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  1. They will have to close the PRW for the party which shall last a week.
  2. Is he fuck. He is in my bed!
  3. Naw. Fuck you cuntybaws!
  4. Naw.
  5. Bruno will sort out that racist scrote. He might tie HIM round the goalposts!
  6. Precisely what we need. He just needs a tighter top though.
  7. I can see Bruno deal with Dumbele then laugh at the suggestion he is worth 40 million.
  8. We have a proper Central Defender that you do not fuck with again!!!!
  9. Swooned over his skills and the man himself. Those eyes and that smile.
  10. We did well against a decent side. We got a result and not a pumping!
  11. Too fucking right!
  12. Get in line!
  13. Niko you big Sexy Bastard!
  14. Unlucky.
  15. I laughed too.
  16. If Tav can do that against Payet then he can do it against the filth!
  17. Morelos!
  18. Niko Bruno
  19. Dare you to say that to his face.
  20. Niko at it again
  21. Aye. Both in this game.
  22. Enjoying the game
  23. Any coughs in English
  24. Ban then from ALL European competition and do not allow them re-entry until they sort out their problem!
  25. Do like watching us pump them though.