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  1. He praised the defending cause his pal was playing
  2. Surely cover on the right for Tav should be a similar type player that can easily slot in and not change the way we play too much. it’s frustrating as fuck that the gaffers pal Flanagan gets the nod ahead of Polster (looks like he is more positive ) or even young Patterson AND we have to change our play to accommodate him. does my tits in.
  3. If the standard is shite what standard are we ref”d to? because a shite ref feels like they are vindictive when really they are just shite.
  4. Refs in Scotland are just generally shite. Every fan moans about them. it’s not restricted to us
  5. Brilliant 😂😂
  6. I recon St Mirren are going to get an unbelievable pumping tonight. yes I do
  7. I’d play him tonight. He can’t be any worse than Flanagan tbh.
  8. Yir a fine poster mate don’t listen to me. 😂
  9. Never ever leave early, but understand why others do. it’s fucking freezing for the last ten minutes when thousands fuck off. Especially the big fat wind breaker that sits in front of me. Doors are open and it’s like a wind tunnel
  10. He’s like yir nosey neighbour sticking his neb in 😂 you been drinking the day? Just seen you warming up to Perth campsie too 😊 or has someone hacked your account 🤔 just joking mate 😂
  11. Threads like this also attract the immoral police tbf touché
  12. There are guys that scrimp and scrape every penny each year to get the cash together for a season ticket. They aren’t miserable as fuck they are doing their best for their family and trying to get to games at the same time. Sometimes every pound counts. you’re attitude to fellow bears who are cash strapped is a bit honking if you ask me.
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