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  1. For some reason every time I listen to Sandy I choke up. His death really effected me in a way like no other Ranger. When our club went through its darkest times Sandy certainly helped the fans and club get back on it's feet. What a man.
  2. Got to the point of fuck it a couple of days ago. Scary times ahead. Stay safe everybody
  3. Anybody fancy a game of this give me an add on XBOX ONE - BobbyJackets
  4. Signed Dado Prso as my assistant manager at Salford. His Team talks are shit hot by the way always seems to fire the players up. Big hoarse voice FOLLOW FOLLLOWWW
  5. Unsure if it will be or not. Last week i was laughing at everyone panic buying and then laughing at my colleagues who where all stressed about work. I had such a laid back fuck it attitude about it until i returned to work on Tuesday. Absolute fucking madness and its only going to get worse. Cant see any football resuming until the numbers drop. Its a danger to life that is how dangerous this thing is. The young fit and healthy may be fine but there will be a lot of older people and babies may die also. As much as it kills me inside for no football its best it stays away until the pandemic is at a very low risk.
  6. That's with Viagra mate 🤣
  7. 🤣🤣 aye right that's naw fair a cant even balance the one
  8. I would pump wee budge she has a cracking set a titts on her.
  9. Stewart Robertson and Ann Budge are deffo pumping and planning a scheme against Scottish Football The rumours have started already ha ha.
  10. Agree mate. Hope to fuck there is a trend now from this and we keep our stance firm.
  11. I am shocked. Where in the fuck did they find there backbone?
  12. Seen a very good point as well online. if the league was extended then what about the players who's contracts are up at the end of the season? Are they expected to stay on and risk injury and then fuck themselves for finding a new club for after the break. Its all a big headache. null and void everywhere would solve it. If there is any court cases surely the courts would understand that this is the only steps.
  13. Good for them they have a backbone. If that was our board they would be taking it and wearing fishnets in the process.
  14. If they did create a UK League it would solve pretty much all the headaches. Promotions etc scrapped to form the new leagues everybody would be happy. Fuck knows how they would work the lower leagues in Scotland. Some clubs are finding it really difficult to pay there players without their weekly attendance never mind travelling to English grounds.
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