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  1. I can read, it is perhaps interpretation you are talking about. Trying to interpret what you are posting.
  2. how do you know we are "mired in shite"?
  3. Oh dear. Why don't you just support the club then and forget about the board surely that would be better? then when new board members come along they are inconsequential to you watching the team.... you might then not grind your teeth into the gum when thinking about Rangers
  4. You are correct, it will never be up to you - but what will be up to you is the level of support you show this club.
  5. can I ask you a question? who are the personnel you would like to see as our board? particular people, like a CEO, chair etc.. names please. It just seems like you take any and every opportunity to bring the board into just about every thread - tell us who you see as doing a better job if this board are shite?
  6. Did what you said and guess what? yup I'm right, strategic,operational and financial statements Nothing about a red card, bad tackle or the state of a referee
  7. What about? That's not rhetorical btw
  8. When have a board, any board, issued regular statements on anything other than strategic issues, governance and funds? Footballing "statements" re tactics, incidents and the like are always left to the management team - if it's in our best interest Why on earth should the board have anything to say about this matter ffs
  9. But a lot of us said the same thing, "if we appeal we won't get it" i'm confused
  10. That's because he presser was before the appeal panel gave their verdict. So he's not a mind reader you are sounding more and more like the daily Rekord in here so you are.
  11. Why do folks always want to hear from our board about everything? Surely Pedro should be commenting
  12. 3-0 Gers against the watery farts
  13. You have jumped in quick to judge him a dud. More sensible folk will wait a while and see how things materialise.
  14. Surely positional sense is paramount in being a good/great defender? All the best ones have it, you saying that part of his game let's him down Good defenders can use both feet which doesn't apply to Waldo. Therefore this makes him a below average defender imo.