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  1. I'm seeing the delay as a good thing as it might mean that Ferguson isn't getting the job ...
  2. Correction - it was the 'Follow Follow' record featuring the Blue Boys of Ibrox. Wonder what happened to them?
  3. Oh, that 'Glory, Glory' record! I played it until the vinyl wore thin. Some of the songs still run through my head - 'Down the track, the train came a'runnin, Rangers three, Celtic nothing, oh oh oh, oh yes, that's right. We've got the men they are steady, the Rangers motto is Aye Ready ...'
  4. Spaniard by the sound of it?
  5. Agree. Not much culture about either Brown or Ferguson!
  6. I honestly don't think he is very bright. Anyone who gets into the scrapes he has in the course of a 'business career' doesn't do the joined-up thinking very well.
  7. I'm saying that they seem to have no problem getting their names in a Celtic-funded comic if it suits their financial interests or their egos.
  8. Calm down, calm down. You'll do yourself an injury. Now, very slowly, have another look at my post. See where I didn't say that I support Ashley? What I did say was that Ashley has rung rings around King. King came in with grand promises about sorting out the SD contracts. We are still waiting for that. That's because Ashley is smarter than King. None of this means that I think Ashley is a good guy. Read carefully before you dish out abuse.
  9. I don't have much time for King but good on him for having nothing to do with the Celtic-funded comic. If only other 'Rangers men' (Ferguson, Smith etc) would do the same.
  10. Ashley has run rings around King.
  11. Hope someone makes him an offer he can't refuse ...
  12. A much, much better option than either Ferguson or Brown.
  13. That sounds a bit like the sort of statement the SFA will put out tomorrow, but it was already clear before kick-off that there had been loss of lives, so surely some mark of respect might have been shown?
  14. I don't watch Scotland anymore, but I've just read something online about there being no minute's silence or black armbands. Is that right?
  15. Remember 'Playing for Rangers'?