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  1. Hopefully a few Jollies get some shore leave to celebrate the famous Imps...
  2. Just in from watching that after traipsing all over St Helier trying to find somewhere to fucking watch. Thank you the Yacht! We need a striker. Some great football. No finish.
  3. For me, the one club who I thought that their support would stand by us when things went pear shaped. Fuck them. At least we could see our enemies in the taigs........ Reap what ye sow 'brothers'... Hate writing that but...............
  4. Fucking brilliant Happy enough with that. Another year and we are home. Then the fun really starts.........
  5. Sadly, DJW is correct is here. The mhedia would damage us very badly. All of the UK media would be on us. My personal feeling is no. And that stems more from the Scottish Provo Friendship League agreeing to what amounts to the endorsement of a new banner for those cunts. What happens when HM goes? A 2 minute applause? If I could be there I would stand in silence.
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