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  1. New Manager... Who?

    He's an awful manager.
  2. New Manager... Who?

    If the board had any ambition they should go for big Sam.
  3. Sack the board

    Well unlike Pedro, at least the OPs consistent.
  4. New Manager... Who?

    Someone we've actually heard of would help.
  5. This Manager.

    Ah heard you the first time.
  6. Someone better explain what 'addicted' means to Pedro.
  7. The ref has let them off with so much that they now think they can get away with everything.
  8. Bayern are absolutly raping them down the wings. They obviously didn't get the memo that Tierney is pure deid brilliant n aw tha
  9. Rangers TV

    Because we need to share our money out to everyone else.
  10. St. Johnstone Vs Rangers - Video

    Certainly beats Butcher and Sutton.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    No probs mate.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Can give you the fight if you've got a firestick or similar.