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  1. I feel sorry for wee jay being cynically exploited.
  2. Playing Happy at the game. I am too. GIRFUY Thomson!
  3. The love in will end with the convictions....
  4. No matter who wins it they are both losers.... One glorifies a terrorist organisation, has a confused identity and covered up paedophilia.... The other is simply deluded as they think they are rivals to us. Oh and neither one of them are us!
  5. Going to be a strange final then
  6. TBF was a good goal.
  7. Everytime I hear Lisbon Lions, I think of the phonecall Jock never made and the innocent young lives destroyed.
  8. NIKO!!!!! According to the Rheb.
  9. See yet again they were the SECOND team in Scotland to finish a season unbeaten.... RANGERS did it FIRST 118 years ago! Just like we did 9 in a row first, proving yet again that they will ALWAYS be in our shadow.
  10. I hope Niko proves the doubters wrong.
  11. Pedro wants to build the team around players with pedigree and is happy Niko is there apparently.
  12. John is rightly nicknamed Legend. He is a genuinely wonderful man.
  13. If he was remanded the Crown have 80 days to prep the case and it is likely bail was opposed. Better to get 11 months to prepare and join both cases together. Better chance of a conviction that way.
  14. Jhobs for the bhoys....
  15. We need a bigger and better test. I think this is a wise move.
  16. Brian Laudrup still makes me swoon...
  17. Reminds me of Davie Weir helping Danny Wilson.
  18. Keep Niko and bin Waghorn
  19. I lived in South Shields when he was getting big and he was never left alone. In Glasgow he actually got to have a private life. I met him and he was warm and funny, he loved it here as much as we loved him.
  20. Unlucky Dodoo.
  21. I think Gazza was happiest when he was with us.
  22. Pass by McKay! If he was more consistent we would be 2nd.
  23. I would try him with a fit Niko. With Niko's footballing brain, we could have something good.
  24. I am enjoying the football, we are playing good stuff at times and the build up to the goal was glorious. Keep it up!
  25. Ref is spot on