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  1. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/768769/1/watch-Rangers-vs-stranraer.html
  2. The spoon burners have got nothing to offer. It's just a case of how many. We'll destroy them 2nd half.
  3. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/764797/1/watch-hibernian-vs-Rangers.html
  4. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/743057/1/watch-Rangers-vs-legia-warsaw.html
  5. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/715203/1/watch-aberdeen-fc-vs-Rangers-fc.html
  6. https://www.vipstand.se/Rangers-vs-dundee-fc-live-sports-stream/1/
  7. I hope to god you are right, that is the only thing that will surprise me.
  8. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/621649/2/watch-partick-thistle-vs-Rangers.html
  9. I voted resign/ sacked. It's a waste of time though. This is just a fans opinion and it's clear that the fans opinion means nothing. Pedro will be here for the summer transfer window and will will make no difference. Pedro isn't the main problem, it's his employers who have zero ambition and not a pot to piss in. Basically, the fans are funding their ego and that's all that matters to them.
  10. Miller would put them under more pressure. Pena imo would be more likely to get something from that.
  11. I'd bring Miller on for Windass. Miller would put more pressure on them and he's prone to a goal against the tattie lovers.
  12. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/574956/3/watch-partick-thistle-vs-Rangers-fc.html
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