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  1. BigDak


    I agree, you’ve got to have a certain level of toughness or fight to survive in the SPL, especially playing for us, and he doesn’t seem to have it. But it also seems like folk were expecting Barasic to run around cracking skulls but I’ve never seen it stated anywhere that that’s the kind of player he is. So are the expectations on this front a bit too high?
  2. BigDak


    Did Barasic come with a reputation for being hard? Or is it just wee guys who’ve seen a boy with a shaved head and a mean look and think he’s hard?
  3. Any credibility (if there ever was any) is completely blown out of the water for the fact that he lies at least twice - I stopped reading at the claim Kent “clearly punched” Brown. If you’re gonna write a letter and claim it’s based on anything other than your subjective, biased view then you have to stick to facts. Kent didn’t punch Brown and Flanagan never elbowed him in the face. From what I saw he elbowed him in the chest. The fact that this comes from the president of the mick’s supporter’s club is quite enlightening as to the mick mindset
  4. I have to say that, having not seen any games this month to comment on how he’s actually played, that’s the past couple of games where he and Niko have been playing and from the match reports we seem more like the team we were at the start of the season: solid at the back and creative going forward.
  5. Aye, but the point being that he was a total cunt. It was a dig 😡
  6. To be fair though, if he does a decent job down there it looks better for Scottish fitba, and so us. Keeping in mind he’s won everything domestically since he’s been here. If he bombs then whenever we have a player, like Morelos, who is blitzing the league then the whole “yeah, but it’s only Scottish football” line will be used even more in an attempt to deflate his price. But if the tranny shagger does a decent job then at least that can reflect on it not being so Mickey Mouse up here. As a general rule as soon as a player (even a bheast fc player) leaves Scottish football I’m happy for him to do well (unless they cunts get a kick back from future sales). Simply for the reason that it means better sell on prices for us which then also means other players are willing to come here for the shop window effect for better leagues and so on and so forth.
  7. I still crease myself at that wee skip he does after turning 😂
  8. I agree that some of the lads don’t have a winner’s mentality and only turn up for the big games, like they play for some wee diddy team. But I’d hoped that having the auld heads like McGregor back would’ve sorted that. The fact of the matter is though we haven’t won anything yet so how can we expect them to act like winners.
  9. I thought that was decent. Some folk on here want him to come out swinging like he’s wee Tam fae the pub, calling people cunts and shouting “big Jock knew” or something 😂 He’s in a position of responsibility and it all needs to be tempered for that. Folk need to manage their expectations.
  10. This is the thing for me. Aye, it was harsh but why give these guys the excuse? Especially given the fact that all these snides have the spotlight on him.
  11. BigDak


    One of the benefits of getting a little older is becoming wiser and realising that things take time. I can only imagine that those who are saying to get rid of him are teenagers or in their early 20’s. The lad is only 21 (22 in March this year) and yet I’ve seen it said that we need to cut our losses and that with Davis (a 34 year old) signing it means the game is up for Rossiter. Do you not think that the plan could be to have him learning off of a guy like Davis (and even SG and GM)? Just coz he isn’t blazing a trail at 21 doesn’t mean he’s never going to make it. He’s a quality wee player who has been unlucky with injury for 2 years. There’s still plenty of time for him to shine. But if you’re younger or roughly the same age as him I can see how you would think he’s had his chance. But when you’re over 30 you realise at 21/22 you’re still a baby and have years to develop. If he’s still hanging around the bench at 24/25 then, yeah, he’s had his time and it’s never going to happen. But putting him in the ‘done’ pile just now is ridiculously short sighted.
  12. If there was a football god, Halliday would be rewarded for his form this year by scoring a last minute winner at the paedo dome this season. After all the shit he took off them after getting subbed at half time last year.
  13. Aye, this really grates on my nerves. One, what the fuck could they possibly be saying which requires such covert actions. I hardly think they’re talking about where the nukes are hidden! Two, has there ever been a team of mouth readers out there just waiting to divulge the contents of a conversation between two dunderheids such that covering your mouth is necessary?
  14. Coz obstruction is when the offending player stands still and blocks the opposing player from running. Whereas when you shield the ball out you are moving left/right and forward and just stopping the guy from getting the ball.
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