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  1. I heard that too and it got me thinking about his role. I’ll be surprised if he’s happy as that’s not the Jimmy Nic we know. He should be out his seat giving it big licks. Strange
  2. Stevie Clarke

    I think he’s staying at Kilmarnock to do the treble next year. After all he’s done remarkably well with a budget of £34 and a bunch of Ayrshire farmers. Surely if he continues with winning and beating the OF then that’s what will happen surely??
  3. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Dave disnae pick the managers That’s now Mark Allen’s job silly
  4. His inability to change things tactically in a game (besides going 442 to accommodate Cummings coming on) is going to be his undoing. I don’t know if he is stubborn or genuinely can’t see it. I also now wonder where Jimmy Nic fits in as very little if anything has changed since his arrival. In fact he never hardly bounces up from the dugout to speak with Murty.
  5. Not recently he didn’t. He stated he wanted the job and said that the next few months would give him the opportunity to be in the frame longer term (paraphrasing)
  6. Mulumbu

    I remember talking about the best talent in Europe coming to Rangers. Now it’s the best talent in Ayrshire
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    I’ve not. Please don’t follow this up with a Steve Clarke post - please
  8. Michel Preud'homme

    He put his name in the hat after Pedro was spoken to then not offered. Shame as he has shown an interest in us and his achievements have been very impressive. He’s not worked recently because of his own choice. I’ll bet he’s straining at the leash.
  9. Michel Preud'homme

    If Murty isn’t offered the gig (I don’t think he will tbh) hen he’s the best bet - it’s a matter of time Tick tock
  10. Stevie Clarke

    Not sure if you remember him ruling himself out when Murty was temp. Did that very quickly quickly. My opinion is he will stick around until Brenda goes to Arsenal. Then he will have his dream job. I’m not saying he couldn’t be decent btw. But we need to take stock during the summer and see if we can afford a new manager that will be happy with a DOF/ bunch of new players and new coaches. Seems like this strategy has served us well in the last seven years, eh? or trust our DOF to upgrade our team, Jimmy Nic to start putting his hand on Murty’s shoulder and do a very decent job next season.
  11. Keep going Dude, you’re doing a good job
  12. Clarke v Murty

    They are not rumours or stories. Saltcoats isn’t a very big town you know.
  13. Clarke v Murty

    Used to be mcinnes everybody had a bonner for - I hope to fuck Hertz don’t go on a run of games
  14. Clarke v Murty

    6 Should be temp banned for being a bore tbh.
  15. Cummings is not good enough

    Come on Plumb ffs. He’s not the answer.