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  1. KeyserSoze

    Deliver the League Title

    You could see it a mile offf with them - that’s the difference
  2. KeyserSoze


    Since arriving Started poorly, then seemed to get in his groove and showed glimpses of good potential but now seems to be struggling players that are inconsistent are annoying
  3. KeyserSoze


    Good luck to the lad. He’ll find his level in time
  4. KeyserSoze

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    Firstly- Because I sat freezing my fucking balls of watching draws with Montrose and Stirling and getting beat from Annan to name s few low points. Where he and others looked like they could not give a fuck Secondly - fans like me contribute to their wages so I’m entitled to my view it was widely reported at the time that there was one offer from Wolves which he didn’t fancy as his family are tight with Edinburgh I’d rather have a top class left back than a poor loyal one any day of the week
  5. KeyserSoze

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    I guessed that 😂
  6. KeyserSoze

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    No - because he couldn’t be arsed training hard, keeping the weight offf and doing the business on the park. He looked like he was happy taking a wage and not doing very much else. Some folks would have a fucking bronze statue of Wallace all because he didn’t fancy any of the offers on the table- no wait there weren’t any. (A half arsed attempt by Wolves was about it) Short memories
  7. KeyserSoze

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    For the six months after arriving he was pretty decent. Once there was zero competition for the LB position he became complacent, lazy and then those two attributes bundled together generally made him poor, very poor. I remember the season we went down he looked like he was two stone overweight and towing a caravan up the left. I lost respect for him then
  8. KeyserSoze

    it still sickens me!

    Yes you opened your mouth and some made up stuff tumbled out. Do some checking at least ffs
  9. KeyserSoze

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    Wallace is travelling to do up Halliday’s boots - but won’t manage to fact
  10. KeyserSoze

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Good shout Cushy, I’m for that. 1-0 Gers (Arfield 67”)
  11. KeyserSoze

    it still sickens me!

    Making up stuff will always make you no well tbh.
  12. KeyserSoze

    Hope after hope after hope

    It’s way too long a time mate, way too long and it be about 12 games eachy peachy turns about
  13. KeyserSoze

    Who's been Gerrard star signing or could be

    Dominic Solanke or McGregor , can’t make up my mind at the moment
  14. KeyserSoze

    Hope after hope after hope

    Yes I meant at Porkheed. Just read it back there 👍
  15. KeyserSoze

    Hope after hope after hope

    Well said