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  1. Trooblue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Two main reasons for this statement: 1. The celtic Board is under pressure from the fans to produce some sort of reaction to Saturday's events on the basis of the 'always cheated never defeated ' line of thinking - this pressure has increased due to the further news about our signing yesterday; 2. More importantly, and for us, more seriously, this is about putting pressure on the authorities in order to ensure that Morelos becomes even more of a marked man than he already is - it's about putting extreme pressure on the referees to keep producing the cards in order to ensure that he misses key games. I am old enough to remember the ridiculous suspension handed out to Colin Stein by an SFA panel chaired by the celtic Chairman in a season when we stood a good chnace of ending their league winning run. The vendetta against Morelos is very similar - Rangers have a striker who can do them damage, when they are meant to be coasting to another title, so he must be stopped. Meanwhile, of course, there is total silence from the Scottish football authorities who said they could not act on the child abuse issue until the legal processes had run their course. Well, the convictions are in and there's still no news about an inquiry into the club that covered up the abuse - time our Board stated asking questions about this ...
  2. Trooblue

    They said it ruin the atmosphere

    No going back. Keep them in the pen from now on.
  3. Dependable striker a priority for the transfer window.
  4. I've seen this movie too often this season.
  5. Familiar pattern here. We need to be much more clinical with the finishing...
  6. Which joker is refereeing tonight?
  7. Trooblue

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Plus - he's on a yellow card with the dodgy ref who wrongly sent him off previously ...
  8. Trooblue

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    I thought we really missed Kent tonight. Middleton seems to have lost the heart to take on defenders directly, and Kent at his best would have run at that defence and opened up some gaps.
  9. Trooblue

    Dundee United

    Agree with this. I also think he is a far better player than Clark - he's had a few good seasons.
  10. Trooblue

    Dundee United

    Scored while I was typing ...!
  11. Trooblue

    Dundee United

    Hat-trick for Shankland. Very impressive tonight.
  12. Trooblue

    Andy Halliday

    Apart from a couple of lapses into the old Andy H mode, when he gave the ball away in dangerous positions, it was another assured performance from the new Andy. All credit to the player himself for improving his game, and to Steven Gerrard for rebuilding the guy's confidence.
  13. Trooblue

    Torbett guilty!

    The SFA will be researching the use of sanctions in the Penn State case. Of course they will.
  14. Can't see the point of Arfield at all.
  15. Trooblue

    Up front on Sunday?

    I think it's the player whose neck is on the block if he is unable to make the squad for a game like this in these circumstances. I hope he is in the squad today though, and gets a chance to prove his worth. If he isn't even in the squad he surely must be sent back to Rome in January?