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  1. Lesson to be learnt from last Wednesday and today is the we must be utterly ruthless when dominating a game. If we do that, we can win the league.
  2. I thought our defence would be the problem today, but it's been the lack of a finish up front.
  3. If he doesn't score in the last 20 mins Morelos will be judged on his missed opportunities in this match.
  4. Horrible, horrible feeling that this is like one of the Walter Smith backs to the wall games that we won on the breakaway. Only the other way around. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Certainly won't get anything sensible on tactics from McCoist.
  6. Can't see them playing as poorly as this in the second half. We needed to be in front by now.
  7. Criminal that we have not killed this game by now.
  8. What does Katic have to do to get in this team?
  9. We all know about the biased agenda of FARE, the unfair treatment Rangers receive compared to others, and all the rest of it. However, the facts are these: clear and specific warnings were issued about the consequences of further 'offences' and the club reiterated these to the fans. Despite this, some people take the view that their right to sing what they like matters more than the wellbeing of the club. Until this changes, we will facé increasingly severe sanctions.
  10. Don't know what Katic is doing in training, but every time I've seen him play he is better than any of the other centre backs we have on the books.
  11. Not with Katic out of the squad.
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