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  1. Big Lee Legend

    Big mans a legend :praise:
  2. Tim Domination For 5-10 Years?

    get tae fuck ya tim
  3. Announcer at today's Falkirk vs Raith game.

    Ugly cunt needs his fukkn teeth knockd oot
  4. Heaving at ibrox tonight

    sayn on radio excess of 40k in ibrox now watp
  5. Amy Macdonald's tweet

    no intae her music but she wud get rammed well done amy!
  6. My bbc reply

    ALSO GOT MY REPLY FROM THE CUNTS TODAY Thank you for your comments about Rangers which were passed to the Sports Editor who’s asked that we forward his response as follows: "Thank you for sharing your concerns. “It's important for the BBC's audience that a clear distinction is made between the former Rangers company and the new company owned by Charles Green's consortium - and the football entity formerly known as ‘Rangers FC’. “The Scottish Football Association has confirmed to BBC Scotland that a conditional club membership has been registered by Charles Green's Sevco (Scotland) Ltd, and for sporting purposes will be referred to as ‘Rangers Football Club’. The company formerly known as ‘The Rangers Football Club PLC’ is currently in administration and will inevitably be liquidated. “The parent company owned by Charles Green is currently registered with Companies House as ‘Sevco (Scotland) Ltd.’ - this is the company which Mr Green claims has purchased all of Rangers' assets - purportedly including Ibrox Stadium, Murray Park, the Albion St car park, the player registrations and the club's membership of the Scottish Football Association and its share in the Scottish Premier League. “At a meeting on Monday 4 July 2012, the SPL voted unanimously to reject an application to transfer the old company's share in the SPL to Mr Green's Sevco. Subsequently, Sevco applied for membership of the Scottish Football League, and, following a vote at Hampden on Friday 13 July, was accepted into the SFL setup. Also at that vote, Sevco was refused entry to SFL Division One, but was offered a place in SFL Division Three - and, subject to Scottish Football Association approval, the newco will start life in the SFL Third Division. At this stage, Sevco has only reached an agreement in principle to participate in the Scottish Football League Third Division - as it has only been granted a conditional SFA licence. “Given this, in the interests of clarity for the audience, BBC Scotland will continue to make the distinction between off-field and on-field activity in relation to the newco, where appropriate, in order to accurately reflect the legal status of the parent company and the football registration status of the club. “Our position, in sporting terms, from this point is that Rangers will be referred to as Rangers. “The Rangers story, which is fast-moving and complicated even for those who follow it most closely, is one that needs to be told fairly and clearly and I believe that our journalism is well up to that task.” We hope this information is helpful and thanks again for taking the time to contact us. Kind Regards Stuart Webb BBC Complaints www.bbc.co.uk/complaints
  7. Would you welcome any of them back?

    fuck the lot of them
  8. Complaint to BBC

    just emailed the first of my complaints aswell will be sending more to these fukkers.That rob mclean cunt needs a gd smack round the head!!!
  9. fuck the caps for a shite scotland team that will never amount to fuck all. Its all about the most successful club in football for me.WATF!!!!
  10. New Members

    just saying hello to all fellow bears just signed up