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  1. Clarke v Murty

    I agree with this completely. Right, I know Killie walked away with 3 points today but they were gash. They offered very little and just killed the game. I don’t know if Clarke has the nouse to take his team on they front foot. It’s a whole different ball game (literally and figuratively) setting up to be hard to beat versus going out and attacking teams. They’ll probably look even better in the top 6 after the split coz every team will be expected to go at them whereas if they’d been in the bottom 6 it’d have been interesting to see how they faired having to be proactive rather than reactive.
  2. A ROAR in the dressing room when the draw came up

    Somebody gives a wee chuckle, too 😂
  3. Pena

    I asked this weeks ago: when was the last time you saw a paper reporting on the antics of a player out on loan? The answer: never. This, to me, seems to be a concentrated effort to undermine the player and our Club.
  4. Retail Deal

    I honestly had no idea Admiral were still going ? But, I don’t know how I’d feel if we did manage to get some unique/good looking strip through the deal, as opposed to some generic thing.
  5. Fan base in Scotland.

    I’ve noticed more and more mhank strips in my area (in and around Bathgate) than I ever did when I was growing up. There were only ever a handful when I was growing up. I don’t know if it’s just glory hunters coming out the woodwork or what. I work in Edinburgh and I’ve also noticed that all of the Glaswegians that work beside me are mhanks and it’s all the folk outwith Glasgow who are fellow Bears. Don’t know if that means anything.
  6. Highlights v Maryhill Thistle

    Aye, what was that all about? I wasn’t sure if that was at our side of the pitch or no. But I’m guessing from the empty seats on the other side that it was. Silly laddie.
  7. David Bates

    I was listening to the first half on the radio and they were giving him a bit of stick for the long balls and making him out to be the week link. So I’m pleasantly surprised to hear he came on to a good game.
  8. Scotsman article

    It’s actually really impressive what these mhanky fucks do: keep printing stories with negative connotations or extremely tenuous links with us just to keep feelings of negativity floating around. I mean this isn’t even a story! I To give other examples, remember when Waggy went to whoever the fuck it was he went to and that tarrier McCarthy came out rubbishing the alleged price he paid for Waghorn? When was the last time you heard such a thing? Or even similarly with Caixhinha and Pena. When was the last time you saw the papers a) talk about what’s been going on with an ex-manager; b) talk about the form of a player out on loan halfway round the world or c) talk about who is paying said player’s wages? It’s all part of a plan. Filthy fuckers!
  9. Game Postponed

    But only if they have players suspended that week. Call me bitter, but, the postponement of that OF game all those years ago still annoys me. These are the people who go on about integrity.
  10. Pedro back in management

    You know, somebody mentioned in another thread how the taig media in this country just love to bum up a story that keeps negativity surrounding Rangers and somehow people were making him out to be talking posh. I saw a headline the day about Pedro being under pressure coz Cruz Azul got beat and I wondered to myself: when was the last time the papers up here reported on the goings on of the ex manager of any other team? Maybe they do do it and I just don’t notice but it just seems like any excuse to report a negatively is taken.
  11. Dorrans

    It’d be interesting to see/know if there was some mastermind plan behind keeping Krancjar on so long, i.e. that even though he contributed the net amount of hee haw, he was actually taking up a position that meant someone in the micks was pulled out of position or wasn’t able to do what they normally do but he was too much of a potential threat just to leave on his own. Or maybe I’ve just got too good an imagination and giving too much credit.
  12. Brown.

    I don’t actually know if I hate him or hate the fact that he’s considered a hard man and that nobody has ever annihilated him. Can you imagine him trying to act the way he does if Ian Ferguson was playing?
  13. Wow. You’re not even trying to hide it anymore. How sad do you have to be to go on to another team’s fan forum on Christmas Day?
  14. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Morning, Yoda
  15. Club Statement

    They kinda do, the sheep one covers the fact that DM was offered the job but decided it wasn’t for him and our one says he was offered the job but turned it down but coz it was too big for him.