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  1. I like 94 as well. First one I really remember. I do remember some from 90 but was only 7. Stoichkov vs Germany. He knew it was in the second it left his foot and was celebrating before the keeper even saw it!
  2. Superb. Rather than trying to just hit the target from that range. He actually looks like he's picking his spot.
  3. The most money we've spent on a player in ages and he doesn't get a game or look like he will ever play at a decent level. It reeks and I bet there's a lot more too it. Why didn't we just get him on loan with an option to buy? Doesn't sit right with me at all. Wouldn't surprise me if there was something really dodgy with this that comes out in the near future.
  4. That's the way you put it! 'Perfect opertunity' Wait till he's on holiday and make it look like an accident.
  5. To take him out?
  6. Na she's still a couple of cups sizes away fae big monty.
  7. Exactly how does a guy who's managing a Diddy team in Qatar get the top job at Ibrox? The pena signing also reeks.
  8. Should have left Murty in charge till the end of the season. More than likely wouldnt have lost to the sheep and certainly wouldn't have been beaten 5-1 by the fiddlers. Pedros more a con artist than a manager. Probably still can't believe he's managed to pull it off.
  9. I still can't believe he survived the 5-1 game.
  10. Pedro out though by Jon fucking Daly Ffs.
  11. He could try that 30 times at Ibrox and he's miss every single one.
  12. The coverage for this has been appalling. The BBC have treated this like a chore. Rather than the honor it should have been considering the pga rejected higher bids.
  13. *there But aye Ronaldo would have preferred to bury that. I'd have gave the pen. Just cause I hate the tanned taigs.