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  1. “Worked with a forehead”? 😂Where was the rest of the body?
  2. BigDak

    Nikola Katic Signs

    With the exception of McGregor I haven’t seen any of these new signings play but I’m already starting to regret not renewing my season ticket But if it means us getting 55 then I’m willing to take the kick in the balls.
  3. BigDak

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    As I say, I was still fairly young so I can’t remember everything about him but my memory of him feels like every game was just like a highlight reel. It felt like just about every time he got the ball he just ghosted past everyone and either scored or set up a goal. I still remember he first time he did that wee fake cross move
  4. I read a lot of people saying there’s something in there he just has to be more regular and that he has to do it in more than one game. I’d take it a step further and say he has to do it more than once in a game. The way people talk it’s like he has one great game in four - I’ve never seen it. He maybe has one great moment in one game then disappears for the rest of that game and for the next two as well. If he goes then so be it.
  5. BigDak

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Fair enough, I was fairly young but all I remember from Laudrup was that he was a god. I can never remember him blowing hot and cold. I just remember him blowing folk away every game. Is my memory playing tricks on me?
  6. Do you mean worried that SG wants to keep him?
  7. BigDak

    New kit delay ?

    Horses for courses, pal. I think the other one is bland and cheap looking. Although, I presume you’re not being a retard and realise I’m only talking about the writing not the whole thing including the red background?
  8. BigDak

    New kit delay ?

    Something like the attached would just top some of those strips off. N.B. I’m not sure if this attachment will work.
  9. BigDak

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Has anybody actually pointed this out to him on Twitter? Hopefully he’s getting roasted on there in full view of the public.
  10. BigDak

    New kit delay ?

    The only thing I don’t like about these “new strips” is the 32Red logo; it’s howfin! Can 32Red no do something with it so that it’s more stylish? I appreciate the point is so that it’s easy to read the sponsor name but it really detracts from what have been some really nice tops.
  11. BigDak

    Latest announcements attracting new advertising !

    You know why. We are Rangers, super Rangers. No one likes us, we don’t care....👍🏻
  12. BigDak

    Latest announcements attracting new advertising !

    I never realised that was the same year. It is quite incredible how wide the gap is right now and I can’t see it getting any better. Even in a wider respect of Scottish football was it no only a few years ago Dunfermline were going to the wall for the sake of a couple of hundred grand and you have guys down south making that in a week.
  13. BigDak

    Latest announcements attracting new advertising !

    Are you a retard?
  14. BigDak

    Latest announcements attracting new advertising !

    To be fair though with the UEFA Cip run it was still a bit of a surprise to me that we made it that far. We were underdogs in a lot of those games - as you say we all thought it was a fairly poor side at the time. But, aye, I agree with the point you’re making. Regarding you’re second point, it’s just the way things are these days it seems. We just need to get ourselves back to the top so we can look down on these shite mongers.
  15. BigDak

    Latest announcements attracting new advertising !

    Aye, I had a discussion with a mick supporter a few years ago who was having a mump about the old David Murray quote of: “for every five pound celtic spend we’ll spend ten” (or whatever it was) and I said to him that at that time the big thing for us was Europe. That’s why Murray was spending all that dough. I know his reputation is now tarnished but under Murray all those years ago I remember being genuinely annoyed and disappointed when we drew with Bayern Munich.