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  1. Bear in mind that this 'article' was 'written' for the Celtic funded comic by Jackson using his big green crayon.
  2. Vividly remember listening to the game live on the radio, in my bedroom. Thinking we were walking it, and then the tense finish before leaping around in celebration. After that, staying up late to watch the full game broadcast on the TV (can't recall why they couldn't show it live, but only in full later on). Playground in school next morning - pals just running around celebrating before we went into class. I had been at all the home games in the run to the final, so it was very special indeed. Don't think I'll ever again experience anything quite like the second leg against Bayern.
  3. Back to the drawing board on that one, I think ...
  4. Well, as we have very limited funds available, and the Scottish market is notoriously over-inflated, I don't see why we should be playing this game at all. Celtic will out-bid us anyway if they really want a player, and even if they don't really want him but wish to prevent him coming to us. We can still pick up good Scottish players at the end of their contracts, using the pre-contract signing method.
  5. It should be a matter of principle that we do not put a single penny into the bank account of any other Scottish club, especially the ones who took such delight in putting the boot into us in 2012. If we want any of their players we should just be waiting until they are out of contract. No clever deals.
  6. Hope they crash and burn like Dundee United.
  7. I think this means that he hasn't confirmed (to them at least) that he's coming to us, otherwise they would not be selecting him.
  8. If it is true that he is about to sign for us, and they know this, he won't be in their squad for the cup final.
  9. Loved his line about the journos writing their 'two pages' anyway! Those hacks are not used to having someone in front of them who clearly sees them for what they are, and doesn't bother to hide it.
  10. Yes, hope Falkirk beat them tonight, and then they move into the spiral of terminal decline. The only thing that would make all this any better would be if we had a vote to send them down the leagues.
  11. Absolutely wonderful news.
  12. The only way we should be taking players from any other Scottish club is if we get them without a fee at the end of their contracts. We should be putting no money into any of these clubs, and, anyway, have we not learned the lesson that none of them will do business with us and will happily sell their players at a lower price to Celtic just to thwart us. We should not be wasting time and energy on 'potential deals' like this.
  13. The fans continue to do their job, which is to show loyalty by renewing STs and getting behind the team. King continues to fail to do his job, which was to leverage investment into the club. He will never succeed in doing this, because of his toxicity.
  14. The downside of appointing a new manager before the end of the season was always going to be the fact that he would have to work with the existing squad, and it was highly un likely that there would be a sudden transformation in performances. The upside was that he would get a good look at the players, make his decisions about them, and have the chance (if King delivers on his promises) to bring in some much needed new blood well before the start of the new pre-season schedule. So, the real judgment on PC is surely yet to come.
  15. Beerman, Barjonas and Wilson could all make contributions as we move forward next season. Bates? Not so sure.