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  1. Don't worry. Whoever they sign will be coached by Lennon. Bigger worry would be if they sack him.
  2. Bastard McGeady with a criminal challenge on Ross McCrorie in the Sunderland - Portsmouth game. Only booked, should have been straight red.
  3. Hope this opens the floodgates on the compensation front. On the official inquiry into the cover up front though, I don't expect any movement from either the Scottish football authorities or the Scottish Government. The football authorities have their strings pulled from Parkhead, and the SNP have too many votes to lose if they offend their base.
  4. Rangers supporters in Largs inflicted a major defeat on the Vikings in the 13th century.
  5. Disturbing that a guy like this is walking the streets. Seriously, seriously ill.
  6. Just wait for the reaction when Halliday starts one at celtic Park on the day we win the league ...
  7. You should provide the dossier on the opposition for Gerrard!
  8. Yes, Baxter had put on a bit of weight and wasn't at his best by that stage. Waddell had a bit of a clear-cut when he arrived.
  9. I'm sure I still have my programme somewhere. The 1969 Rangers team was underperforming with a manager who was struggling to impose his authority. Now we have a team moving towards its top gear, under a smart and authoritative boss, so these Poles will hopefully be beaten!
  10. I was at Ibrox for the second leg 3-1 defeat to Gornik - also just a boy! They had a good team - star man was Lubanski who ran our defence ragged. Davie White was sacked as manager after this defeat, and Willie Waddell appointed. I can still remember the 'White must go' chant towards the end of the game. Gornik went all the way to the Cup Winners Cup Final that season, and lost to Man City.
  11. Lots of talk about 'investment'. Clearly no-one has told these fans that the cash at celtic Park is being stashed away for the legal fees and the compensation claims.
  12. 'If Brown disnae give away the handball for the penalty we're through - simple as that.' Eh?
  13. To be fair, Broon can't be blamed for the handball. He just forgot that it wasn't a Scottish referee.
  14. Understand that the club doctor has been called in to see Scott Brown at celtic Park this morning. Last night he had a serious problem with his hand, which inexplicably punched a ball in the middle of a football pitch, then a few hours later, took control of his Twitter account.
  15. Have they lodged an appeal yet on grounds of sectarian celebrations by the Romanians, celtic having the best pass on the night, and Broon's 'handball' clearly hitting him on the leg? Scottish media gearing up for their day of misery - tactic will be to get the focus on the bad guys from Govan asap.
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