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  1. Just thought this deserves a wee bump.
  2. Tbf. He used to be a decent poster. But when there’s no football people go a wee bit ga ga and start posting shit and winding folks up. Not talking about myself in all that of course 😑
  3. Not with our defence, we’d be like:
  4. The “what” has a comma after it not a question mark so it’s not a question. He never ever looks happy. He’s had a dip in form coupled with the service from our midfield being absolute shite. You interpret that as him wanting away fair doos.
  5. He does. Which like many will be in the last season of his contract ending (a couple of seasons away). it’s taken us 10 years to find a 30+ a season striker. We don’t have the luxury of waiting another 10
  6. But he backed it up twice by signing an extension which is different He could have not signed and then got his agent on the case. I’m confused about why folks want rid. Who the fuck else is there? Seriously, who?
  7. Cool made it up then, no bother. 👍 Do you work for the daily record?
  8. But I asked you a serious question. You stated specifics about 14 months and his agent has his blessing. I would rethink how I feel if you could just back that up. that’s unless you’re making it up 🤷‍♂️
  9. What, apart from him extending his contract twice last season to take him to 2023 and him saying this (direct quote) "My career has progressed quicker and better than I could have expected when I joined this great club. I feel a strong connection with the fans and they have made me feel special." so that’s some actions and words Over to you I suppose
  10. How do you know this information? It’s a serious question btw. How do you actually know this?
  11. He’s contracted to us for the foreseeable. The boy mentioned once at the start of his tenure that his dream was the EPL and that’s what folks keep reminding themselves about. despite him never mentioning again. his current job is to score goals for us. Just because the league is fucked doesn’t mean his job changes
  12. So no quotes. Just a speculative piece of writing in a local rag. everybody would love Alfie in their team. But they can’t have him cos he’s got a job to do at us and there’s no other forward in our price range, out there that can guarantee the goals he gets us.
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