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  1. My maw asks me that all the time. All down to the good advice I get on forums!
  2. No, I just really like beer 😂
  3. To make up for my last post looking for a rangers pub in Dublin I'm now back home and going to Ibrox tomorrow! Any bars in town or along PRW open at 10am?
  4. Linn O dee is now gone, replaced by Picture House which is neutral
  5. Not ideal I know but job not going as planned and need to stay. Looks like I'm watching it on my phone in the hotel room. Or just work Sunday it's double time
  6. Very dependant on your broadband speed and stability. My dad watches sky go through playstation and picture quality is great but it does buffer for a few seconds every ten mins or so.
  7. I done his removal last week
  8. Cheers guys, realise it won't be a rangers bar, just looking for somewhere I can watch the game without any trouble. Woolshed was mentioned on a old thread so will give that a try first!
  9. So been working in Dublin this week and just been told I need to stay on over weekend. I've already searched forum and seen loads of posts I won't get any bother. Problem is my workmates over with me from Glasgow are ALL supporting them! Any suggest somewhere to watch it or any bears in Dublin going for a beer?
  10. Head comes up to make sure ball is inside first then a look at ref to see if foul was given before a sniper appears to get him from the back of the stands.
  11. Voted for beerman but thought Holt was very good today
  12. It we wait till he's 16 we only get 90k. Will get more if he goes now.
  13. Police Scotland actually refused to confirm or deny... Not the way it was made out on the documentary
  14. The police didn't bother investigating hundreds of claims of abuse at BBC also police Scotland didn't exist then but back then I don't imagine them keeping much as no charges were made etc
  15. I said straight away I don't believe those players are injured. The only defender that isn't subbed due to 'injury' is suddenly injured a fews later? Didn't happen. Defence is abysmal and have been dropped, don't see the need to make excuses