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  1. Good sub to bring on when we need to consolidate the win. That’s about it
  2. Gaffer said it’s the same team that starts that beat hertz.
  3. It’s not - neither is it in the”renew now “ section which is why lots of folks are asking. You do see it if you ignore the email and just go to the website.
  4. Different story next year saassaaa different fucking story
  5. As many people will renew via email following the “renew now link”, there is actually no reference to the renewal date at any time in that email or via the link
  6. Nah it’s About continuity. Something he’s been searching for the whole season. Alfie will get his turn again next season as our main striker
  7. At 36 Defoe couldn’t have played the amount of games we’ve played this season no way.
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