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  1. Katic rightly getting a lot of stick for his dreadful performance, but Goldson should not get off the hook. He was equally to blame for the defensive shambles that produced the corner from which they scored their second.
  2. Every single touch Kamberi has had since he came on had been excellent. He needs to play.
  3. I saw us wearing a red top (white shorts, red and white socks) in some home games in the early 1970s, against the likes of Dundee or Falkirk.
  4. Would you rather wait to hear from the vermin on BBC Scotland?
  5. Game is off. Heard via a player.
  6. Indeed. He was such a success in his coaching roles, so I'm sure we would have a lot to learn from him ...
  7. This is like every single game we have played since the break. Never look comfortable.
  8. Get Morelos off now. He's having a nightmare and Beaton will be dying to show a second yellow.
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