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  1. I would pump Ann Budge
  2. If they want the season ticket renewals then they better lol
  3. Bradford i think.
  4. Murtys failed backflip was the only thing that made me smile about today it was truly embarrassing
  5. We are in shit creek, We have a team full of shite and King wont let them leave without getting a transfer fee and he wouldnt pay the mutual termination fee either.
  6. Horrible sorry for your lose
  7. Was that the hole remember remember the 3 wins in November? Pretty sure this was a wedneday night game i was there that night lol
  8. Mines was Rangers 2-0 victory over them at Ibrox in 2004? And what a game it was when big dado scored the header from Ricksens cross, Thompson and Sutton where sent off. Was a crazy atmosphere and a heated game
  9. Great wee read that, RIP Mr Vallance
  10. Im no ladyboy pal
  11. Be serious he tried looking for another club when he knew the ship was sinking but he done it in a rats way, If he is getting phonecalls its not our problem anymore. So you shut the fuck up and stop crying over some of our fans being arseholes. I am pretty sure Warbutton will get his phone sorted ffs we have more to worry about than people that dont want to be at our club FFS
  12. Who gives a fuck hes not apart of Rangers anymore he deserves everything he gets.
  13. We will get back to strengh one day these are the dark days