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  1. Congratulations!
  2. With Rock away again, next week if they continue a Punk heel turn it won't work against Cena as he will still get cheered. Get the feeling they were hoping the last few minutes were going to be more dramatic than they were. Still Stephanie and Lita eh??
  3. FSM who Austin writes for says he isn't there, still I wouldn't be surprised to see him stunner Show at the end
  4. Stephanie again, with added Eve...quality
  5. That will be the highlight of Hunico's life never mind career
  6. Sky always factor the overrun in, even if it does go say 4.18 it will keep recording
  7. I want a hurricanrana off her, still a poke
  8. Of course that silly bitch remembers the beer truck, they obviously showed her the clip two seconds before and asked her to comment. That advert of the old boy talking about Howard's goal is really starting to grate.
  9. Touting round are way is when some cunt grasses you up to the police for doing something wrong
  10. Stephanie is looking fucking amazing
  11. Fucking hate The Miz, can't enjoy a wrestler who I think i'd be able to take in a fight.
  12. Indeed, I understand the need to establish them as they are the big angle going forward but it's overkill tonight
  13. Aye it's been rubbish tonight, hope it's just a blip but with TNA who knows
  14. Michael Elgin vs Davey Richards was better than HHH vs The Undertaker
  15. Zack Ryder's show was/is the shittest thing I've ever seen.