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  1. Are you a 13 yr old girl by any chance?
  2. Paper tickets are so 90's anyone who wants one should have an empty free smart card and their purchase can be preloaded either over the Internet or by phone. Simple
  3. Que - 8 pages about Britney
  4. I don't know how the new guys will manage a game of football with the hair standing up on the back of their neck and a bonner in their shorts. Im with Gaz52 on his prediction mon the bears
  5. Now get them worn in the streets, in the cars in the underground. Enjoy what you do.
  6. I got it and was ramping it up for the beanz boy
  7. You'd let him wouldn't you Bobby....
  8. Who Said so?
  9. Think you wrong quoted me there BEE old chap
  10. I would take winning with "non" Rangers men than losing with 11Halliday"s in my team.
  11. Haven't seen us play competitively therefore not got a clue what to expect which is fair doos tbh
  12. We should never feel the need to respond to any fishermen out there least of all that lot. Non story
  13. At one with the club ban the OP
  14. This picture epitomises that period. A brutal loss of dignity by players who should never ever be associated with our club. I feel great sadness whenever I see it.
  15. This is the best thread on here ever. Fantastic reading and all with a huge lump in my throat. Brilliant truly it is.