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  1. This is why you should watch games before commenting on them
  2. Derek McInnes

    You're not familiar with irony, are you?
  3. Derek McInnes

    This exactly. I cannot for the life of me think that Sutton has any sort of benevolence towards us whatsoever. Therefore if he's saying we should go for McInnes it's not because he thinks it'd be for our best interests. And I don't think he's intelligent enough for a double-bluff.
  4. Derek McInnes

    I hate to do this whole "I heard from a reliable source" bit but someone who should know what's going on (and before anyone asks, no, I'm not saying who. So you can choose to believe it or not) said to me "I wouldn't put money on McInnes getting it". He might just be bluffing but I don't doubt that this guy would know what's in the pipeline.
  5. Derek McInnes

    I agree. It seems like every chance Aberdeen get to do something decent their bottle crashes. I’m sure they did it multiple times during Deila’s last season. But, just to play devil’s advocate, is that DM or his players?
  6. BBC bias

    You most likely would’ve been if we’d lost 1-0. The OP’s right. A lot of folk were foaming at the mouth last year when Wes looked to have handled the ball outside the box. If they just keep quiet every time there’s a decision against us and highlight when something goes in our favour then they’re perpetuating the myth that refs do us favours.
  7. He actually broke his nose. While I still think it’s no the way a man behaves (putting stuff up on instagram) let’s not gloss over the truth by saying “he just got a bloody nose”.
  8. I agree. I don't know what it is but they always make me nervous, too. I don't know if it's coz they tend to be against the smaller teams and over the past five years we've been slipping up against those smaller teams who we should be beating comfortably.
  9. Bruno training with Portugal.

    Tell you what, he looks like he's left a few casualties on the pitch.
  10. Kits- megastore

    A few outed themselves in here
  11. Are celtic really that good?

    I don't think they are. But one thing I think I've noticed (I say "think" coz I don't pay all that much attention to them) is that they seem to score an inordinate amount of goals (especially Sinclair) in the last ten mins. Now I know they've always been known for getting last minute winners, but, what I'm talking about is that they never seem to be content just to see a game out and instead turn a mundane 2-0 into a 3 or 4 nil drubbing which gets the headlines, and possibly doesn't reflect the game.
  12. Pedro the man.

    A few good points in that OP but, as a few others have pointed out, we're not going to get someone coming in and spunking all tens of millions on us just to get us winning a title. The only reason the scum have so much in the pot is because they managed to pull off the perfect scam: convince all of Scottish football that not only was kicking us down to the bottom tier "the right thing to do" it was the only thing to do and that it was their own idea, not sellic's. Leaving them at least three years unchallenged league wins (as it turns out, far more years than three) during which time they don't really have to spend too much on their team and we turn into a basket case with con men in the board room creating controversy after controversy supplying ammo to a Scottish media who would've went out their way anyway to print shit and keep us down anyway. Call me paranoid but I wholeheartedly believe they, the micks, and I mean the actual club, had and still have an active anti-Rangers PR /online team keeping the "pot of shit" constantly stirred and keep us unstable for as long as possible. Nobody is going to come in and plough millions into us. The only thing we can do is try to exercise some restraint, manage our expectations for a bit and have patience in order that some stability returns. For anybody who wants to respond with some shit about "we're Rangers we should always aim for first" etc. I grew up watching the NIAR team so I grew up with us being winners but it's doing more harm than good putting so much pressure on the team this season. I genuinely think we have the makings of a good title winning team but we just need time to find our feet and changing manager every year is just going to play into Their hands. If we can get some consistency and stability within the team I think we could be challenging for the league next year. But we need to let this team build its confidence.
  13. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    That's what they want though, mate. Just to keep the circus going so that it affects us fans and the players. We all know the MSM are in the micks' back pocket so anything they can do to keep the negativity around the Club going they will do. Even thinking back about the hoo-haa that has been made in the past about Rangers missing out on signing targets. But rodgers loses out on, I think at least, two signings this summer and nobody bats an eyelid. In fact, it's taken as a positive because "Brendan doesn't need to just buy anybody, he prefers quality over quantity". Aye right, so with all their alleged millions safely available they couldn't find one quality defender? Ok then.
  14. Tonight's response

    You're right, we didn't play well. But after the week we've had, with the negative press etc., a Friday night trip to Hamilton, on that shitey astro turf, had the potential to be a big banana skin. However, we managed to walk away with three points and get 4 goals in the bag. I'm not one to get too carried away when we win, because, as you say we need a good run of wins before we can celebrate, but equally I'm not going to down play what I think ( given all the circumstances of the game) was a good result.
  15. Tonight's response

    I take that back. You were the one sniding about the U-20's drawing with Feyenord. And you've had some other suspect posts. Just saying.