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  1. Tony Pulis

    You need to stop listening to those voices in your head then cos they are making shit up
  2. Alves doesn't get it

    Alves can cope all day long heading the ball out of defence, he clearly has absolutely nailed that. He therefore struggles when teams play it on the ground, in and around our box - but he looks bad at this because we have Wilson who rarely tackles and a LB and RB who are more attack minded. The balance is not right. That’s for sure.
  3. Graeme Murty

    And if you are going to go three up front and you’ve taken off a winger make sure your LB and RB know that they are more of a wing back. Rookie stuff imo
  4. Michel Preud'homme

    Correct I don’t know, but I do know he’s got a track record of pulling out. Who’s to say his eyes didn’t get wider and wider with each chat with us as we lay out the ambition (that’s if we did get passed Milne)
  5. Michel Preud'homme

    I was just about to hit the “like button “ but kept reading
  6. Michel Preud'homme

    We don’t know what actually happened tbf. Except whatever he saw he felt he was not up to the task of changing things. Starts on the park, everything else follows. Successful winning football brings stability and investment. Simples. Oh, I’m getting an MPH calendar for my Christmas. You?
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    So after looking at the enormity of the task to get us back challenging for the league and playing regularly in Europe - what did he do? A: decided he was not taking the job on because it was too big a task for him B: turned the job down because he loves taking Aberdeen to 3rd place each season C: a combination of A+B
  8. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Which is why it’s really really important that we don’t jerk our knees when things don’t quite go to plan with a manager. He needs four transfer windows to continually improve what he has. They don’t call it “build” a team for nothing. Patience though is not a trait with our club, we have never really had to be patient as we had “loads a money “ and player fixes were instantly dealt with. So in conclusion- Pedro should have been given longer.
  9. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    That’s my point- why? They are competent in their own business life. They know how to run a business
  10. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    This is actually very pertinent. Why would they? Surely our value rises with success, meaning shares are better priced and they would benefit. It’s in absolutely no one’s interest that we remain mediocre. They are not all completely stupid - after all, the board individually are successful business men with a degree of wealth. Why would they deliberately run us poorly?
  11. The ibrox crowd

    I’m taking a leaf out your book Siwel, next time his mutton pie hits me on the neck from his eating and shouting habits, I’m gonna sink the nut in him and throw the cunt over the drop from the SJ stand. That’ll teach him
  12. The ibrox crowd

    I prefer to shout positively. Guy behind me feels his way to support the team is by howling abuse - “cunt this, prick that “ Each to their own I suppose
  13. Cardoso

    They pounce on anything tbh. Showing us in a bad light is the new norm didn’t you know! its called “anti-support”

    The time it took you to type why you weren’t going to give me (and fellow posters) an insightful view of what you think will be gained from sacking the board whilst there’s no other interest, you could have given us that view. But you carry on your repetitive jibber jabber and the majority will continue to roll their eyes when reading your posts.