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  1. How fucking hard is it to find a printer/publisher that isn't owned by cunts that despise the mere fact we exist?
  2. Craig David's comeback single. 👍
  3. Don't think it would be legal for any club or company to take custody of an employees passport, sure it would come under some human rights law. It's what people traffickers do to maintain control.
  4. To be expected from cunts that can absolve themselves of any sin with a wee bit of bead rattling and a couple hail Marys.
  5. It's the 'daisy cutter' or 'exocet of a shot' that did it for me.
  6. Clear obstruction but cos we're 3 up the ref lets it go.
  7. Off topic and a bit petty but I hope someone questions the club as to why the crowd songs were stopped for the 2nd half.
  8. Mon Rangers, skelp these cunts right back tae their dealers.
  9. Try this mate. Click notifications in bottom right of your desktop Click 'project' tab near bottom Select 'second screen only'
  10. Was just thinking that, he barged into him with forearm up then a swipe backwards with his left arm as he turned away.
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