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  1. Potentially £49.95 for the Fury AJ fight. The the cunt ripping begin
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you. To me, you're clearly not racist if you have a different race friends, partners and family. However many Libs dont agree with that.
  3. Tbf we have been told (preached to) that even if you're a white guy with black friends, you're still racist.
  4. Terrible world cup. Probably the worst of all time.
  5. Media constantly plugging that they have won a title. They have been awarded a title. Through backhand bribes. Child molesting filth.
  6. Imagine being that stupid to think that reconstruction was actually on the table. The only aim is to gift the fiddlers a title that they have not won. Everything else and that includes the promotion of Dundee Utd etc are just the result that.
  7. Hopefully not before hes over the hill and just looking for a retirement fund. Even at 17 he could see through Mccoist.
  8. celtic - good Rangers - bad BBC Scotland pushing the propaganda as usual.
  9. "As Ann herself correctly states in the latter comment – it was an advance payment of fees due to clubs – and not a loan, which is a crucial distinction." Haha Crucial to who? Your own narrative , lies and deceit The games up ffs! Just admit you're a tim infested cesspit so we can all move on... for the betterment of the game of course.
  10. It doesn't matter how fair or unfair you make any proposal. Unless it starts with celtic win league its not going to get past the firewall.
  11. Because clubs might not vote the way they want if they were doing so without a noose round their neck. Guys a fucking crackpot.
  12. The Brazilian CB for us in the bottom tier of scottish football. Closely followed by that Greek Right back. No idea of their names. Almost wiped them from my memory if it wasnt for this thread.
  13. Setanta moment incoming. Its absolutely comical that we have a tv deal based around 4 games a season and we have every man and their dog given a vote and share of it. The only reconstruction that should be taking place is for a "full time" league.
  14. Hamie

    Streets of Rage 4

    Oh yes! Online will be superb.
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