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  1. Absolutely gutted, a smashing player, and a true gent, R.I.P Ray you will be fondly remembered.
  2. I fancy us to win myself, but do you not think that's just a wee bit cocky, only playing with 10 men.
  3. Well l thoroughly enjoyed that, a solid all round team performance. If only we could play like that most weeks, this would be the happiest forum in the world. This place would be full of BP9's, well maybe not.
  4. Hearts were one of the baying mob who said they would rather their club died than Rangers be allowed to stay in the spl, so what's that saying again.... be careful what you wish for. Ha fckn Ha.
  5. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this, what with them calling a press conference for tomorrow, and no leaks. I think it's all set up for a horrible day for us. I hope to god l'm wrong, because l will actually be sick if they strip titles, it would turn my stomach. I also think there could be a lot of trouble, because they fckrs will be dying to rub our noses in it, and there's going to be a lot of angry bears not in the mood for that at all.
  6. I've no war paint left, l think l'll ask the sphell if they've got any whitewash left over from the Junihno enquiry.
  7. It was said a while ago, but it still pisses me off that the wee smelly fckr can say what ever he likes and no cnt can pull him up or else you're a bigot. He compared us to Lance Armstrong and anything he feels like saying, but we cant even say fuck or we have to be jailed.
  8. I think we will get found guilty of something, but it will be quite trivial, and it should never constitute the stripping of titles, that would be like getting hung for stealing an egg. I also think that bstrd TLB and his shitty club should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute for their ridiculous "financial doping" statements, as l think football has had it's fair share of bad press without uneducated arsholes inventing new imaginary crimes.
  9. I dont know one Bear who's going to that game, so l find it hard to believe that you and 14 of your mates have all come the same conclusion, to say fuck you Rangers fuck you Ally Mccoist, fuck you CG fuck all the majority of Rangers fans, we're going to this game. remember one thing don't pretend your supporting Rangers, everyone at the club has asked if you are Rangers fans please don't go to this game. So thankyou, l just hope your 2 boys have a good day and come to no harm, it's the boys l feel sorry for.
  10. I didn't even agree with you, then you made that point and shut me right up. Great point BNB.
  11. l know he was doing so well then has to go and spoil it with calling a bear names, why?
  12. Ok mystery solved, but wait , isn't it allowed to have a peaceful protest, oh that's right not at Ibrox, better hope those poor wee polis dont have to go to the BJKcamp. FFS.
  13. Surely the game being against Annan would suggest there would be no trouble, yet there was all this carry on, It's a bit strange don't you think?.
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