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  1. Front broomie, club deck (debenture thing) Away corner (Pish) front SJ, Bar72 100% standing as a boy in the east enclosure was phenomenal. Singing “fuck the west enclosure” was confusing though.
  2. I’ve just spent 5 minutes checking that boys stats. There’s a reason he’s been moved about 11 times in ten years and at his last club He scored 3 in 23. nope. Not for me.
  3. KeyserSoze


    You don’t know what individual bears circumstances are. There’s guys I know that double up on shifts and stay in just to afford to get to games. You are being disingenuous to folks that also may welcome any kind of windfall. You kinda embarrassed yourself there pal.
  4. Ok you don’t like him fair doos and you’re prepared to gamble on some has been at 27yrs old. if we had better service from wide, proper balls from midfield and corners that beat the first man Morelos would significantly up his tally. McCoist had hunners of service during our best days and missed more than he scored sometimes, but still scored barrels of goals for us. give Alfie decent service and your guaranteed goals.
  5. He’s done that once for Derby in 2012 Never before or after so I’m not sure how you’re surmising that plus you’re a good one for dropping the euro stats Morelos has to try and make a point. He also set a UEFAindividual record for most goals in a European campaign a before Christmas, with 14
  6. Cos I’ve no started drinking yet Courtyard 🤣🤣
  7. Give us an alternative that may just guarantee his goal tally. go on
  8. Correct. As Walter (doffs cap) Used to say that was his first line of defence
  9. Why are there so many fans eager to get shot of Alfie? It’s fucking mental Our last 20+ striker was 10 years ago, why is it that, in those ten years we haven’t nipped out a bagged us a striker equal to his tally? Perhaps someone like all the guff strikers mentioned in this thread?
  10. I’ve done it, but it’s a complete faff there’s a form sent by Natalie Imrie attached to the VIP email (the first one) Don’t complete it because it’s already got your details on it and email it to pippadickson@Rangers.co.uk tell her you can’t seem to sign the form (it’s a stupid pdf) so just attach it to the email telling her you are paying in full to get your 7.5% discount. They don’t take cash just now but will invoice you later 👍 There was no return instructions with the email So let her know that If you don’t get your discount Which led to the late submission worth a go as nobody said you can’t renew online (which you can’t)
  11. 100% correct SPWF. I also include lyingbrand gear in that too btw 👍. Although not fake just dislike the principal behind it.
  12. Phil Lines did the majority of the negotiations with sky which included reps from the board. I never read that the *fat Controller was involved. Perhaps I missed that.
  13. Ferguson was some footballer for our club. people need to understand that just because they are a fantastic football player doesn’t automatically make them intelligent.
  14. Imagine walking round with clothes on that has a picture of that horrible cunt in a shellik strip on them. fucking mental
  15. So with Halliday, Wes and Flanagan among the first to be leaving I sincerely hope we avoid these types of players in the future. We should be now looking for players that will either walk into the team or at the very least give the guy in front of him something to worry about. There should be a strong emphasis on “competition for places” something that has been missing from our set up for some time
  16. Jamie, I’ve worked it out so let me explain: a zoom conference involving the SFA, SPFL board, Scottish Rugby and horse racing delegates have invited the *chumpions Fat controller Don Liewell and The Ross County boss to join the call. They will be discussing a plan to get things back up and running, this is because there’s contracts from Sky and others that need considered gggrrrrr. I could fucking jump off a fucking dolls house. Gggrrr
  17. Don’t read papers and this thread has little info. What’s happening
  18. So why haven’t we then for 10 years? If it’s that easy ffs
  19. I’m sure we’ll try our best to persuade him but we are never going to refuse him if he wants to go We are not in that position
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