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  1. KeyserSoze

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Too many players look like they can’t be arsed today. Let’s hope the Gaffer gets them telt and the second half is better, much better
  2. KeyserSoze

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    Thanks for the shout Plumb 👍 But my family betterment, economical and political views have zero connections to my 50 years of following this great club of ours. Just the way I like it. We are a broad family at Rangers - exactly as it should be. 👍 Equally I have no problem with others who consider the political side of our club
  3. KeyserSoze


    Magic. Cheers
  4. KeyserSoze

    Fuck the sfa

    Like voting for independence like?
  5. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    Are you in an empty hoose?
  6. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    It’s because you’re having tomato sauce on everything
  7. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    There’s always an exception
  8. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    As I said nobody really knows 👍 (no about time you changed that avitar ffs).
  9. KeyserSoze

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    You’re a right grumpy cnut the day Courtyard 😂 Ex pats don’t seem to land in Québec they tend to live/congregate on the other side of the country. This is a good business move
  10. KeyserSoze


    Well said Pablo
  11. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    No - it was pretty widely “made up” at the time no one really knows his wages and what the offer was - but at a guesstimate it would be more than his actual worth that’s for sure
  12. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    How do you know this?
  13. KeyserSoze

    David Bates

    They are currently 10 points off the pace in Bundesliga 2 - the run of “clean sheets “ are against fairly average teams in the second division He left for the money, head was turned by golden unicorns and fancy cars We have better players now than him at the club he’s not as good as you make out. He’s got ginger pubic hair
  14. KeyserSoze

    The sun again.

    I’m not criticising at all. I’m making a statement that people who cry about what the MSM propagate then don’t follow through with any form of “doing something about it” Just seems ironic. For the record I think in six years I’ve mentioned this 4 times 👍
  15. KeyserSoze

    Hullo Hullo.

    Shucks 💕