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  1. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    As a said in the 1st post in this thread it's time to call on Glenn hoddle. If no him De Boer or Souness, no fussy
  2. Stephen Hughes Done For Drink Driving

    A was sitting in the Broomloan rear when he made his debut everybody was laughing at how skinny his legs were lol he wis like a stick man
  3. 10 Biggest Unsung Heroes For Rangers

    Shotta Arveladze a class footballer
  4. *** The Official Hibernian Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Just home, buzzing bout today but didna see all the goals if anybdy could tell me where a can watch that wild be pure brilliant. The futures bright people happy days
  5. Alan Stubbs

    Talks nearly as much as Tom boyd
  6. Lee Wallace - New Captain

    Delighted for Lee it was a no brainier for me, I reckon now you will see him back to his best with what's now being built around him
  7. Gabriel Amato - Cult Hero - Video

    Aye loved him also, its scary the players we have had over the years, amato, gio, shota, the deboers, mendes a mean jeezo! The tops from 98 and the Nike day were my favorite ones i thnk tae
  8. Chris Mclauchlan Bbc

    Really not one for going on the internet and saying i dislike folk but this guys a wee bag a shit
  9. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    What about Felix the cat Magath is he still purrin aboot
  10. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Time to phone Glenn. Crackpot some say but he might be the man to put a new philosophy in place. Can't say any of the candidates do it for me bar mibee mcinnes
  11. Walsh Out Of Contract

    Seen the boy for about 120 minutes but hes been the highlight of the season so far!
  12. ***the Official Rangers V Alloa Match Thread***

    We actually looked ok for 5 mins in that second half, gasparatto should be recalled from Airdrie swapped with jig and start the team that ended the game there. No point in loosing the plot here we are shite and we know that, roll on the summer regardless of what happens
  13. Temps

    Disapointed in Templeton, still hope for him though but hell likely join Bristol City or Sheffield utd and be at Stoke or Everton for £4m the year after
  14. Are You Happy With The Appointment Of Mccall?

    Glad its him and not Billy Davies tbh, good talker a like what he has to say so hopefully he can get something through to these numb nuts on the park
  15. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Somebdy post that video for GOAT he must not have seen it