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  1. Trooblue

    Andy Halliday

    Apart from a couple of lapses into the old Andy H mode, when he gave the ball away in dangerous positions, it was another assured performance from the new Andy. All credit to the player himself for improving his game, and to Steven Gerrard for rebuilding the guy's confidence.
  2. Trooblue

    Torbett guilty!

    The SFA will be researching the use of sanctions in the Penn State case. Of course they will.
  3. Can't see the point of Arfield at all.
  4. Trooblue

    Up front on Sunday?

    I think it's the player whose neck is on the block if he is unable to make the squad for a game like this in these circumstances. I hope he is in the squad today though, and gets a chance to prove his worth. If he isn't even in the squad he surely must be sent back to Rome in January?
  5. Trooblue

    Referee For Sunday

    Every single one of them.
  6. Trooblue

    Gollum Gone ?

    BBC Scotland still has characters like Gordon, McLean and the rest. I'm happy enough if they still stay away from Ibrox. I would be content to have the BBC broadcasters from England (5 Live etc) there though. Guess we can't have one without the other, but let's not kid ourselves that the removal of one bad egg from the Glasgow outfit will solve the problem.
  7. Trooblue

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Back from game - someone else has probably said this already, but the second half on Thursday and the first half today were the best periods of play I've seen from us for a long, long time. Two great results, and some wonderful football played by us in each game.
  8. Morelos deserved his booking. He's a loose cannon. The problem last night was that yet again a Scottish referee displays amateurish incompetence by failing to treat all other players by the same standard he applied to Morelos.
  9. Trooblue

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Thought Goldson wasn't quite up to his normal high standard today, but otherwise, really strong perfomances throughout the team. Special mentions to Candeias and Kent. Some outstanding football from us at times, and great to see the pressure converted to goals.
  10. Trooblue

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    Absolutely. I loved watching the West German team on TV in those days - much preferred them to the Dutch, actually. So, to see most of them playing at Ibrox was extra special. I was at the game the year before (I think it was ) when we played Bayern in the Fairs Cup and they scored a goal direct from a supposedly indirect free kick and it was awarded. In the 1972 game, I think the moment I knew we had them was when Beckenbauer and Maier stated arguing with each other. That, and Bud sitting on the ball!
  11. Trooblue

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    ECWC Semi Final 2nd leg, v Bayern Munich 1972. Been waiting for another night like that since I was 12.
  12. Trooblue

    Rangers related picture thread

    I was at that pre-season friendly. I think someone ran onto the park and tried to have a square go with Alan Ball ...
  13. Trooblue

    Rangers related picture thread

    Brilliant photo. Brings back memoriies. When it rained we headed across to the cover.
  14. Trooblue

    Rangers related picture thread

    Ref must be Tiny Wharton?
  15. Trooblue

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Apart from St Mirren at home, we've had a fairly challenging set of fixtures domestically and in Europe since July, bearing in mind that it's virtually a new team since last season. Opportunity now to regroup, integrate all the squad additions, and then go on a real winning run.