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  1. bluenose1975


    You strike me as the sort that would get very excited if he was coming over your back ???
  2. bluenose1975

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Incoming ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
  3. bluenose1975

    Rangers supporter or Rangers-minded: what's the difference?

    There's plenty of good bears out there who don't or can't attend matches but I don't get the question? Yer a bluenose or yer no? Attendee or not?
  4. bluenose1975

    Fallout between the board and DOF

    Too many people "in the know about blah blah blah" and talking utter keek. Nobody knows what's going on behind closed doors but for what it's worth I'd rather be managerless than settle for a nobody like mcinnes. You'd have thought the fenians got pumped 4-0 at the weekend and their supportive minions at the BBC decided to put out another negative Rangers story to deflect attention or is that just too obvious????
  5. bluenose1975

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wee holty bossed McGinn in the first half midweek and McGinn got the better of legoheed cos he tracked him dropping deep into defence, it's no hard, watch the telly ffs and see how they play ???
  6. bluenose1975

    I'm guessing...

    Can't mind it being turned off, even allowing for the Hearts postponement, calling bullshit my friend on yer intel ???
  7. bluenose1975

    Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    Jampiece ??? more like ring piece ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
  8. bluenose1975

    Vanguard Bears

    Take a bow whoever penned that poem, spot in 100%, the only supporters group who have remained loyal and selfless regardless. ??????
  9. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    It won't stop me ploughing in over a grand for a table at the Glitter ball on the 22nd for me n ma staff cos this mob of jokers will eventually be weeded out even though in a small way it helps to improve there position. The old saying it's about the badge on the front not the name on the back also includes these incompetent alleged Rangers minded custodians hence the reason I'd never boycott a home game or the purchase of a season ticket to support my team.
  10. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    It's brutal mate, to find out the untouchable failures that call the shots have already been voted back into there positions prior to an AGM without proper accountability when the club have no manager and are undefended in the mainstream media gies you an idea of how messed up we've become.
  11. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    If the teams shite, sack the coach, if the second replacement coach is shite sack the DOF, all the while the board are safe in the knowledge that before they get it, there's several layers of fall guys are getting it before them. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
  12. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    Make no mistake about it, wee Barry wants back in regardless of recent statements. I'm just glad the boards incompetence or mcinnes's lack of bottle has led to him no becoming our 17th manager cos he's not now and never will be imo the man to turn the tide and move us forward long term. Bullet dodged.
  13. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    It's no surpriseing Barry's big brother is pointing the finger of blame at the DOF cause the mcinnes deal fell through for no reason . After all his wee bro was supposedly a shoe in for a number three coaching role wae us if mcinnes got the gig???
  14. bluenose1975

    Club Statement

    Aw ffs, kingkennymiller has set up a new account already ???