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  1. I’m pishing myself laughing at posters referencing Cel**c to justify singing songs that are getting us into trouble funny as fuck it is
  2. Folks arguing over phraseology fuck me (or you) fannies (or vagina’s)
  3. Someone with only half a mind would say that tbh
  4. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/tour-info brilliant. But might be booked up well in advance
  5. Not finding fault- just an opinion on what Rangers related content has become its getting more and more difficult to read about Rangers from Rangers blogs that’s all
  6. why not keep us in the spotlight? Seems like it’s more about them than us these days I read a lot online and I can categorically state that it’s getting harder to read about us
  7. Weird that this is not “defending our traditions”. I used to read their stuff but now that’s about all it talks about. Not saying anyone should boycott it and whatnot just giving an opinion as to not constantly wanting to read about them and their history. I would of liked to have an insight into something Rangers related but it’s few and far between tbh.
  8. Clicked the link read it got bored. So I started looking at other articles on the VB website, including their blogs now forgive me but the sub heading “defending our traditions” seems to have got lost as many many articles are about Cel**c, child abuse blah blah blah i find this weird Just my opinion btw
  9. It’s the sun fir fuckety fux sake
  10. KeyserSoze

    Joe Aribo

    Folk can’t help themselves - fuck knows why tbh
  11. I’ll give you a “lift over” for a tenner
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