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  1. Davhow

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Everyone on here can have knee jerk reactions out of pure anger frustration and disappointment. Our manager is no different. Like the rest of us he is absolutely gutted.
  2. Davhow


    I thought Halliday was great tonight. We actually missed him in midfield in 2nd half when he got moved to LB. Outperforms our other options in 2 different positions every time he's played this season, he must be wondering what else he needs to do for a run of games!
  3. Morelos is more important for us for the opportunities he can create rather than the chances he actually finishes
  4. Davhow

    Why did he go down?

    Only one man to blame is Morelos. Again he has let down the team as he can't control his temper.
  5. Davhow

    Any buses from salou tomorrow?

    Are you on the Queen Street bus mate?
  6. Davhow

    Any buses from salou tomorrow?

    Must have been minutes in it! Our train to Manchester just got cancelled too so going back to get the car now6! Did you get on the bus from Salou?
  7. Davhow

    Any buses from salou tomorrow?

    Did you book 3 seats? I was processing 3 seats on same flight around an hour ago, went as far as payment then cancelled my payment at last second saying flight now full!
  8. Davhow

    Salou to Villareal

    All sorted now, many thanks to all who helped!
  9. Davhow

    Salou to Villareal

    Sorry predictive text I think I've pm'd you correct number!
  10. Davhow

    Barcelona-Villarreal bus

    OK mate, 3 of us will book that 100% if you get the bigger bus. I'll PM you my details
  11. Davhow

    Barcelona-Villarreal bus

    Did you get transport sorted from Salou mate? Just booked flights today and trying to get sorted
  12. Davhow

    Salou to Villareal

    3 of us just booked flights to Salou, is anyone running a bus from here or anyone else in Salou looking to get to Villareal?
  13. Davhow

    Barcelona-Villarreal bus

    £165 from Manchester
  14. Davhow

    Barcelona-Villarreal bus

    Is the Queen St True Blues bus picking up in Salou? 3 of us just booked flights to Reus
  15. Have a look at sky scanner prices then! By the time you add transfers etc will be even more expensive.