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  1. That tactic prompted many a coach to man mark a star opponent out of the game, it lasted for the next 20 years. You would coach - “follow him everywhere” and he would literally follow him all round the pitch. It was pre-zoning though, ah them were ‘t days!
  2. Totally agree with this, Katic should be leading that defence but with a sweeper like partner, someone less aggressive but faster to make up for his failings, his positives against the hammer throwers are huge.
  3. Bigger issues await, would you pay £20m for Morelos? Big part of the ongoing plan is moving players on for profit. Morelos - £20m Goldson - £7m Barasic - £7m Tav? not for me!
  4. Right I’m done, away to watch Strike Back - can’t bear to watch NaeShame thrive!
  5. Skipped past Docherty like he was Steve Davis 🤷‍♂️
  6. Well that was exciting 😴
  7. I’ll be watching just to see how he does. Don’t usually watch other teams but I spoke to a couple of HIV supporters (I had my 😷 on) and they are so keen to swap / get him at the end of the season, say he’s been the difference the last three games.
  8. He certainly brings a certain a bit of class but he’s never won a league title before, that takes a certain mentality. I don’t see Walter, JW or Mr Struth saying I’ve not been in to see the players yet - I see them saying I’ve been in and I’ve chucked a telly at them, kicked the shit out the captain and sent the rest of them to play in the the reserves, they’ll be lapping dunes come Monday muttering ‘I am Rangers’ in their sleep! Fuck being second, fuck not being first! And, by the way, not reporting in on time for training- you can spend the rest of your contract sitting in the stand until you beg forgiveness from us and we choose to forgive you. There’s no love like our love but there’s no hate like we can hate. And, we’re not Liverpool that can go 30 years between titles, 9 is the max now so shape up or ship the fuck out!
  9. Question is whether Steven Gerrard can cross the mentality bridge from great performer to hard bastard winner? Win, win, win - at all costs and fuck everyone that gets in your way to winning, loyal only to those that help you win and ruthless with those who don’t.
  10. I don’t know why I’m so forgiving when the two favourite shirts are both LFC 🤷‍♂️ But I am!
  11. I reckon 50% of early leavers are parked in the Albion Car Park, it’s a nightmare to get out of after final whistle, sometimes you have to sit in your car for nearly an hour listening to Radio Snyde and Declan from Royston beelin’ about another 3 points for the Queen’s 11 😄
  12. No way will he manage another EPL club, knows the meaning of loyalty and will likely bide his time.
  13. It’s about 2 things: 1) The boss - mentality “you’re not coming here to draw, and getting beat is not an option” 2) The spine - McGregor, Bougherra, Davis, Miller v McGregor, Goldson, Davis, Morelos. Pretty close IMO and buckets better than where we’ve been! When Gerrard’s mentality meets Walter’s - we’re back!
  14. Too far! A t-shirt, were you brought up,or dragged up 😀
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