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  1. BigDak

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    I don’t know about a time limit but it needs to be reasonable. It can’t go on for months and months. The SD deal ended last week so I’d say they need about a month, maybe two, for it come to the realisation that they aren’t going to match it. It’s shite but there’s not a lot we can do other than try to speed up the process but SD will be as dickish as they possibly can. Although they can’t take the piss coz the Judge from the case on this is already unimpressed with them.
  2. BigDak

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    Right, we’d agreed with JD Sports that they could sell the kits once the SD deal ended. Fat Fuck triggered the clause in the existing Agreement which gives SD the opportunity to match any contract with another party. So the JD Sports agreement is on hiatus while that fat piece of shit pretends that he’s going to match the JD deal (which he isn’t) just to stick it to the Club. The upshot being we can’t get to buy the strips until SD have admitted they won’t match the JD deal and then JD can start selling the strips. Thats the summary. Ive said it before, it amazes me that TLB got a bullet in the post just for being a wee prick yet Ashley has and is actually causing our Club harm and nobody has ever made any sort of threat to him - or at least it’s never been publicised.
  3. BigDak

    John off To The Swans

    I think you’re forgetting Barisic.
  4. BigDak


    I mean, fair enough, it’s out of order if someone has kicked over a weans sandcastle - I’d be raging if some prick did that to my wee lass - but how such a thing is deemed worthy of reporting I’ll never know.
  5. BigDak

    Sunday’s referee for stmidden

    Wee money maker for St Mirren. I suppose I can kinda understand
  6. BigDak


    Haha! 😂 👍🏻
  7. Please tell me you’ve elaborated on that story and what you’ve posted isn’t the original print? 😂
  8. I have to say, when I saw that I actually thought it was like some sort of montage in a comedy film when the main character has some sort of fall from grace and there are really pathetic headlines like “[main character] went to toilets and didn’t wash hands”. It’s actually one of the most pathetic things I’ve read.
  9. BigDak

    Sunday’s referee for stmidden

    🙈🙈Fuck sake!
  10. BigDak

    Tavs role in the team

    Spot on, mate. See if I read some wee virgin complaining that a player has had the audacity to make one mistake in a game one more time I’m gonna scream. I’d love to know how many games of competitive football the guys who come on here complaining that “McGregor flapped at a cross”, after stopping umpteen chances previously, have played.
  11. BigDak

    Sunday’s referee for stmidden

    What the fuck is that?
  12. BigDak

    The Red Card

    I think the thing that pisses everyone off is the lack of parity. Someone posted a link to the Record article after that prick from Falkirk punched Bates in the balls right in front of Thomson, who then gave him a yellow. Why is a punch in the nuts less deserving of a red than a petulant lashing out? Why is Goldson’s verbals at a guy lying on the ground more deserving of a yellow than May going right through the back of Jack? I can’t remember but did we get a free kick for May’s efforts at hurting Jack? If so, then surely a foul like that deserves a yellow? All that aside we should’ve been able to hold out for the win but these are still points worth mentioning.
  13. BigDak

    That “challenge” on Jack

    This is my complaint about the ref. How can you give Arfield a yellow for getting grabbed by his shirt and Goldson a yellow for shouting something at somebody? This is the problem with Scottish refs they’re so incompetent that it actually starts to verge on bias. I’d have no problem with Morelos getting sent off if he’d also sent of that prick Devlin for grabbing Arfield. Instead he gives him a yellow and throws in the mandatory yellow for the other player involved in the handbags even when it was in no way warranted. To be fair, I thought the refs general decision making was alright but these particular points are so inconsistent it looks like there’s a bias.
  14. BigDak

    Kyle Lafferty

    It wouldn’t slow us down but probably at this point football wouldn’t be Lafferty’s top priority so there might no be any point messing around with bids. Although, that being said it’s Hearts we’re wrestling with on a transfer, not Lafferty on wages.
  15. BigDak

    Allan McGregor

    I wish folk would give up with the über-staunch shit. Aye, ok, it was a shit thing to do, jumping ship, but 1) I understand McGregor was instrumental in getting the players to take a wage cut when we went into admin initially; 2) overall it would’ve made no difference to the results. We still went straight up the leagues (until the Championship) and would’ve just been flat-track bullies paying massive wages; 3) do people really think it would’ve made a blind bit of difference if these guys had stayed to be sold while Green and co were in charge? Any transfer money (and let’s not forget we were absolutely fucked so anybody coming in could’ve played hardball with transfer fees) would’ve been siphoned off like all the rest; and 4) did he no just come back on a free transfer? He’s come back and been a revelation between the sticks. So can we all no just acknowledge that it would’ve probably been beneficial if he’d stayed but move on? Plus, you just need to look at the shit McCulloch and Wallace took on here to see where loyalty gets you 😏