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  1. cannot wait to septic getting fucked over 6 times by barca milan and ajax in the chumpions league
  2. karagandy got it right up the ceptic tonight--mucking fagic!
  3. get in there karagandy
  4. i would put my trust in ally for the way he has conducted himself over the course of this whole appalling period for rangers in fact he should be rewarded for this with a seat on the boardhowever as our football manager he is not up to the job and should be replaced
  5. googglebot, on 05 August 2013 - 04:39 PM, said: Ally is destroying Rangers. and mr green is the man to guide rangers, veritas vos librebets --don't accuse fellow rangers supporters of being septic scum just because they disagree with your point of view. i agree with googlebot it is time for ally to go
  6. i agree ally has steered rangers through this dreadful time with dignity and should be repaid with a seat on the board for life however he is not up to the job as rangers football manager
  7. what about the 3 very early cup exits-i am not convinced ally is up to the job
  8. no I certainly do not believe ally has been a good football manager for rangers however off the field he has been a tremendous inspiration for the clubputting aside our little spat,do you honestly believe ally has been a good football manager for us?
  9. no need to throw the toys out of the pramyou have the logic of a 5 year old if you believe the result of one poll is some kind of endorsement of allys tenure as rangers football manager. ally has handled himself superbly and been a marvellous inspiration to everyone at the club over a dreadful period for rangers.however the jury is out as far as his football management skills are concerned
  10. so you believe ally is doing an excellent job do you?quite a few of the" votes" for ally on here are septic clowns stirring things up i ran another poll recently asking if terry butcher would make a good rangers manager and 36% of those taking part said he would. there is more support for replacing ally that this poll would suggest. its all about the question that is asked
  11. i do not agree 49% is not surprising to me in the slightest.if this poll was only about the fantastic way ally conducted himself with regard to the off the field clusterfuck then the rating would be 100% but this poll is rating the overall picture and very unfortunately as a football manager ally is not up to the job
  12. the difference is ally has not won 11 titles --however as manager he has had many early cup exits.poor 3rd division away performances ,lacks tactical awareness,and his training regime and discipline is lax
  13. terry has a total percentage vote of 37% in the poll.that is not bad considering all the negative crap that has been written about him--some of it is just misinformed crap about what he is supposed to have said about rangers in daily rag interviews.
  14. It is not just extra resources that are required,players need to be given the correct tactics,training.discipline and is just not happening just now.and action to remedy the situation is not being taken.we need a change now
  15. so we retain ally in the "holding roll" and continue with the early cup exits,the crappy training methods,the dire away performances and the dreadful tactics--no thanks--ally really needs to be replaced sooner rather than later