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  1. C.Company

    Where are they going to sit? is the CR not all season ticket?
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Funny how they manage to stay quiet for a minute when it’s for one of their own.
  3. Video footage a German visiting Ibrox Game

    Better camera work than Scotsport.
  4. Jimmy Nicholl

    Welcome home Jimmy Red Hand.
  5. Things we can all agree on

    Can't understand all this "if we're not within touching distance of the tims at New Year, he has to go" pish. He has to go now. This season is a right off already. Whoever comes in should get the rest of this season plus two full transfer windows so we can try and mount an effective campaign to stop them next season.
  6. Train Travel Disruption for Partick Game

    Afraid I'm not best placed to answer that. I work in the railway industry but not for Abellio/ScotRail.
  7. Train Travel Disruption for Partick Game

    The whole infrastructure is owned and operated by Network Rail. ScotRail doesn't own anything. The Easter weekend is always dominated by engineering works. In this case NR is commissioning new signalling systems at a few locations on their network.
  8. ***Glasgow 2014 thread***

    Are those guys on the motorbikes not cheating?
  9. ***Glasgow 2014 thread***

    I like it that they're throwing the Javelin towards the Selik end.
  10. Don't think it will be a verdict. Just an announcement about whether or not there is enough evidence to launch a formal enquiry into them. If they do, it will drag in for a long time to come. Even if they are eventually found guilty, we are a long way away from any action being taken against them.
  11. Minutes applause for Mandela

    You applaud. I'll be standing with my head bowed slightly in respectful silence. Refuse to lower myself to the level of the tims.
  12. Minutes applause for Mandela

    I hate that minutes applause shite. Total Tim invention to hide the fact that those cunts can't keep their mouths shut for sixty seconds of their miserable little lives. I'll be standing quietly while all around me pay tribute to someone by doing the same thing that we do when our team wins a corner kick.