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  1. Had to get up at 7am cos I needed a jobbie
  2. Fuck this sleeping malarkey let's have these fuckers mon the teddy bears
  3. I'm taking all my likes back off you. Change your mind NOW I mean it Bobby
  4. Move on to coaching our youth that is
  5. Sorted that for you
  6. I hope he's kept on the bench by a prolific goal machine purchased over the summer. Otherwise he's our captain and good have him for another year.
  7. Smile - someone's hacked your account mate
  8. He's typing into the World Wide Web to random folk he's never met but hopes they're Rangers fans. That will never catch on it's a stupid concept tbh
  9. I'm locking this too pal. Sorry
  10. Good fucking God on heaven's earth
  11. What are YOU going to do? Anything? Like make the cards for display? Organise something, anything? otherwise your post is completely pointless