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  1. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Nice one Cummings. Good Assist too.
  2. Very Happy Birthday Your Majesty Long Live the Queen!
  3. Union Bears Statement.

    Peaceful and effective protest.
  4. When will brenda have the guts to go back to England?

    Never. He has it too easy up here and his club controls the media so nothing bad is said about him.
  5. A Fantastic Thread About Bed

    What are bent nipples?
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Brendan Rodgers...CUNT....That is all.
  7. John Lambie

    RIP. A great character, the game has lost a good man.
  8. Fernando Torres

    You must be on some great drugs....
  9. Dundee United

    Every time this thread appears, I hope they are dead with no hope of coming back.
  10. US Masters 2018

    Looks like Rory has the jitters.
  11. US Masters 2018

    That was some shot by Rory.
  12. SFA Investigation

    Well it is wrong since 2 others have been accused.
  13. SFA Investigation

    High Court and 6 victims. Could be looking at more than the 8 years the guy who pled guilty got.
  14. RIP Ray Wilkins

    RIP Ray. Totally Gutted.
  15. The Boxing News Thread

    I know. He talks the talk and yet will not get round the table to set up a fight with AJ.
  16. The Boxing News Thread

    Good to see AJ taking time for selfies. He appreciates the fans a lot.
  17. The Boxing News Thread

    No but they asked Americans in New York who he was and they had no clue.
  18. The Boxing News Thread

    Gazza! Looking good.
  19. The Boxing News Thread

    Considering the man in the street in the US has no clue who Wilder is, I say they are.
  20. The Boxing News Thread

    90K at Wembley. Only the UK will get those numbers. That is good for boxing, making it accessible to more people.
  21. The Boxing News Thread

    Saying Wilder shat it
  22. The Boxing News Thread

    The times they are a changing. Maybe time for the UK to take centre stage.
  23. The Boxing News Thread

    Fuck that getting up at 5am. This is much better. USA unlikely to give him the crowd numbers he wants.
  24. The Boxing News Thread

    TBF Cardiff and London have been epic crowd wise, why reduce that to 6 or 7 thousand? Wonder if Ibrox could stage a fight?