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  1. he was acting like my other half when I don't wash the dishes.
  2. Aye he was fucking dreadful mate.
  3. He's a fierce wee bastard anawl, takes no shite from anybody 💪 good to see that in his game.
  4. First 7 mins in I knew we did not look up for this
  5. No sense of urgency what so ever and look very leggy.
  6. I would drink her period blood. 🙌
  7. Matt Polsters wife working for the BBC?interviewing the Dundee United Chairman
  8. His wife is a right snobby bitch 😂
  9. anyone got a link for the game stuck in work 😟
  10. FFS this guy makes Brendan Rodgers out to be a gem 😂. Clarke reminds me of Neil Lennon everytime something goes against them they spit the dummy out mega😂
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