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  1. Who'da though the ol "ah fucking hate the ranjurs" team talk wouldn't be as effective on the international stage.
  2. Until women start watching womens sports they will always fail... or until its forced upon us like the tennis.
  3. Hamie


    Shadow of the player he was without candais. Big mistake losing him.
  4. When Forrest gets fitted for a shirt they must just measure round his head.
  5. He can deliver a cracking ball with his left and his right foot. Not often you see that with a left back. I hope he cements his place, there is a really good player in there.
  6. Hamie


    Now he seems to have his house in order hes getting better by the game. If he puts in another performance like tonight against the mhanks then we will get some big offers maybe as early as Jan.
  7. That's a straight red. The ref caused that challenge by ignoring the persistent fouling by them for the entire game. Lucky he didnt break his leg.
  8. All these punishments seem a bit harsh for a club playing in Europe for only the 3rd time.
  9. Of course they were but fat Alan cant be labelled a hypocrite so has to maintain his fiddler narrative.
  10. The fat alky mess that is Alan Brazil claims that hes heard other fans of clubs that bury beat to promotion last year accuse them of cheating! Strange I've not heard anything. In-fact all I've heard is support is Bury plight.
  11. Need wins like that. That would have been a draw last year.
  12. Need morelos on to bully them. Not enough space for Defoe to get onto much.
  13. Sad news loved the vids and the music to go with them.
  14. Genuinely think there is another 2 years in him. Over 20 yards hes probably slowed a bit but over 5 yards hes still as quick as ever.
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