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  1. So ok. mr investor says “ok Rangers can you explain to me your digital platform. Please include figures regarding website hits, global reach and innovation. This is important as we need our brand exposed as wide as possible “ Rangers - “ erm canni sorry “ mr investor “ come back for my investment when you can answer my questions because we rely on this kind of brand exposure “ Rangers - (penny drops)
  2. “Folks like you“ 😂 blind man, blind.
  3. Investors want wide ranging exposure and a new era of digital format will do that for them. It’s 2020 mate not the fucking 80’s anymore. change is good. If you sit still you will get left behind. we’ve needed rebranding for some time now. Our identity has been fucked for years. Times a changing
  4. It’s the only time I’m glad I’m an old cunt. I pity the young bears that find it hard to idolise the shite players we’ve had over the last 8 or 9 seasons. I can just about remember watching Sandy Jardine play. That was me hooked.
  5. And his mate jimmy five bellies 😂
  6. I walked about for days with a glaikit smile and my eyes in a glaze at the thought of him actually playing for us i fucking loved him. If you count all the genius football players 90% of them will be mad as a barrel of fish, unhinged and slightly bonkers. he’s right up there with the best of them
  7. I’d rather we never looked back and always look forward
  8. Let’s be honest. We’re pushing the new era digital world because it’s not the 80’s anymore. Investors want to see a digital footprint and progressive social media influence to ensure their investment/brand is part of that and seen by the masses it’s a very important part to attract the correct investment partners.
  9. Jesus fucking holly fucking Christ please bring the fucking football back for fuck sake supporters are now crying over a font now. please hurry up football RM is an open air asylum.
  10. There’s no football or transfer activity so why can’t both co-exist? It’s not like the digital media team take the training or anything
  11. I moved to bar72 that year cos it was cheap as chips 😂
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