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  1. Agree. No question of us remaining silent, but it'll important for us to choose the right moment to intervene. All about the timing.
  2. Agree. Bide our time. Intervene at the point when we can do maximum damage to them.
  3. Thomson is a bit late to this issue. He must have become bored poring over the details of Rangers 2012 finances. Another journalist who has ignored this issue for years - culpable neglect for a so-called professional.
  4. Pressure is good. The more the better. It's already building on them, and I would like any intervention from Rangers to come at a time when it can inflict maximum damage on them.
  5. Tomkins has played this really well.
  6. Later, maybe. For the time being though, best just to let Lawwell and co continue to unravel. Every statement coming out if celtic Park smells of panic, and makes their situation worse. Allow them to continue the self-inflicted damage for a while yet, I think.
  7. My money is on a joint Scottish Government/SFA statement to the effect that: 'Child abuse has been a serious problem across many parts of our society. Particular concerns have been raised following the recent convictions of perpetrators of abuse within Scottish football. We are therefore launching an inquiry into the way these cases were dealt with by our clubs. The members of the inquiry team will be ...' There follows a list of the usual suspects. This way, they spread the blame as widely as possible and avoid the focus being on celtic alone. The subsequent inquiry report will be full of fudge and whitewash. None of this will make the issues disappear, of course. The only way the matter can be properly investigated would be if it was taken out of the hands of the SG and the SFA, and we got a genuinely independent inquiry led by someone from beyond Scotland. Not likely to happen though.
  8. Absolutely vital that an inquiry is led by someone beyond Scotland. Too many contaminated characters here
  9. See my post above - he is being chased by one of the families.
  10. At the moment, Dornan is probably more concerned about his legal exposure than about votes (that will come later). The family of one of the victims has been pursuing him on Twitter, with very pointed questions about what he knew, and when he knew it (after he admitted removing his son from the Boys Club). His statement is designed to cover his arse, as far as possible. As I said in another post though, Lawwell will not be at all happy to have this particular MSP come out with a public criticism, however diluted that may be.
  11. There is a game here, certainly - Dornan is trying to cover himself as far as possible. However, Lawwell will not be pleased that this MSP has publicly questioned the 'separate entity' nonsense.
  12. Dornan v Lawwell. Turning on each other now. Sign of desperation.
  13. Any chance this might kill them off?
  14. All well and good, but the incompetent amateurs who referee games in Scotland make up their own rules as they go along.
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