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  1. Davhow

    “The light blues”

    Been called this since not long after the club was founded, part of our history. And as other posts say not related to the colour of our shirts
  2. Davhow

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    The high Street is dying but retail in general has become a very difficult game. Big online players are going bust too. Tesco have just pulled thier entire online operation. Rangers can't even organise thier ticket office efficiently never mind a Worldwide online retail and distribution operation. I don't like Ashley anymore than anyone else but blindly blaming him for everything and throwing fake facts and assumptions about is only holding Rangers back. He's the one how's made billions from selling shirts, we're the ones needing someone to sell as many shirts as possible, surely we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement
  3. Davhow

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    That's making an assumption that we didn't get a lump sum from Puma directly. Puma haven't been accused of being involved with Ashley etc as far as I'm aware?
  4. Davhow

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    It was 7p per £. I had access to some info at the time it wasn't that bad a deal, fairly standard rates but no one would listen. Ashley really isn't doing anything different from any other retailer. Much the same as him being dragged over coals for 0 hour contracts, JD sports were employing all thier full time staff on 0 hours to avoid paying holiday pay when I worked there 20 years ago. The difference is Ashley is an absolute cunt and people don't like him.
  5. Davhow

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    Who distributes the shirts then? We need supply chains, warehousing, warehouse staff and systems, delivery networks...
  6. Davhow

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    This whole strip fiasco started over fans complaining we only made 7p per £1 of merchandise sold. This would work out to be £3.50 for a £50 shirt. So if all above true we we actually making more from the original SD deal than Premier League clubs were from their merchandise deals.
  7. Davhow

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Too loose and baggy to be player issue tops so my guess is training kit. Maybe different coloured tops instead of bibs?
  8. Davhow

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    20 years yesterday since he battered a white woman in a bar in Paris. Does that make him racist? We can only be glad he decided to switch sides, he made the right decision.
  9. Davhow

    Forbes Tailoring

    Amusing as this place is a big favorite of most of the scum team. Try following them on Instagram then check suggested people to follow 😂 Bought a suit from him last year and it was absolute top class.
  10. Davhow

    Evening times tweets

    Also the constant stories about scum players, mostly really pointless, their wives going shopping, they posted a cute pic of thier kids, etc. Just anything to keep the positive spin going.
  11. Davhow

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Players who said they didn't trust Green and Co, didn't tupe, now we know they were right not to trust him and had every right to not want involved with what was coming. Too many people also looking at the situation with blue tinted specs. If you took emotion and Rangers out the equation and this was any other SME, you would be saying its a no brainer to walk. Welcome back shagger.
  12. Davhow

    Expectations Yr 1?

    Win league.
  13. Davhow

    Murty is sorry.

    100% agree. He's in a job he didn't even apply for, one he was told would be for a few weeks till a replacement was found. The replacement told us he didn't want the job and this guy was asked to hang around for another few Months, putting his permanent job at risk, even though he was told there was no chance of it being permanent. OK he hadn't done well, but he didn't make the team bad. He just wasn't able to turn an already bad team into a good one. I don't think anyone could. But the king fanboys now have their sacrificial lamb to get thier man off the hook.
  14. Davhow

    It's 10 am...

    How can we sack out STAND In manager! He was nothing more than a stop gap that ended up having to take the job our targets tuned down. We already know he is only standing in till the end of the season, 5 games away, sacking him would be pointless and just make the board look like they are doing something. Who would even replace him? The kit man? maybe one of the burds from the burger stall?
  15. Davhow


    No one apart from Ashley, Miller, the other American boy, Ng.... the King fan boys chased them because they weren't 'Rangers men'