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  1. He didn't ask to compare the players he asked to compare the way the team plays. By your response suggests you think the team plays better without morelos which even a moron could see.
  2. Davhow


    Agree with most of this but it was Goldsons error-prone that lead to first goal, Worrall only went to cover his mistake. Tav gave them second goal with an error not unlike the one Worrall was quite rightly slated for against Kilmarnock a few weeks back. He also made an error early on and they missed a sitter. Can talk all day about tav being good going forward and yeah be created our goal but he's a Defender and can't defend. Worrall was still pish btw but we need to be honest about Goldson, he's not good enough.
  3. Why are so many bears falling for this poverty shite? Just about every South American player will have grew up in similar circumstances. He's a big boy now and fucking loaded so he can make his own decisions.
  4. Davhow


    Attitude is stinking, every time he loses ball you an see his shoulders drop while Candieas bursts his lungs getting back
  5. Should be requesting he is transferred ASAP, dropped for rest of season and also requesting any fans thinking he's worth 20m receive the mental help they need. And his red made no difference to today game. He could have remained on for rest of game and still not touched the ball
  6. What about the scum abusing Derek McInnes, or sheep abusing our own Manager? Or hivs abusing just about everyone? Really time for our Club to get tough with these clowns.
  7. This is pathetic and embarrassing to be honest. He is targeted because of his own actions and behaviour, which are just as embarrassing and pathetic and this thread. End of discussion.
  8. Davhow


    Might be a 'big player' but ever turns up for big games. Any pressure at all any he does nothing. 4 or 5 dives last night AFTER he had been booked for diving, started me wondering if he wanted sent off as he knew we were having a poor game.
  9. Man U can stabbed in Paris the other night, Accrington Stanley keeper had bottle thrown at him. Don't know why our own media are intent on making this look like a problem with Scottish football
  10. 30 goal a season striker that once again can't score in a big game. He's far too inconsistent to be the big star we are desperate to believe he is.
  11. Been saying this all season. His workrate is high, his passing is outstanding although rarely mentioned, strong, holds the ball up well, great vision, intelligence, through balls that get men in behind the defence... Buy terrible composure in front of goal and poor finishing. Great idea for me.
  12. Every year the weather doesn't get bad till well into new year, so why have the winter break at start of January?
  13. Got it cheers. Searched for it in main menu and found it that way.
  14. What Channel? Can only see highlights
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