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  1. Train Travel Disruption for Partick Game

    Afraid I'm not best placed to answer that. I work in the railway industry but not for Abellio/ScotRail.
  2. Train Travel Disruption for Partick Game

    The whole infrastructure is owned and operated by Network Rail. ScotRail doesn't own anything. The Easter weekend is always dominated by engineering works. In this case NR is commissioning new signalling systems at a few locations on their network.
  3. Terrace Chants

    "Johnny Doyle's on the park, Johnny Doyle's on the park." Sung by the whole Rangers end at Parkhead after some wee tim threw a green smoke bomb from the Jungle onto the track. Circa mid 80s
  4. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Wasn't sure about signing him initially tbh. However, if the Gaffer thinks he's going to be a positive influence on and off the park then fine, I'll trust his judgement. If the club and him turn out to be a good fit for each other, then I think we could be in for a cracking couple of years. Welcome to the greatest football club you'll ever play for Mr B.
  5. Church on the Hill

    Was in after the Peterhead game. Place was heaving with Bears and a good sing song was had by all. ?
  6. Attendance Today?

    Sorry guys. Correction, just remembered it was my wee mate that told me. He always has his earphones in as he listens to the game while we're watching it.
  7. Attendance Today?

    I'm sure they announced it as 50,349 at the game.
  8. Rebel Scum

    How about, instead of the lines We're up to our knees in Fenian Blood, Surrender or you'll die. We sing, We like to fly the Union Flag We like to fly it high. That keeps the rhyming and the tempo the same.
  9. Rangers Set To Introduce The Living Wage

    Always proud to be a Bear and just a wee bit prouder today. Well done the Board.
  10. Have the VB's got a smoking gun?

    OK, so if I'd written Brechin instead of Arbroath, what would your response to the question have been? Or is being pedantic in order to avoid giving an answer way above sarcasm in the order of things?
  11. Have the VB's got a smoking gun?

    Woops! Geography fail. But thanks anyway for your help in answering the question. ?
  12. Have the VB's got a smoking gun?

    Can someone please clarify something for me? Are the SFA membership and the Playing License two different things? I thought the membership transferred with the club from oldco to newco but the License thing was a gun held to out head almost until we kicked off against Arbroath. It seems a lot if people get the two mixed up. I don't mean in this thread but in general.
  13. ***Glasgow 2014 thread***

    Are those guys on the motorbikes not cheating?
  14. ***Glasgow 2014 thread***

    I like it that they're throwing the Javelin towards the Selik end.
  15. Would we still take Butcher?

    As I've said previously on another thread, I wouldn't let Butcher walk down Edmiston Drive never mind let the cunt through the front door.