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  1. KeyserSoze

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    Some things never need explaining mate 👍
  2. KeyserSoze

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    I’m getting “Rossiter” on mine just to be funny 😁
  3. KeyserSoze

    They really are obsessed

    Go get a pencil will you. Then pop it in your eye ball. Cheers
  4. KeyserSoze

    Tav signs new deal

    I hope Candeias signs up too
  5. KeyserSoze

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    I’m sure that doll in the middle of the picture was winking at me? Positive I am
  6. KeyserSoze

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    I blame the media, taigs, snp Rangers supporters, the SFA, the Record, linesman and Refs, GGC Council and erm.... Greame fucking Spiers And Alfie obv
  7. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    Yes but ....... I was talking about....... ah fuck it
  8. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    I initially was talking about politics and probably worded my statement wrongly hence the confusion
  9. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    Of course it makes sense. It’s football not fucking politics
  10. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    Wait! Are we talking about Rangers or independence?
  11. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    My dad and uncles took any choice away from me when I was wee the same as I did with my kids
  12. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    Don’t think you wake up one day and go “I think I’m going to support Rangers” 99.9% of fans have been so since they were wee. So what you said doesn’t make sense and why have a mind if you can’t change it?
  13. KeyserSoze

    Strange people within our support

    All welcome no one denied
  14. KeyserSoze

    Gazza Signs 95

    A wee bit of pee came out when he signed. I loved watching him every week and couldn’t believe he was playing for us. Great times, they really were feels slightly weird in the same way watching Gerrard as our manager- similar but different I fucking love our club, fucking love it
  15. KeyserSoze


    You used the word “colloquialism”, can you point me to the post in which you wished death on a player or players in our team and I’ll clarify if you’re context was sound or not?
  16. KeyserSoze

    MOTM v Dundee

    I tend to agree, but hopefully under a decent coach he’s going to crack on. I do think that him and Tav have a good understanding so when one of them is not playing it’s very noticeable (ie Tav being shite when Candeias is not playing)
  17. KeyserSoze

    MOTM v Dundee

    Candeias for me I was sweating just watching him. What a shift he puts in.
  18. KeyserSoze

    Fucking media at it again.

    What, like shagger?
  19. KeyserSoze


    I think you are correct. Give him room and he looks composed, get in his face and his passing becomes erratic and he does all that rolling on the grass malarkey. Good squad player to have at the club though
  20. KeyserSoze

    Kris Boyd fat walloper

    Stop crying like a baby on the Internet will you.
  21. KeyserSoze

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Ill be 100% behind our players, I won’t be giving the Dundee players any thought what so ever.
  22. KeyserSoze

    Buckle up troops

    The last consultation and report was developed from 2013-15. It’s fairly standard that these committees review this stuff every so often. I’m not defending anything Btw just giving information.
  23. KeyserSoze

    Buckle up troops

    They are also allowed to look at specifics you know.
  24. KeyserSoze

    Buckle up troops

    I totally agree. But the committee’s brief was to define it in a scottish context. In order for it to be tackled here. I believe
  25. KeyserSoze

    Buckle up troops

    That’s plain wrong. The standards committee in 2015 defined it as: “Sectarianism in Scotland is a mixture of perceptions, attitudes, actions, and structures that involves overlooking, excluding, discriminating against or being abusive or violent towards others on the basis of their perceived Christian denominational background. This perception is always mixed with other factors such as, but not confined to, politics, football allegiance and national identity” https://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/05/4296