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  1. Should be banned for calling Rangers fans tarriers tbh worst kind
  2. Plus you also need any of the following in your username FTP 1690 ihatetrannies saynothensayyesthengofuckyirself plasticproddy Yournoabearifyoudontconform stereotypicalrangersmanthroughinthrough
  3. Knowing the names already interviewed and in the hat - he is looking at a coach and not so much a "tour guide/advisor " then?
  4. Good More chance some real bears get to see the Famous
  5. helpful Scotty have you got any of them Terry Hurlock wigs mate, I need two?
  6. yea .... another 3 Joey Garner's and a Dodoo
  7. I think he has always been looking to sell from day one, but not to anyone which is why he sounds pissed off. This is a good thing not a bad thing.
  8. I get that feeling too that we are on the right road and perhaps King staying the fuck away has helped that, what if he did meddle more, christ we might be in a worse place giving his ineptitude with interviews and what not. So I think him being in South Africa tending to his dembele dollars and our "home team" running the show is the correct set up.
  9. I'm sure he has more intelligence than King to do that
  10. SSShhhh! ffs don't spoil folks impression of what they thought he meant when he said that.
  11. sell to who? Bus company owners, fat Geordies, fake castle owners, yorkshire racists ? I think David Murray could't be arsed any more and sold up to the first goggle eyed blue pound whore he could find...... and well the rest was history.
  12. Tom Werner is the chairman of the board of Directors at Liverpool - thought you weren't wanting an argument?
  13. Because you used a player being unhappy being equal to our majority shareholder being unhappy. So it's not the same. If folks were to look back King never intimated he would up sticks from his business and life in South Africa to run Rangers full time. NEVER did he say that - that is only what people want from him and therefore they get all pissy when he sticks to what he said. The day to day running of the club is left to others and from what I see they are doing the best they can with what they have. There are majority shareholders all over the planet - china, USA and what not - associated with the likes of Liverpool, Man Utd etc... they haven't up sticks and moved - they have a team in place that do the day to day stuff... I have no doubt King is looking to get out - but with some caution as there are cunts out there with pound signs in their eyes and I feel he has our interests at heart.
  14. That's stupid btw - think through what you just said