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  1. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    Point 1: I’m not making excuses for them. Every man and has dog felt the micks threw that game at the end of the season. Do you disagree? Point 2: My point does stand. I might have started the point in error by saying hearts are the only ones who seem to be able to lay a glove on them but that wasn’t the main argument. The point I was trying to make (which you know, or should know, fine well) is that we need as many teams as possible to take points off the beasts, as they’re the only threat. As long as we’re beating those teams comfortably I’m quite happy for them to be confident and take points off of the tims.
  2. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    They cunts threw that last game against Aberdeen. The sheep are never beating that mob if they really want to win. But, aye, ok Killie have beat them last season as well. My point still remains that if Hearts bottle it against them it leaves few teams actually able to do anything and we need as many teams as possible taking points off them.
  3. BigDak

    Gollum Gone ?

    I hope this is true. That would really put their noses out of joint.
  4. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    Bud, Kilmarnock scores the winner in the 3rd minute of injury time. Hearts have handed their arse to them when they’ve beat them.
  5. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    Why would you want to dent Hearts’ confidence? The only team that has been able to beat the micks over the past couple of seasons and have them in a semi final in a few weeks? I might be wrong but I just don’t think Hearts will mount a challenge. However, they might still be able to take more points off the minks if they still hold that confidence but we’ve already shown we can beat them (convincingly, despite what some delusional people on here think) so shouldn’t be concerned about them being confident. Paedo fc are still the ones we need to be above and that means them losing more points that us - which is less likely to happen if the teams are shiting themselves to play them.
  6. BigDak

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Cheers, mate 👍🏻 Is it difficult to do the whole watching RTV through a foreign IP? I don’t like ripping off the club so I’d be happy to pay the price but while I’m no a complete tube I’m no the most computer literate.
  7. BigDak

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Am I right in thinking that today’s game isn’t being shown on the telly? Will there likely be a decent stream?
  8. BigDak

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    I was just thinking to myself the other day: “ when was the last time I heard a ‘yer maw’ joke?” 😂
  9. I remember being told that for every home game we sell out we get £1M. So there’s a few million already from the qualifiers and then three more from the group stages (assuming those sell out as well).
  10. BigDak


    My favourite from today was “I blast wee boys’ farters and all my dinners are shanners.” 😂
  11. BigDak

    Playing out from the back

    This is the best option. If you rely too much on playing it out from the back, such that all your tactics/play is based on starting from the back, then all a team needs to do is throw men forward to mark all of your defenders and your tactics are all to pot. If you mix it up then you at least leave yourself with options and the ability to know what to do if you can’t play out from the back. I remember our first year back in the Premier league teams just shut down our defence at bye-kicks and we didn’t know what to do as all of our play was based upon playing out from the back. So Fod has no choice but to hoof it and we were clueless.
  12. BigDak

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    The thing that gets me about this is that these alleged threats are probably via the internet where the person doing the threatening is completely anonymous. So it seems to be automatically assumed that that person is a sane minded adult. What if, instead of assuming that, we assume that it’s some wee 15 year old? So what she actually is saying is that a 15 year old allegedly threatened her colleague - makes different reading.
  13. BigDak

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    I’ve noticed that as well. I can’t remember if it was the St Mirren game or maybe one of the Euro ties either side of it but he missed a sitter and when you saw the replay the ball seemed to hit off his heel. After that I’ve started to notice that when he gets these open goal opportunities he doesn’t seem to want to break his stride so that he can hit it cleanly. Instead it looks like he’s just looking for the ball to hit off his foot as he runs - if that makes sense.
  14. BigDak

    Rat Nevin

    Spew Heavins is a keeper though 😂
  15. BigDak

    Thank you Stevie

    It’s nights like this that make me so glad I gave up my season ticket this year 😔🤦‍♂️