then these are the decisions they must stand up and face and how they do this will tell you how committed they are to this. From my point of view, we have waited at least one season too long to make the change and we most certainly cannot afford a failure of a campaign and still have McCoist in situ at the end. Some will argue Hibs & Hearts etc will be crap as well and that’s probably true but here is the kicker and why we are in bad shape….these two along with one or two others will, due to financial constraints, be filled with fit pacey young players…..while we have neither pace nor youth on our side. We are one paced, lethargic, clueless and will struggle to win many games by just turning up like we have the past two seasons. So while I would never call McCoist a buffoon….I sometimes think we would be better organised with a real buffoon on the side lines. Sorry Ally….we can’t take any more of this gash…..do the honourable thing if you really do love the club as much as you claim GSTQ
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