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  1. Usual website chaos. Tried to update my credit card details but there was no link to do so. Phoned the ticket office - credit card update part of system has crashed apparently, so they will send me a paper form to fill in ...
  2. Compliance Officer is sure to be dealing with Main next week. That's how the system works isn't it?
  3. The time to go was 2012 - starting again in the English lower leagues. Didn't happen then, and never will now. We are stuck in the cesspit.
  4. Yes, you are right. - it's a complete package, and heels not going to change, but we can't persevere with this situation. I would take whatever we can get for him in the summer.
  5. Just give us a striker who isn't suspended for the big games or loses the plot when he plays in them .
  6. Gerrard's second season was always going to be the big one. Get rid of the liabilities in the current squad, including Morelos, keep Kent, plus a cluster of key signings in the summer, and off we go.
  7. I would take what we can get. Can't have a striker who either misses the big games because of suspension or plays in them only until he loses the plot.
  8. This has become a game we could have won with 11 men. Morelos should not play for the club again.
  9. Sturgeon: this is all Westminster"s fault and yet another reason why another independence referendum is needed.
  10. What a shame for the Tartan Army. And they didn't even get a chance to abuse any Rangers players.
  11. I was hoping that Rangers would win.
  12. Brown got a yellow card for kicking someone in the guts.
  13. Thanks. Yes, they got here in the end, although they are not content just to report the McCann statements, but have to end their report with more negative stuff about Rangers.
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