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  1. Damn disappointing thread. Thought corona had got him.
  2. Olympics due to start at end of July has now been postponed. How exactly are they going to fit the fixtures in now?
  3. I trust that the tour of Japan is booked in the event we are asked to prolong the season?
  4. Couple of weeks isolation with his wife.
  5. I'm out, I take it we are serving up the usual shite?
  6. No idea what we do. Gerrard needs to drop tav as captain and give it to Jack or someone with a voice drive and determination. Tav is not a captain. When things are not going your way you cannot have someone as spineless as him leading the ship.
  7. I remember before gerrard was appointed, Nigel Pearson was suggested. Could have got him for next to nothing at the time. Instead we went for a rookie.
  8. Guys a fucking disgrace. Biggest mistake gerrard made.
  9. Shambles. Goldson should never wear our shirt again. Tav should be stripped of the captaincy and punted down PRW.
  10. Refs decided he doesn't know the rules anymore either.
  11. If we can't win against Hamilton at home we may as well fucking chuck it. What an absolute shambles.
  12. If katic did that he would be dropped. Goldson tho......
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