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  1. Bruno training with Portugal.

    He's Hispanic, not black.
  2. Yeah I know her quite well
  3. Always felt sorry for him when he played at Ibrox for hearts, the abuse he took from the UB, as it seemed he loved Rangers and was genuinely owed money and had every right to use courts/tribunals to get it.
  4. To make this story even better, the evening times journalist, Stacy Mullen is a big c**tic fan.
  5. Marseille at Ibrox - 22nd July

    What size of crowd is expected? Going on subcrawl for my stag do this could really fuck that plan up!
  6. Rangers Prints

    If you have an image and want a high quality print you could try Owl printers on PRW. The owner is a good blue nose.
  7. Prosecution rests in Craig Whyte fraud trial

    Think most are missing the point here, possibly not a case of 'hope the bastard gets done' 'he better not get away with it' but if he is found not guilty we need to divert our attention to who is really responsible. From all the information I've seen so far that is pretty clear. I believe Whyte was nothing but a scape goat he's no great con artist! Just an idiot and a chancer and I would rather we went after the parties who lead him along.
  8. Executive Club

    Not sure if you've misunderstood the concept... There will now be GRAPHS to liven up the march experience! There could be bar graphs, pie charts and all sorts!
  9. Season Ticket General Sale

    The broomloan has less season tickets per section than other areas (bf1/2 excluded) also season tickets in broomloan you no longer get old firm game included so less people to move.
  10. Josh Windass

    Didn't win a single challenge tonight except one midway through second half when he tripped and fell into the ball. Lost every header he went for. Gave the ball away so many times I lost count. Useless
  11. Internet hipster fans

    Doesn't make sense. Managers should help players improve but they can't make shit players good and they can only help players who want to actually put the effort in.
  12. kenny Dummigan

    Did he live in Portsmouth?
  13. Pedro, is he the man to stop the rot ?

    Either you are missing something or I'm taking crazy pills. Is this not the same squad that have already been beaten by the exact same scoreline by them this season? I agree some teams get a boost from a new manager but not always. Maybe they already had the boost when Murty came in or maybe the situation is just too far gone for them to get a second wind. Either way a new manager has come in to a squad of poor players, underperfoming individualy and as a team and many with bad attitudes and or lack of care and responsibility. How can we possibly sack the NEW manager after just a handful of games for not being able to beat a team unbeaten all season with a squad of players we know are nowhere near good enough?
  14. Makes you wonder...

    So he's rich, he buys Rangers. Then he's skint and sells rangers. Now he's rich. Pattern?
  15. And so the usual recriminations begin.

    This jam you speak of, is it part of my season ticket package? Agree with most people of this except what seems a slight dig at the manager saying he is not from the same football culture etc and doesn't know our history. I doubt there is anyone involved in European football who doesn't know a scoreline like that is completely unacceptable in this fixture. But it has happened before, and I imagine will happen again. The players have been brought in by a clueless manager but it would be wrong to deflect any blame from them. Yes they have maybe reached the limit of thier playing ability but there is no limit to dedication or heart. If I turned up at work every day and put in a half arsed shift I doubt the director wouldn't let me off and blame my boss for hiring me. The board have a lot to answer for but on a similar basis to the manager being to blame for the player's, the fans are to blame for this inept board. Another thread last night the op says he is long finished hoping a sugar daddy will come in with huge investment. Bill Ng, Bill Miller, Bob Sarver.... Dare I say Mike Ashley....... Now where's this Jam?