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  1. As a said in the 1st post in this thread it's time to call on Glenn hoddle. If no him De Boer or Souness, no fussy
  2. Just home, buzzing bout today but didna see all the goals if anybdy could tell me where a can watch that wild be pure brilliant. The futures bright people happy days
  3. What about Felix the cat Magath is he still purrin aboot
  4. Time to phone Glenn. Crackpot some say but he might be the man to put a new philosophy in place. Can't say any of the candidates do it for me bar mibee mcinnes
  5. We actually looked ok for 5 mins in that second half, gasparatto should be recalled from Airdrie swapped with jig and start the team that ended the game there. No point in loosing the plot here we are shite and we know that, roll on the summer regardless of what happens
  6. Somebdy post that video for GOAT he must not have seen it
  7. You never know mate money aint everything and lets be honest hed still be well paid if he had to join us despite sayin hed come in and help for free! A would love it Kevin Keegan style if Souness comes to Ibrox again
  8. Souness coming in until summer with option of extension
  9. Am feeling the players are that piss poor that walter would harm his legacy a tad in doing 3 months with that mob. Can say all we like about managers being crap but the players have been terrible!
  10. Might be tuned to the moon but he knows the game no one can doubt that! Its all the same shitty names constantly branded about and none of them fill me with any hope
  11. Happy with Felix in about the club, been there done it knows his shit, good contacts also no doubt, no brainer
  12. Came home not too saddened tonight saw a bit if fight there, murdoch and hutton did not too bad hivs done fuck all how did everyone see the nicky clark penalty claim in the 1st half i was right in line and it looked a stone waller altho i maybe wrong!
  13. who u calling an idiot. How do you know he wouldn't give it up if we were to get our act together and get some Stability about us you mug
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