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  1. Well this is exciting stuff. You might think Cypus have Clarke shaking in his boots but hes just not had a drink in 60 minutes.
  2. Cm97/98 always a reliable back up
  3. Hes a wee sister shagging weirdo. Hope he gets locked up.
  4. They come looking for a draw and leave with a win. It's a fucking shambles.
  5. Our inability to put the ball in the net is frightening.
  6. No wonder we got Kamara in early. Would take someone special to shift him out the team now.
  7. Typical. Expect nothing less from the spoon burners
  8. Simon Jordan quickly put him in his place pointing out the actual finances versus his kiddy on ones.
  9. According to a Tim on talksport earlier celtic have stacks and stacks of cash.
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