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  1. KeyserSoze

    Matt Polster Signs For Rangers

    I liked that. I liked that a lot
  2. KeyserSoze

    Petition to sack Clare Whyte

    Read it out loud - sounds like your chewing gum so fuck dat edit: the grammar is embarrassing
  3. KeyserSoze

    Defoe and Lafferty potentially out

    Morelos is not the problem, the problem is two of our backup strikers are injured. Thats what happens when you sign an old fellow and a mediocre player as backup Be a bit different if Morelos had proper competition for his spot. Which we don’t
  4. KeyserSoze

    Lucas Gasparotto

    He played half a dozen games in a couple of seasons iirc. Says it all
  5. KeyserSoze

    Type Shitehole on Google

    I get “see @Bronzy“ 🤷‍♂️
  6. KeyserSoze

    Gerrard song

    That’s you .Williamson isn’t it? Slight Irish lilt in there, it’s defo you. It’s fucking shite btw
  7. KeyserSoze

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    I get that McGregor slid in studs raised and done the boy a good one. Morelos was tasty and left his leg in longer than he should of. Red card is debatable yellow defo. Apart from Jacks early days our suspensions are nothing horrendous to impact on our ability to bring home silverware We should have a squad good enough to cope and until that happens everyone will cry like fucking school girls because that’s all we have, everyone is against us and they are all paedos It’s shite refereeing not a conspiracy. Can’t fucking wait to make up a song that has 56 in it somewhere
  8. KeyserSoze

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    There’s a cure for all this pish, papers, journos, CO, injustice, paranoia that we bleat on about. We sound like fucking tims in the 80’s/90’s. The cure is simple. Put a team on the park that can score more goals than the opposition and win things. When this happens the rest will mean fuck all. Nobody will give two fucks about shite refereeing or papers peddling shite for cash The biggest GIRFUY is 55 to me that’s all that matters, absolutely fuck all else.
  9. KeyserSoze

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    What will you do or what have you done about it?
  10. KeyserSoze

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    This forum is fucked.
  11. KeyserSoze

    Fair tackle.

    Don’t do that with your boy ffs. When my two were wee I decided to only talk about our football, how we could improve, tactics, players coming in/going out, our history . After taking them for years my job is done, two more bears added. Nothing about that lot or religion- nothing I hate how we go on about paedos, singing about it etc. It’s as if it’s the only thing we have over them despite our fantastic history. It’s easy to forget whilst we sing and give it BJK that there are children involved. I truly wish we stopped with this. There’s no conspiracy either. It’s shite refereeing and papers trying to peddle mince to the greatest amount of purchasers to make them money. Buy your wee lad a Rangers top and get Broxi to give him a wave. It’s a start- add your own bear to our fan base. WATP.
  12. KeyserSoze

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Don’t think anyone is
  13. KeyserSoze

    A plea to Bears

  14. KeyserSoze

    A plea to Bears

    Nah thanks anyway
  15. KeyserSoze

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Defoe has always played with a partner We need to change our system 😫