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  1. Wednesday night took the buzz i had away. I dont believe in our defence but hope i am proved wrong. Cmon Rangers!
  2. I went and ordered this 😂 and go to turn my sky box on and i get no satellite signal haha had it for hours now. Pishy Sky.
  3. I know but sometimes links for bt sports are always available
  4. I honestly thought if we beat Hearts we could have had a great chance to go on and give a serious title challenge. The players have truely pissed on that thought. I dont think a lot of them have the spine to play for our Club. Gave up with getting excited we are total bottle merchants.
  5. He made me feel uneasy when he got the ball.
  6. Annoyed 😂 over a forum fucksake mate its a cauldron for opinions. Sorry i should have wrote i love him and how gutted i am his career ended shit for leaving Rangers and how he was one of the good ones. Bullshit.
  7. The point being maybe the lads career would have been better if he stayed with Rangers. And how bad he got on down England. Fuck him.
  8. Excuse me it was a cunt of a nightshift.😂 What i wrote made no sense (obviously). But i stand by what i wrote first he is a cunt. If he did leave with no money and went to find another club then fair play but he done nothing after leaving when he could have stayed like any true Rangers fan would have.
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