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  1. BigDak

    Morelos incident

    This is the thing for me. Aye, it was harsh but why give these guys the excuse? Especially given the fact that all these snides have the spotlight on him.
  2. BigDak


    One of the benefits of getting a little older is becoming wiser and realising that things take time. I can only imagine that those who are saying to get rid of him are teenagers or in their early 20’s. The lad is only 21 (22 in March this year) and yet I’ve seen it said that we need to cut our losses and that with Davis (a 34 year old) signing it means the game is up for Rossiter. Do you not think that the plan could be to have him learning off of a guy like Davis (and even SG and GM)? Just coz he isn’t blazing a trail at 21 doesn’t mean he’s never going to make it. He’s a quality wee player who has been unlucky with injury for 2 years. There’s still plenty of time for him to shine. But if you’re younger or roughly the same age as him I can see how you would think he’s had his chance. But when you’re over 30 you realise at 21/22 you’re still a baby and have years to develop. If he’s still hanging around the bench at 24/25 then, yeah, he’s had his time and it’s never going to happen. But putting him in the ‘done’ pile just now is ridiculously short sighted.
  3. BigDak

    Andy Haliday

    If there was a football god, Halliday would be rewarded for his form this year by scoring a last minute winner at the paedo dome this season. After all the shit he took off them after getting subbed at half time last year.
  4. BigDak

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Aye, this really grates on my nerves. One, what the fuck could they possibly be saying which requires such covert actions. I hardly think they’re talking about where the nukes are hidden! Two, has there ever been a team of mouth readers out there just waiting to divulge the contents of a conversation between two dunderheids such that covering your mouth is necessary?
  5. BigDak

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Coz obstruction is when the offending player stands still and blocks the opposing player from running. Whereas when you shield the ball out you are moving left/right and forward and just stopping the guy from getting the ball.
  6. BigDak

    sportscene disgrace

    When people create these things do they send them through to the person who’s making a tit of himself, i.e. Michael Stewart? I’d love to see what his response to this is.
  7. BigDak

    Lee Wallace

    Comments like this are why footballers should always look out for themselves. The amount of bleeding heart zealots on here harping on about “traitors”, “rats” etc. whenever McGregor, Lafferty et al are mentioned but then when somebody does stay they’re “just here for the pay cheque” and are shite. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying he was a world beater but he was a decent player (and don’t forget the number of folk coming in their pants over him during MW’s first season) who did what was seemingly expected when we were kicked out but now he’s scum. If rumours are true he got banned from the Club for, again, doing what people expected of a captain after another old firm embarrassment when he lost his rag. So you’ve got a guy who stuck with us during the prime of his career and essentially devoted his career to us who then gets banned for acting like someone who cares (allegedly) and then has an element of the support turning on him and now his career is effectively over after, arguably, giving it up for us. So forgive him if he wants to make sure that he actually has something at the end of this.
  8. BigDak


    Are they really? If so, it’s interesting that all the Scottish papers haven’t been commenting/reporting on that like they were reporting on how shite he was doing ?
  9. I appreciate I’m twisting your words here but arguably what you’re saying here is that you demand we beat everybody. If we don’t then we’ve failed. Even our best teams in the NIAR era got beat. I think Aberdeen are garbage and Kilmarnock just stifle the game and eek out a result. However, the sheep have been second the past so many years and Kilmarnock are a tough opponent in the top 6 (who’ve also taken points off the micks) so if we demand wins against those two we should demand to beat everyone else too. That’s just setting us up for failure. I’m not saying I expect us to get beat. I think we should win every game but I don’t expect it. I feel we’ve a better team than everyone else and that we should win every game but I know that we aren’t going to. I feel the only team to have really outplayed us this season have been the tarriers. Livi didn’t deserve to win (as the pundits claim) and Aberdeen and Motherwell got last minute goals after being outplayed. I remember how frustrating it was under MW but I’m content enough for now to know that we’re playing better than the other teams but just need to get our finger out our arse in the final third. One thing’s for sure, we can’t keep changing manager every year. And I don’t think this team is bad enough to warrant that anyway.
  10. Given the fact that they fought against us like their lives depended on it but have done pretty much fuck all else since and the difference those extra two points could’ve made right now just makes me despise them
  11. BigDak

    McCann sacked

    It’s incredible the number of comments (all negative) about him on the BBC Sport site. I wonder how many comments there’ll be the next time a diddy team manager gets the sack ?
  12. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    Point 1: I’m not making excuses for them. Every man and has dog felt the micks threw that game at the end of the season. Do you disagree? Point 2: My point does stand. I might have started the point in error by saying hearts are the only ones who seem to be able to lay a glove on them but that wasn’t the main argument. The point I was trying to make (which you know, or should know, fine well) is that we need as many teams as possible to take points off the beasts, as they’re the only threat. As long as we’re beating those teams comfortably I’m quite happy for them to be confident and take points off of the tims.
  13. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    They cunts threw that last game against Aberdeen. The sheep are never beating that mob if they really want to win. But, aye, ok Killie have beat them last season as well. My point still remains that if Hearts bottle it against them it leaves few teams actually able to do anything and we need as many teams as possible taking points off them.
  14. BigDak

    Gollum Gone ?

    I hope this is true. That would really put their noses out of joint.
  15. BigDak

    Games of two halves

    Bud, Kilmarnock scores the winner in the 3rd minute of injury time. Hearts have handed their arse to them when they’ve beat them.