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  1. You mean he tries really hard to impress at first, then when he’s a few games in, he gets all comfy and forgets just who the fuck he’s playing for sounds about right, he’ll soon realise this when he’s on the megabus heading back to obscurity at Liverpool reserves that’s for sure
  2. Quiz: Q: when was the last time the corner taker was accredited with an assist? A: corners always end up 50:50, we should do something that means we retain possession from a corner. This is based on “years’” as the answer to my question
  3. Scared of getting hurt, looks lazy and disinterested, poor decision making poor awareness- it’s like playing with a man down yet he continues to be picked. I hope to fuck the gaffer sees sense soon. (I know there were a few today but I’m specifically picking on him as it’s week in week out)
  4. Ojo, with every game he plays confirms he’s just not very good. Surely you get better not fucking lazy and disinterested with each game?
  5. Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?
  6. They were, as we may find out at the next OF game when those scummy cunts will give it right back. no matter what people feel, what’s the truth or what is right or wrong those cunts will use it.
  7. I share both your work experience (albeit a shorter time) and your sentiments 👍
  8. I wasn’t making any leaps. but please don’t try and say anything other that a young teenager being made to pull his pants down in front of an adult is not anything other than “inappropriate behaviour “ Because it’s not. anyway I’ve had enough, I’m out
  9. That’s why I put inverted commas in. Not common practice by any parent to ask your young teen to pull down their pants for a spanking I would think. It was in the 90’s not like it was the 1930’s but I get your drift.
  10. correct The exact reason we should never use child abuse to point score at football matches.
  11. Why don’t you think a young kid made to pull down his Shorts and pants and bent over someone’s knee and “spanked” is not abuse?
  12. I know what you’re saying but parents will make a judgement based on the best interest of their child and what it could mean for them going forward (Rightly or wrongly) Which is why the child often comes forward as an adult to report the abuse, they are less vulnerable and more resilient by then.
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