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  1. Barrie who? Is that the wee guy who decided to try one game in every six? I didn't notice that dip in form he supposedly had when Warburton left, because he was always the same - consistently mediocre.
  2. And some of our 'legends' still write for it/give it interviews ...
  3. Me too. Interesting background though. Wonder if he'll be investing in the club?
  4. I would go further - if the hostile fire from the east end continues I would want the above financial matters brought into play, but also a straight, public, question posed by King and the Rangers Board: 'Have the Scottish football authorities yet considered, or do they intend to consider, the possibility of sanctions (following the international precedent set by the Penn State case) being imposed in any proven cases where child abuse has been covered up?' It's a fair and reasonable question. The reaction would be interesting to say the least.
  5. Oh look, what a surprise - Rangers 'legend' gets another payday from the Celtic-funded comic. He's not at all bitter about not getting a job at Ibrox though.
  6. Respect your choice and I would never criticise invividual fans for supporting the team. Mine is a minority, and maybe even extreme, position, but since 2012 I have come to despise Scottish football outside of Rangers. I would have favoured a move by the club to the English lower leagues, and, having first been taken to a Scotland match in 1969, I can no longer bring myself to watch them. Pretty extreme, probably, but for me the hatred shown to us in 2012 cannot be forgiven or forgotten and I want my club to have as little as possible to do with those who tried to destroy us.
  7. Unlikely we can ever hurt Celtic financially until we get back to the top of Scottish football, but simply don't see why we should put any money at all into the accounts of any of the clubs who wish to destroy us. The current plight of Dundee United shows how, eventually, loss of income (admittedly not just from us) takes its toll. I know I am in a minority, but, for me, there should be no going back to the old days when we put money into these clubs via tickets and transfer money. For me, everything changed in 2012. I fully understand that we will not be able to bring any of them down on our own, but we can stop subsidising them. As I say, I know this is not a majority view, but it is mine.
  8. Yup - he'll fall down the leagues in England before heading back north to star for the likes of St Mirren. A vastly overrated player.
  9. I have argued that the hatred shown to us in 2012 and since then should mean that we, as a club, and as a support, do not put a single penny into the coffers of the clubs who put the boot into us then, and continue to do so now. For me, that means no ticket money to these clubs, and no transfer fees for their players. If we want to sign any of their players we simply wait until they are near the end of their contracts and sign them on pre-contact deals. Now, when this view is expressed, we get fans saying that our team would suffer from the lack of an away support, and we will 'lose out' on Scottish players. I don't necessarily go along with the away support line (there's no evidence that the team would do any worse without away fans) and I don't see why we should pay above the odds ('Rangers rates') for players to Scottish clubs who have tried to destroy us. Frankly, I wish to see as many as possible of the clubs who have been so vicious and vindictive towards us go out of business. I have no interest in 'bridge building' and 'normalising' relations. The longer we continue to put money in to these clubs, the longer we prop them up. This should end.
  10. Might be a start to begin fighting fire with fire. How about a public statement asking if the Scottish football authorities have considered, or are considering, Penn State type sanctions in cases of proven cover-ups of similar types of abuse?
  11. Don't think Scunthorpe will pay that much for him.
  12. I think he'll drift down the leagues in England and then come back up to the likes of St Mirren.
  13. Good, a bidding war. Wonder how long it will take for it to reach £6m?
  14. 'Geeza job. Please geeza job.'
  15. He is the past. We have moved on.