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  1. If our fans still go to away games after this i will be utterly confused as to why? Starve this fucking league and put the extra money we would have spent on away days into our local Rangers pubs, Merchandise anything surrounding the brand of our club.
  2. Michael Stewart having a field day with the tims on Twitter. Hope the fucker chokes on his next cock. Craig Levein was going to punch his cunt in once i wish he had.
  3. Fucking joke all of this. Any evidence we gathered and shared would have always been ridiculed in the media. SSB having a field day letting all the tims on to slaughter us with wee Mark Wilson spouting his usual shite also. Our name is going to be dragged through the fucking mud over the coming weeks. At least we will face it head on. Unlike the fucking tims who point blank refuse to pay out victims of the boys club.
  4. Dundee took a payment from the SFA or celtic. They will be forever remembered for being corrupt bastards and will never get a penny from me.
  5. Joined in 2012 and have 39 posts. Fs where you been? up the the gallow gate?
  6. If only we could register into the low leagues in England. What a journey that would be.
  7. Keeping my cards close to my chest on this one now. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Dundee are fucking idiots took them 4 days to come back out of sucking liewells small cock. Our board have been spineless as fuck for a long time and now we finally see a bit of fight. Hope to fuck we have everything in black and white because if our evidence is not worthy in an independent court we are going to get fucked with a point deduction or whatever else these cunts will throw at us.
  8. Tbf Kim Jong Un looks like what a guy to have a few beers with haha
  9. Actually gave up reading the absolute shite. " Show us the evidence " Surely to fuck these fucking idiots are not serious. Rangers showing any sort of evidence in public would jeopardise every fucking thing they have against these cunts into a burning incinerator. I honestly cannot see us getting one over on them in the end they seem to be one step ahead and will continue to corrupt Scottish football for years to come 👍 Hope i am wrong but fuck me they have covered up children being sexually abused over the years all media outlets have been threatened or paid off. Anyone that seems to take on the task of exposing Celtics history they seem to disappear into thin air with a nice payday. Just the waiting game now though.
  10. Is Alex Rae even fucking on this show tonight sat there like a wee bitch while Hugh Keevins talks about it. Hugh Keevins doing every thing he can to back up the SPFL
  11. Clyde 1 SSB should be interesting tonight hope Alex Rae speaks well and shuts down any fucking idiots that phone in. If he is allowed that is.
  12. Sorry for the loss mate, Next Rangers game will be even more special for you 💙
  13. FS 🤣 That cunt was mental. Catholic schools have a lot to answer for.
  14. They will be covering all possible outcomes and shiting themselves.
  15. Only conclusion i can see is null and void mate
  16. Not denying that people will die in big figures but in June time we should be well past the peak 👍 the real peak will be by the end of this month.
  17. Yup Mark Wilson was saying on clyde ssb last week that if they finish bottom next year they will be forced to go down 👍
  18. I remember when i had my first beer.
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