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  1. Hamie


    Hes a far more prolific and better player than Pepe and arsenal paid £75m+ for him. Hes also a year younger.
  2. The Little ironside chap has sold off his IQ
  3. That's quite an achievement by canelo.
  4. County nolonger pressing...damage limitation and still 40 mins to play.
  5. Jack is a fucking hero That was his goal form start to finish. All over the park. Joy to watch.
  6. The whole point of this article is simply to use 'cover up' and associate it with Rangers. Its scandalous they way Daly and his Beeb masters try to tie us in with the flifth in the east. You can see Dalys agenda as he seems unconcerned towards the 'cover up' by Hibs that resulted In this creep arriving at Ibrox in the first place.
  7. Lol freddo coming on for his hat trick too.
  8. Who'da though the ol "ah fucking hate the ranjurs" team talk wouldn't be as effective on the international stage.
  9. Until women start watching womens sports they will always fail... or until its forced upon us like the tennis.
  10. Hamie


    Shadow of the player he was without candais. Big mistake losing him.
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