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  1. Craig Thomson Referee For Sunday.

    The worst referee on the planet, and always has been. The fact that he was 'Scotland's top referee' says everything about the abysmal standard in this country. His performance at Ibrox on Sunday was at his usual level.
  2. Scott Arfield

    More of the same. Our midfield is lightweight and gets brushed aside too easily. Don't see how a signing like this would change things.
  3. Candeias Goal

    Gives the impression of being in the huff because his transfer move didn't work out. He was meant to be using his time with us as the basis for a move to England at some point (which is understandable I suppose, if he did really well here), so his apparent enthusiasm for a move to China puzzles me. The financial side would be lucrative, but I'm not sure that a move of that type would help with his career longer-term. Anyway, it seems pretty clear that he doesn't want to be here, so just ship him out for as much cash as we can get.
  4. Candeias Goal

    Next time we are offered a few million for this guy we should jump at it.
  5. Corners

    Absolutely right - we lose too many physical battles in the midfield, ship goals from set-pieces, and pose little threat from our own corners. Time after time this season we have come up against teams with two or three tall, athletic guys in key positions, and we have struggled to cope with them.
  6. Statement from A Johnston

    The fact that this guy has a senior position in our club is an utter disgrace in any case, but for him to come out with this absolute garbage is just too much. This is the guy who slept on the job the last time he was on the Board, and as Chairman presided over gross mismanagement of the club. He had the brass neck to file expenses claims once the club was financially busted. He came back supposedly (again) to give us access to the wallets of his American golfing buddies. We are still waiting for news on that front. And now he effectively tells us what we already knew - the Board has no immediate plans to make a managerial appointment. This helps me immensely in making up my mind whether to renew season tickets. Very easy decision.
  7. Does anyone believe ?

    Absolutely right, but this would only be possible if we had a Board that had been preparing the ground for weeks or months. I seriously doubt that they have been doing that though.
  8. Does anyone believe ?

    They were probably still hoping that we might pull off a cup win and second place in the league, and then use that as the basis for continuing along with GM for a bit longer in order to save money. The statement last week from King was just a bit of spin to get some some early season ticket renewals. My guess is that they will only now, after Sunday, have abandoned that 'plan' and will now desperately be trying to get a shortlist together. Nothing this Board has done so far convinces me that they are strategic in any way, shape or form. They constantly react to circumstances, usually in panic mode.
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I'm thinking along the same lines. Assume I have to tell them I'm not renewing in order to stop them taking the money automatically? ?
  10. Tuesday, and time for clear thoughts

    No sign of heads rolling. Instead, they bring back those whose heads should have rolled when they were last on the Board. AJ - the guy with the wonderful book of US 'contacts' who is sure to bring in mega bucks ... These guys have been taking our club for a ride for years and years, and, just when we think we have seen the back of them, they magically reappear to rejoin their old pals. That's bad enough, but every day they hang around is another day when no-one with any significant money to put into the club will come forward with investment. If season ticket holders like me are now hesitating about putting a few hundred quid into the club, why should someone with substantial funds even think about investing, while this bunch of charlatans are running the show?
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Frankly, I'll be surprised if it isn't another panic appointment.
  12. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    If he wants to sell season tickets on the back of a new managerial appointment he'll have to get a move on. I would like to think that King and the Board have done all the preparatory work for the new appointment already, but experience tells me that they won't have.
  13. Just what I was thinking earlier. Decent string of results under Jimmy N until end of season, and he gets the chance to stay in the job. Poor start to next season, and someone else is promoted from the ranks. Rinse and repeat. Nothing changes at the club without major new external investment, and there's no chance of that coming in while dodgy Dave is at the helm.
  14. Russell Martin

    Major mistake in letting Danny Wilson leave. Had his limitations, but he was miles better than Martin.
  15. Imagine we had been lumbered with McInnes

    Yes, and the worrying thing is that they are about to try making a managerial appointment again. I have no confidence that they will get it right this time. McInnes did us all a favour when he turned the job down, but we might not be so lucky again if the Board chooses another dud.