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  1. Have you told the police? Tell the police if you haven’t. The more people contact the police if they have evidence the better. Not a forum, not an MP not the council or the SFA phone the police and tell them what you know. The case builds, the punishment is jail for individuals and a monetary punishment for the club covering it up as well as financial compensation for victims. Not point deductions, no football sanctions or whatever- cash fines and compensation orders and huge amounts too - enough to embarrass them on and off the park. So call the fucking police.
  2. this is my favourite magnificent.
  3. This is what he said about staying “My partner is expecting our first baby soon and my priority is to my family” which is commendable but not legendary as it shows why he really stayed.
  4. He was actually one of the younger players of that squad at 24. Making him not a senior player nice try though
  5. He was only with us a season. How is that making him senior?
  6. McCoist fits your exact criteria as Wallace Tup’ed over and stayed - loyal and true he also fits my criteria - won nothing of note as a manager and did a really shite job of it - Wallace did the same as a football player difference is - McCoist was a legend in footballing terms but not as a manager
  7. He could of helped by TUPing over then leaving on a nice transfer fee 😂
  8. Did you see him against Alloa, QOS, Falkirk and the likes? Remember he played in a team that spunked 15 points to allow the tarriers to win the league in 2011- 2012. Do you remember that run of about ten games or something that we couldn’t buy a win? But perhaps a better manager may have helped him. Like erm Gerrard?
  9. What if he takes us to 55, 56, 57 will he become a Rangers one then? Wallace should be complimented for staying and earning good money to look after his family. I’ll give him that
  10. You’re mixing up “footballing legend” and “character legend”
  11. We agree on a lot F&F but not on Lee Wallace yes, silverware, cups, leagues and a true winning mentality that brings success. Not hanging around our club for a season or two longer than need be. We could have freed up his wage if only he was desperate to leave (which he wasn’t).
  12. I have a different opinion on Lee Wallace Loyalty to me means nothing if that loyalty produces nothing of note in the long term. That’s just my opinion it may be unpopular but legends lift trophies.
  13. Won nothing and was loyal and true to the treatment table does not fit the criteria of a Rangers legend by a long shot
  14. Didn’t see how boycotting SPFL games hits the SFA where it hurts? 🤷‍♂️ Plus Rangers fans are loyal and true which is why boycotting won’t ever work.
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