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  1. Away Keeper.
  2. They are simply called the shiftys round here. Mods stole them long ago.
  3. To Absent Friends.
  4. If he gets SLO they will as then he becomes a decent sized target instead of a yapping non entity that is not connected to Rangers directly. He becomes a Rangers employee and that changes. It would be detrimental for the club. Though he may not pass enhanced disclosure anyway.
  5. Rangers are probably the first love of many people's lives.
  6. I would not mind third.... If it means stopping their treble as we beat Hivs to gain revenge and win the Scottish cup. I fully expect hivs fans to be caged if they make the final so they can't get near the pitch
  7. Just as well I never applied then. I hope they find someone better qualified than him as the mhedia digging in his private life will risk the club's reputation.
  8. The local assistant is probably more useful than the DOF and I think that is the route we will take.
  9. Remove Houston as he is clearly the problem.
  10. Oi! Leave religion out of this. He was showing some good form before.his injury. He was able to find the smallest of gaps to pass the ball and the tightest of angles. That is a good skill when teams park the bus.
  11. Just as well for him. Disrespecting my Niko! It is not on.
  12. Nobody but Nobody spells the name of footballers I lust after wrong.
  13. TBF Houston should have been barred from standing as does he not have a questionable past?
  14. He might get a chance. OP can't even get his name right FS!
  15. He responded well to the challenge and deserves all the plaudits and our thanks. He is also a genuine nice guy.
  16. Murray not playing Miami due to elbow injury.
  17. Much happier with today's performance and result.
  18. Imrie shitting himself....
  19. Joe Garner, you just have to love the guy.
  20. Yaaaaasssss!
  21. Yes! It is all about Pedro though I bet he will have Niko playing sexy football if he stays.
  22. I am in love the answer to that first question did it for me.
  23. Least we can laugh at the deluded cunts again. Just need the Supreme Court to rule in our favour now...
  24. Even his accent is sexy.
  25. He did us proud. Thank you Murty.