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  1. It's been a long wait since 2012, but very enjoyable nonetheless to see Scottish football start to tear itself apart from the inside, while we watch.
  2. Cabal pulling the strings.
  3. I expected to see the usual badly written, threatening statement from the cabal by now. Coming later, perhaps?
  4. I think their public front will be as you suggest, but, whether they admit it or not, they are publicly shamed by the child abuse issues (as seen by their reaction to being reminded about this at every Old Firm game), and deep down, they won't want the asterisk beside this title.
  5. Indeed - and the 'Clancy Cup' and all the others ...
  6. Small comfort, but this 'title' will always have a huge asterisk against it. They'll claim that they 'don't care', but it will eat away at them. The club that covers up child abuse, the club that takes seriously titles won while their only serious competitor is out of the league, the club that 'wins' a title in an unfinished season. A club like no other, indeed.
  7. Not a penny of public money should be directed to any of these clubs.
  8. Insolvencies? Bring it on.
  9. Our fanbase is divided on this though. What these clubs did to us in 2012 was far worse than their voting behaviour today (bad though that is). I have not gone away games since 2012. My view is that we should not put a penny into the coffers of any other Scottish club. Many of our fans take a different view, and want to support the team. I respect that view, although I disagree with it. If these fans were not prepared to boycott other clubs grounds after 2012, I doubt very much that they will do so in any circumstances.
  10. Time is required for Doncaster to phone around asking clubs if they really meant to vote Yes, and remind them of the opportunity to change their mind before Peter gets to hear about it.
  11. I reckon we would have known by now if Hibs were voting yes. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. He's on the run now. Indicates that his buddies realise they have a major problem?
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