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  1. Why would any player care about a team who's support abuses him every day on forums and boos him every time he touches the ball 😂😂😂 The players will move on, earn a shit load of money and forget all about Rangers, while supporters like you are stuck here, becoming more bitter by the minute while you moan about 'the good old days' One thing is for sure, they players will not improve under the abuse they take at thier own home ground!
  2. The ibrox crowd

    With the abuse our own players take the slightest slip up it should be no surprise our home performances are so poor. Walking out to 50k fans every second week, aye but booing you every time you touch the ball.

    The only thing you should be howling at is the moon. This is reality, there's no big investment coming and no big name players The reason well performing players can't cut it at ibrox then suddenly play great again when they leave, is the abuse they take from our own support! That's why our home performances are worse. Why can't we accept this is what we will have for the foreseeable and support the team?
  4. Club Statement

    Why take a swipe at McInnes? Just when you think the board couldn't embarrass themselves any further they come out saying the ONLY candidate they had lined up for the job couldn't have handled it in a petty and pathetic rebuke.
  5. A Fucking Disgrace

    Actually embarrassing listening to people saying we need serious investment to beat Hamilton and Dundee. We need proper governance.
  6. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Wait a minute here, probably the most experienced player in our squad, who has played at a higher level than anyone in the squad is told he is not being started ahead of a kid straight out the youth team and a guy who has hardly had a game in Months and is constantly hammered on this forum, and he isn't supposed to react? Surely it would be even worse if he just said, no problem, I'm getting paid either way? He is understandable upset and also even embarrassed! And after that game, he would be thinking he was right. I actually bumped into him leaving the ground and he was happy to spend time talking to fans and having pictures taken in the car park.
  7. Burst the Bank Dave

    Sell us to who, exactly?
  8. Derek McInnes

    And just as Kenny Miller back in squad, hmmmmmm 😂😂
  9. The table at full time

    celtic would need to drop 5 points for that to be accurate....
  10. Pena

    I'm thinking go the other way, more marching powder pre match, top up at HT
  11. Anybody gonna try and defend Pedro now?

    11 clueless players with no discipline, who do you blame? Wake up man
  12. Jack sending off

    Unless I was at the wrong game it was easily a straight red. Jack headbutted him
  13. Bruno training with Portugal.

    He's Hispanic, not black.
  14. Yeah I know her quite well
  15. Always felt sorry for him when he played at Ibrox for hearts, the abuse he took from the UB, as it seemed he loved Rangers and was genuinely owed money and had every right to use courts/tribunals to get it.